FLIPPED Chapter 5


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Swara pov:
All the boys are same. They are the creatures who only love to play with girls’ emotions. Sanskaar is also one of them. I couldn’t believe what I heard at library. Just to woo a girl he love he’s using kavitha. Such a cheapo! It’s better I’m away from him. First when I told kavitha about this she didn’t believe.
Me: Hey kavitha! I want to talk to you about something important.
She: Ohh! Miss Gadodia wants to talk to me and if it is related to sanskaar then keep this thought in your blo*dy mind he’s mine.
Me: Yaa I want to talk about him. Just want to tell something.
I was cut off by her
She: You moron.. Just stop following sanskaar. Don’t you have shame or anything, because he cant be yours so you’re trying to provoke me against him.

By saying this she started to move. On one side I just want to give her a tight slap for talking rudely to me but just a touch of goodness present in me did this.
Me(shouting): Sanskaar is using you to make his so called love jealous. The page of diary you found on that day was intentionally dropped by him. You wanna want to be in relationship now is your wish.
After all she’s also a human and no one has right to play with her feelings not even sanskaar. This incident made me believe sanskaar is also one of the moron. Incapable of my love. He’s not worth of me not even kavitha. He is not the prince charming of my life! I let myself to forget him.
Due to our financial condition and my sister’s operation we had to shift to Mumbai. Luckily my father had got a job over there. I was happy with it as it will help me to forget sanskaar.
Next day when Ritika informed me that kavitha slapped sanskaar I was on cloud nine. He deserved this, a slap for playing with someone feelings. Just few days more I will be in Mumbai!
I’m coming to the city of dreams!

Sanskaar pov:
I was upset highly upset! When I came to know swara is leaving me, I was disheartened. She’s gonna leave me!
I needed to confront her!! Everything has its limit. I can’t bear the wry look of swara whenever we met.
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Tomorrow is a new day and no one knows,,exactly, what will happen next. Life is just a mystery that we come to comprehend as we bite into each new day.
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PRECAP: Muted part and confrontation!


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