FLIPPED Chapter 2


Hello. Guys, I’m back with next part!
Thanks for commenting!! flipped is going to be a short story….hope you all like it!
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Those Brown Eyes!!

Swara pov:
I was in class second when I first saw…as they were are new neighbour, I thought to help them. Soon their dumper arrived.. I ran inside and took a bunch of frames and started to go. His father got a hold of my hand, he seemed to be rude and arrogant….but then I had a eye lock with him..those dazzling, beautiful brown eyes…i want them to be mine. His father said him to go inside, he went. I couldn’t resist myself I followed him back and hold his hand…. Yippee his hands were on mine!! That second eye lock! I had fallen for him.. I had. I want to share, to have my first kiss me…yes I want to had my first kiss with him…SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI!;,❤
His mother invited me inside..how can I deny….i could guess by looking at him..he was thinking me crazy….yes I was crazy for him!

______________________________Sanskaar pov: Without thinking even once she agreed my mom’s invitation. Yuckk urgh I had to share my favourite chocolate cookies with her. She was staring me..what the hell and the worst part she was my neighbour. She was crazy. when I went to school, my bad luck I had same class with her…class with swara Gadodia was a disgusting thought….my class was eerie because of her presence. When she saw, she pulled me into a hug and the whole class was aww…..that was awkward indeed….what this girl wants.
Days went,months went,years went
Swara like always used to irritate me a lot. I was shy and reserved boy, but I got to get rid of this crazy girl swara.. Who thinks it is love but it was nothing more than teenage infatuation.
She used to stare me, infact she always kept a eye on my house, asked me to play and she sometimes even followed me to school.
Like seriously this girl was insane..
I didn’t like the rumours spread in the school that sanskaar is dating swara! Am I? No them why?? I was victim…no answer….but the so called my batch mates never let a chance to embarrass me with the name of swara.
_______________________________ swara pov:

The day when he entered my class..i was like oh my god…without thinking I pulled him into a hug….yes I hugged him…i always think of my first kiss with him…how was it going to be when and where…too many questions but answer none of us new…what is store in future nobody knows…but I believe we can write our own. With these thoughts I decided I’m going to make him fall for me…I’m gonna woo him…
He was the one whose going to fill colours in my unfinished paintings called life…i had dreamed my future with him. He called it teenage infatuation..well I don’t think soo..isn’t it love?? Do you feel my love?? Why can’t he??

Wherever ever you go no matter what is the weather always bring your own sunshine.
Yes, Sanskaar Maheshwari was my sunshine…i want to tell the whole world I was in love with him. This fact was not unknown to my dad being my best friend he came to me.
Dad: What’s going on between you two?

Me: Who two?
Dad:you and sanskaar
Me:nothing much dad just friendship
Dad:swara there is always two perspective of everything one is good and other is bad..it’s you who decided the one. You have a crush on sanskaar.it’s okay…it’s common at this age…but don’t irritate follow him steal his discarded things like his pens and stationary. I have a great hope with you don’t spoil it.
Dad explained me I know sanskaar was a right choice for me. Is he??
________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________PRECAP: The Sycamore Tree!

__________ ____________________________________________________________________
Hope you all liked it. Is it better than previous one?? Do comment
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Credit to: anamica

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  1. You are writing the povs of FLIPPED movie. I have seen it and it is the same here why? And the Sycamore tree really now. What’s the point copying it here?

  2. I like it….but NW m worried….I hv a two year daughter…what if after becoming innsecond class she want to kiss any boy….

  3. Huh! What a chapter! I loved it. Well I dunno know if clementine is speaking truth. But if you trying to copy a film, copy only the theme dear not each n every scene. Write it in ur own style. Anyways that would look good. Keep writing. I really liked Swara’s obssession over Sanky

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