Hi This is VHM back with a new FF on IB couple SHIVIKA….A slow yet Subtle love story……..

This is completely off track FF on Shivika and a college life and post college life of Shivika based FF…nothing to do with the track of IB….May be few of you can relate to this….you all know the characters and few characters will behave the same way as in real IB…few will be different……The Beginning would be slow and may bore you, but as i always say these beginning episodes will be crucial to form the further story……..

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……based upon the response on this episode, i will be uploading the next episodes……

Anika ”Waise i was thinking how about an ice cream Mr.Ricthie Rich?”

Shivaay ”are you giving the treat?”

Anika ”hmm..okay…we missed coffee the other day” she felt sad while saying,as she remembered all that happened…

Shivaay noticed that and decided to cheer her up, so

Shivaay ”basically, i don’t like Ice creams Much ”

Anika looked at him sadly and said ”it’s okay…i will not force”

Shivaay ”Ms.Surpanaka, listen to me completely…ha where was I…ohh ya….. basically, i don’t like Ice creams Much , but , i will have it today because ..the great Ms.Surpanaka will be giving the treat…”

Anika looked at him , smiled and said ”Not bad Mr.Ritchie Rich..i didn’t know you have the habit of adjusting too”

Shivaay ”What to do…sangath ka asar”

Both laughed and walked further , when

Anika ”how about calling our friends too…they stay nearby so i think they can come down ”

Shivaay ”great Idea…by the way..i have not bought wallet…so please don’t even think i am gonna pay the bill in the name of treat”

Anika laughed…they went to nearby phone booth and called everyone to come down to the ice cream parlour…everyone agreed…

Anika and Shivaay reached the ice cream parlour and sat waiting for their friends…

Anika ”i can’t wait to have ice cream, shall we have one please”

Shivaay ”your treat…you can have as many as you want…don’t worry i will count and tell the same to Rudra…later you both can deal with eachother”

Anika ”noooooo”

Shivaay ”off course Yes”

Anika ”you can’t do this with me Mr.Ricthie Rich”

Shivaay ”i will definitely do this Ms.Surpanaka…by the way i am getting my first ice cream before our friends arrive”

Anika ”huhhhh…”

Shivaay went ahead and bought an ice cream just to tease Anika and started eating her , all the way praising the taste of ice cream….Anika had water in mouth , but she controlled as she didn’t want to break the rules made by Rudra……

Anika TAM ”now wait to see what will i do…let our friends come….”

They were discussing about the upcoming kodaikanal competition and few minutes later , TSMD and MMR arrived just then

Anika ” Ahh finally…you guys are here…you can’t imagine how much i was controlling to have those yummilicious icecreams…and this Mr.Ritchie Rich was not allowing me to have one scaring me of complaining to Rudra”

Daksh ”Complaining to Rudra?”

Anika went quiet, biting her tongue, Shivaay smirked

Shivaay ”Haaww Ms.Surpanaka , you didn’t say anything to them..wait i will tell”

Anika ”no…you wouldn’t”

Shivaay ”off course I will…”

Mallika ”okay Guys Stop…Anika just shut up , Shivaay now speak up”

Shivaay ”the fact is Rudra is the Gym Trainer for Ms.Surpanaka…everyday Anika does Gym in OM as Rudra trains her…didn’t you guys notice she became thin..all credits to my brother”

MMR ”Ohh…so that’s why you stopped bringing Aloo poori and avoided Pani poori too”

Anika didn’t dare to look at any of her friends…

Tia ”So basically Anika is tutor and Rudra is trainer…not bad Anika…you are managing quite well all the resources…i must appreciate , you have a business to use whom and when…”

This didn’t go well with Shivaay and others….Anika felt embarrassed and more than that awkward

Shivaay ”Well…not to forget…Rudra takes salary for training Anika…it’s not free haan” he spoke while looking angrily at Tia….

Tia smiled fake

Anika ”anyways Guys…treat from my side …so let’s make an order…or i am sure the staff will think we have come to waste their time”

Mamta ”what’s going on are giving shock over shock ….i can’t believe you are giving treat..i mean ..the one who doesn’t come out for anything except studies is giving treat…not bad Anika…”

Everyone gave hifi and ordered ice creams….Anika asked Shivaay to bring the Ice creams for everyone as it was self service….While he was gone, she called all the friends to come near and said

Anika ”okk guys listen..i am gonna do prank on Mr.Ritchie Rich…i will be paying the bill in advance but, i will ask the staff to give the bill to Shivaay…after you all have ice creams, make sure you give any weird reason and leave from here..I too will leave and we all will wait outside to see the state of Shivaay….Shivaay has not brought his wallet…so understand na what i mean….ha ha ha… the staff will not allow him to go out without paying the bill and i will not return for sometime…one thing while i pay the bill in advance, keep Mr.Ricthie Rich busy in some talks….so that he doesn’t see me”

Tia ”ohh no ..this is bad Anika…we can’t do like this”

Mallika ”Shut up Tia…this is just a prank…anyways he will come to know that Anika paid the bill…so don’t you dare spoil this…i always love this fun”

MMR-SMD-Anika gave hifi to each other, while Tia was not so interested..they all sat back and started talking while Shivaay came with the ice creams…Everyone had a good time eating those….after they ate decided everyone left from there giving weird possible reasons…

Sid ”Shivaay, dog is unwell, i need to leave”

Shivaay ”Whaat?”

