FLIPPED Chapter 1


Hey guys, this is my first ff. Hope you all like it. It’s a story about two teenagers and how they at class eight found their true love!
Do comment! It will decide whether I should continue or not. Regarding pair I had decided and you will come to know it soon.
It was the day when I had shifted from Kanpur to Nanital….
As we crossed the street, I saw a girl sitting at corner of footpath which seems like she was waiting for us only. Is it?
Our van and loader haulted.. I rushed to dumper to help my dad in unloading the stuff. Then that girl came running towards us started murmuring and took the photoframes. She started to go when my dad caught an arm of her. He took the frames.
Dad: You, what’s this and why are taking these frames??
She: Hello Mr maheshwari, welcome to our colony.. You are new here just thought to help you!
Saying this she again took a radio kept on the floor of dumper and started to go.
Strange isn’t??….she was so weird..kinky..strange…without bothering she came to us and started helping.
My dad again caught a hold of her!
Dad: Beta, you go to your mother and help her inside.
Our eyes met and I soon waved off. That girl was so queer and weird..yes she was…
As I got down, unexpectedly she came running and hold my hand.
Before I could react, my mom came.
Mom: Hey dear girl! It’s your new friend (pointing towards me) come inside and have some cookies.
She: Thanks aunty, I’M your neighbour…my name is swara. Swara Gadodia.
Swara Gadodia quite unique..but she was stubborn. This was my, Sanskaar Maheshwari’s first meeting with her, Swara Gadodia.
This happened two weeks before my class second was going to start.!
PRECAP: Those brown eyes ?!!
Liked it?/ Tell me through comments..yepp the pairs are swasan!!

Credit to: anonymous

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  1. Ummm…well i think class 8 is really not a time when you are supposed to realize true love and all. Love stories of these age are mostly all infatuation soo…its okay no props i can surely enjoy a new type story??? so continue writing.

    1. Dear its just fiction full of creativity….there are many things in story!! Thanks for reading and commenting…..

  2. nice but short

    1. Yaa dear its just a kind of intro!! Next will be a long one…thanks for commenting <3

  3. Hi…..im a silent reader….although i cmntd once or twice…is it the same as the movie flipped???bcoz i kinda liked it….anyway gud start!

    1. Yaa! Just going to male few changes…thanks for commenting!!

  4. Actually I love teenage story pls write wat r things they face during adolescents period actually for teenage student they don’t know wat Is rite or wrong but now days all students love in teenage periods only due to generation pls continue waiting for next update

  5. Love to read next part

  6. […] Hello. Guys, I’m back with next part! Thanks for commenting!! flipped is going to be a short story….hope you all like it! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to previous episode: http://www.tellyupdates.com/flipped-chapter-1/ […]

  7. You are exactly copying the movie Flipped here. I have seen the movie. Write your own ff no copies. Why take time to copy it. You can create your own story in that time.

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