FLIPPED Chapter 4


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He is not of that worth!

Swara pov:
Things weren’t easy for my family. My father has recently suffered from financial lost. My sister treatment amounted us a huge cost. Our relatives were taunting us just because a bastard, a blo*dy a*sh*le messed up my sister life. She haven’t done any mistake yet she was the victim, and our whole family was sufferers.
These adversity and hardship was making me strong,bold and mature. But who knows things were going to be worsen.
——————————————————–Sanskaar pov:
I tried many things to grab swara attention but she wasn’t paying any heed! Damm it….now I felt like to grab her attention. I tried to find out how can I?? But no one knew the answer. She was changed, completely changed. Then I thought to make her jealous. Look how will she control her emotions now!
Best way to make her jealous was to play with kavitha. Yaa, I know it’s wrong, but everything is fair in love and war. Wait wait what did i mentioned love? Is it? No just infatuation. I was arguing with my inner self whether I love her or not? Yaa she’s pretty and I could not deny the fact I secretly admire her but she has such an obsession on me that I find it weird.
Now, I had decided to use kavitha. I don’t know I love her or not but I had a feeling to be with her. So mission starts now.
I don’t want to propose kavitha but had to do something idea!
Swara pov:
I was disheartened to know that sanskaar and kavitha were in a relationship. The way she proposed him had caused daggers in my heart. There weren’t less problems for me but thinking that he’s somebody else had stabbed my heart. He’s my first love, he’s the one whom I want to kiss first. He didn’t even know that I secretly still follow him. That I was sniffing his hairs which smelt like water melon in maths period.
Sanskaar wrote a diary how couldn’t I came to know. Okay he wrote well good but how come the page in which he wrote he loved kavitha was only teared up. Kavitha was made, I know after reading this page she would have gone nuts’. She had proposed him and they were in relation. To find out the truth I made up a plan. Sanskaar was a football player and after session they go to washroom for changing their uniforms. I managed a guy named Rahul who was in the practice to make sanskaar and his friends wait so that at last they may appear to change their dresses and I may probably find out some clues but this idea was a waste of time, it was failure. One day a classmate named Ritika came and told that sanskaar was staring me. What?? He was staring me. She took me to the library where he and his friend himanshu were talking.
Himanshu: Is your plan working??
( rest conversation is muted)

Sanskaar pov:
I was shocked by the happenings of previous day. She was leaving me! No, she can’t. How can she go away leaving me alone! Her family was leaving nanital and shifting to Mumbai forever. Everything was going up-down. Kavitha broke up with me. She slapped me in school. Swara was leaving me??
Why isn’t everything fitting perfectly.
After swara went I was heartbroken I seriously needed someone who can console me but who?? I didn’t even know why kavitha slapped she said some stupid reasons for break up. I have to talk about this to himanshu.
I hope next chapter is going to be a long one. And there will be a leap in which they both will cross each other paths again?
Why is swara family leaving?? Why did kavitha slapped sanskaar. Did she came to know about sanskaar plan then who told or their some other reason??
PRECAP: swara pov and muted conversation.(ADVERSITIES’)
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  1. Kavitha apped him?????……but I thought she was just a player….anyway it was nice,just make it less long next time it

  2. Sorry that was supposed to be slapped

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  4. intresting episode

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