Daksh ”I promised Sid that i will come along with his dog to the doctor..So Shivaay i will leave along with Sid..Anika bye”

Mamta ”is it Sid…your dog is unwell…ohh my my poor soul…i too wanna join you”

Sid-daksh ”Ohh ya ..most welcome…come along”

Mamta ”Shivaay-anika …bye”

Rajni ”Mallika make up has faded and i am not feeling like looking at my face or showing my face…i just want to go..Anika you can understand my problem…explain Shivaay too..bye Shivaay..bye Anika”

Madhuri ”Rajni…wait i come with you to set your make up..”she turned towards Anika and Shivaay and said ”i will help her…bye both of you”

Mallika ”Tia…you did shopping and did not pay the bill..i just remembered…come the mall is near by, we will go and pay the rest of amount”

Tia ”Whaat? but i mean”

Mallika ”come Tia…i know these days you are forgetting everything really quick” she spoke making faces and then turned towards Shivaay – Anika and said ”bye guys”

Tia ”ok bye Shivaay”

Shivaay ”Ms.Surpanaka…i think something is wrong…they all gave such weird reasons and left…are they upto something..i think we must find out”

Anika ”i don’t feel so…come on …don’t you trust our friends”

Shivaay ”i do..but..”

Anika ”Mr.Ritchie Rich..i forgot i have something to speak to wait here…i will be back”

Shivaay ”you too..”

Anika ”hmmm”

Shivaay nodded…Anika left from there controlling her laugh..few minutes passed by and Anika didn’t turn up…The waiter came and handed the bill to Shivaay as directed by Anika……Shivaay was still waiting for Anika…She didn’t turn up…the waiter reminded that it was closing time and he has to pay the bill…shivaay understood Anika has booked him bad…

Shivaay ”can i pay it tomorrow..actually my friend was to pay the bill…she left and i forgot the wallet”

Staff ”sorry sir”

Shivaay ”okk fine..let me ask my driver to get my wallet..there’s my car”

Staff ”Sorry sir…we can’t allow you to go out…what if you run away?”

Shivaay ”what the wuck…..don’t forget you are talking to Shivaay Singh oberoi..if i wish i can buy this whole Ice cream parlour in minutes…”

Staff ” can very well buy, but first pay the bill…”

Shivaay ”damn…if you don’t allow to go and inform anyone…how will i pay?”

Staff ”that’s your problem sir?”

Shivaay ”Ohh God..where am i fixed….Ms.Surpanaka i will not leave you for this”

Shivaay ”okk can i make a call to get my wallet here?”

Anika listened it…she signalled Staff to say No…staff denied Shivaay…meanwhile she ran to nearest telephone booth and called OmRu …she informed them what she did and asked them to say wrong number whenever shivaay calls…they agreed…she came and signalled Staff to allow Shivaay to call….Staff did what Anika said

Staff agreed and shivaay called his home but got an answer ”wrong number”

Staff ”Sir, you made 10 calls till now…so 20 rs extra for this along with the actual bill amount”

Shivaay held his head and sat back…

Shivaay ”Okk fine..tell me if someone doesn’t pay the bill what do you guys generally do”

Staff ”Sir..we make them work for a whole day…right from cleaning the room, vessels, kitchen, the entire area of lobby…serving the guests till we close the ice cream parlour..i mean two staff’s duties for one whole day ”

Shivaay ”no wayy…i can’t do that..ohh God, where have i got fixed…all this because of Ms.Surpanaka”

Staff ”there is a bonus too”

Shivaay ”and can you tell me what’s that?”

Staff ” bonus of police complaint…I don’t think if police comes here for this you will feel good”

Shivaay ”do you think now i am feeling better”

Staff didn’t know what to answer

Shivaay started requesting him, to keep his watch and other stuff, the staff didn’t budge…he held his head finally

Tia ”Anika enough..i can’t see him like this…”

Anika ”okay okay i am going…”

Tia ”yeah please be quick”

Anika went in ..Shivaay stared at her…and then turned towards the staff and said ”I said na..she is to pay the bill…you were not believeing me”

Anika turned towards Shivaay and said ”Who are you?”

Shivaay ”what the wuck..Ms.Surpanaka enough …now pay the bill and take me out of here…what did you think they give ice creams for free”

Anika couldn’t control her laugh more and so was the staff and all his friends…everyone came in laughing

Shivaay ”why are you all laughing? ahh now i understand all this is prank”

Sid ”Dude…Anika already payed the bill…this was her prank and we were all a part of it, including this staff and OmRu”

Shivaay ”Can’t believe…i am not gonna leave you all…but first i will take care of this Ms.Surpanaka”

Anika showed her tongue teasing Shivaay…she ran bidding bye to everyone…Shivaay also ran behind her after bidding bye to everyone, but warning them to give them back with interest…all of them left while Shivaay chased Anika…

Unable to breathe out because of running Anika stopped….Shivaay held her by her waist and pulled her near him…Anika felt a tinge of nervousness

Shivaay ”Ms.Surpanaka …this was limit…you played prank on me…i am not gonna leave you…”

Anika ”sorry…sorry…sorry…i was just on a fun mood…and when you said you didn’t bring wallet, this idea popped up in my brain…what to do…you didn’t allow me to eat ice cream before our friends i did this…now everything equated”

Shivaay ”not so soon” he started tickling her….Anika ”…not more..stop Mr.Ricthie Rich…please…i am sorry” she said while laughing…

Both were tired and they sat in Shivaay’s car and he dropped her to home.

