FLIPPED Chapter 3


Hey guys, I’m back…well my I had choose my starting as flipped movie coz I loved it!! Well clementine I understand your point and because of that the twist I thought to give after sycamore tree, I am withdrawing it. So, the ff starts from here and I won’t write about tree. I hope you are fine with it and dear by copying I will do the act of plagiarism and tu team will reject my article. Thanks To all those who had read it and commented.
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Things are always not the same!

Sanskaar pov
This girl was crazy for me ,but I loved her craziness’. Swara was cute, bubbly and sweet. As I reached class 7, swara who had so many friends including boys is now being shy and reserved. Who used to talk nonstop was now being silent. Nobody knows the actual reason. She had started to maintain distance with every one specially boys….. I felt changed in her behaviour with me as our dating rumours were dissolved. She stopped fighting with kavitha. The cat fight between them was over. I didn’t like the change in swara. Even she had stopped staring me. Don’t find me crazy..I’m not crazy about her, but who doesn’t like attention….even though I was a popular heartthrob in my batch but still swara craziness was always adored by me!
Swara pov:
Things were changed. I had to change myself because of this cruel society..controlling myself to not watch sanskaar wasn’t easy, but I had to do. The true horrors of society had caused fear in my mind. Even though sanskaar was not like those bastard but still who knows, things aren’t same always!
Huhh!! The reason for this is my elder sister was raped, she was just fifteen and she has to face the embarrassment from our so called relatives. Here best friend destroy her life. She took her to lonely a place where her brother molested her saying he was making love. Isn’t this society cruel. Not cruel it was disgusting. My mother took a promise with me to be safe from these evils. She said.

Mom: Swara you know nahh what has happened with Monica. My one daughter life is spoiled please protect yourself from them. Please dear.
She couldn’t even continued and started crying bitterly. My sister was admitted, tears of tension,,sadness, horror, cruelty were prevailing to an undesirable extent.
Things weren’t less easy, my sister who was the victim had broken down, she was shattered, she was no more! She was a lifeless body. My sister brought a great impact on me. She had lost her tenacity on her life! Wasn’t this heart breaking?? Indeed it was!
Sorry guys for a short update! I was a bit busy yesterday and next update would be on monday. There is much more to come!
Have a question!
Do you guys want me to make this story a teenage love story or separate sanskaar and swara and kindle their love when they had started to pursue their college??

Finally sanskaar has started to develop feelings for swara?? So what do you think this incident will how minimize the swara Obsession for sanskaar ? Will she think like him this a teenage infatution?
By love
Guys do comment whether you are liking it or not??
PRECAP: Just wait for Monday!

Credit to: anamica

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  1. I am liking it anamica. Keep it up. And make it a teen love story. But still I will read it however you write it. Just keep writing.

    1. Thankss a lot dear

    1. Thanks dear!!

  2. Its a good epi anamica….can i call u ana plzz????n 2 d 1st question can u doboth situation??

    1. Ofcourse dear!! N it cant be possible for both!

  3. Your ff is interesting…….

    1. Thanks dear!!

  4. Nice episode dear…I loved sanskar’s attention….and his confession about swara’s craziness….and about further story…its totally up to you…either it would teenage story or college life story it will definetly suits our divine couple SWASAN…so it would be better that u choose which one will suits ur storyline better….keep writing dear…

    1. Thanks a lot dear!! ?

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