Anika ”Mr.Ritchie Rich…after many years this was the best day of my life..thank you for everything and i am sorry for the prank”

Shivaay ”my pleasure madam…and don’t be sorry….i too enjoyed the prank…it was much needed” he smiled…then continued ”start the packing ..we will be leaving tomorrow night”

Anika ”you too..and’s late”

Shivaay got down and asked the driver to wait near the road while he will come…he saw Anika walking towards her home…..

Shivaay ”Ms.Surpanaka ”he called her

Anika turned

Shivaay ”Sahil will be going to stay in OM till you return”

Anika ”no..I mean…i will manage”

Shivaay ”how? no… tell me how will you manage him being in kodaikanal…look Ms.Surpanaka i agree you are supergal…..but you have no superpowers…specially to exist in Kodaikanal during morning’s and in Mumbai during nights…so now don’t argue…pack Sahil’s stuff and yours too…i will be coming tomorrow morning here…put in your luggage in my car…we go to college and during return we pick up sahil, drop him in my house, have dinner and start our it?”

Anika ”but Mr.Ricthie Rich”

Shivaay ”Gud night Ms.Surpanaka” he left without listening anything else

Anika too walked and reached Home….

Anika TAM ”i donno why but i feel so happy being with that Mr. Ritchie Rich…what’s so special in him and why do i always want to be with this friendship or something beyond friendship? ahh what crap am i course it is friendship…what else can it be…anyways ..i hope we win the competition and bring back the prize…well i also wish nothing goes wrong there”


Shivaay TAM ”she is just so chirpy..can’t believe she played the prank so perfectly…i mean, if it was someone else i would have definitely been angry..but why didn’t i say her anything…instead i said , i enjoyed the prank…that’s stupid of me…there is some magic in her…am I getting attracted to her…no no, i am Shivaay singh oberoi, all these are not to be thought by me…i just hope we work together so hard that we get back the prize …i also wish nothing goes wrong between us in kodaikanal……”

————– NEXT DAY , College

Everyone met and greeted each other…Shivaay and Anika went to their HOD to collect the tickets and stay itenaries….they were allotted funds too and other important stuffs…

As the day ended entire class wished Shivaay and Anika all the best….

Tia ”Shivaay…i hope you will be careful enough”

Shivaay ”Tia…don’t worry…i will handle myself and everything else too”

Mallika ”Tia ..Anika will also be there…why are you worrying”

Tia ”that’s the major worry” she murmured

Mallika ”did you say anything?”

Tia ”no”

Madhuri ”ok guys while coming bring something for all of us and all the best…just rock it out…we will be watching you both in TV…as we were informed that the program is going to be telecasted live for our college students ”

Anika hugged all of them, so did Shivaay….

Shivaay ”Ms.Surpanaka…shall we leave..Sahil might be waiting…”

Anika nodded and bid bye once again to her friends …sat in the car…Shivaay drove away…….

They picked Sahil , had a quick Dinner…before leaving Priyanka gave Anika a packet and asked her to open after reaching Kodaikanal…Anika nodded and put it carefully in her suitcase…Shivaay and Anika reached the airport….Anika was nervous as this was the first time she came to airport….Shivaay held her hand….Anika looked at him and and smiled nervously………..


Precap : Kodaikanal trip to change the equations amid Shivika….What happens in hill station will it stay in hill station ?


This was the Twenty Sixth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and lovely dii… What a prank… Full of fun…

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Nikki…thanks a lot…awee so glad you liked the episode…love you loads…keep smiling and take care

  2. Haaye!! Such a cute prank??. Post soon. I loved today’s khidkitod episode. Yaar thora lamba pls….. Bahut jaldi khatm ho jata hai?. Post the sooonest.cant wait…….. Bestestestest wishes. I am scared thou ki kodaikanal mai kya hoga!!! Fingers crossed??love??.

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much dear….thanks a lot…next episode lamba de rahi hoon…next episode tomorrow morning without fail…love you loads…keep smiling and take care……

  3. I was laughing while reading the epi.. it was awesome prank ?? enjoy to the core.. just remind the college days whc we make prank on our friends.. it’s really awesome and lovely.. ❤️❤️

    1. VHM

      Hey Nisha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee you remembered your college days and reading this made my day…loads of best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  4. Pritika

    Good prank, very nyc episode and eager to know what’s in the packet Priku has given to Anika
    Also sorry ki last episodes pe comment nhi kr pai, busy thi Rnshi ke sath, pr read kiye h saare and all are very gud and congrats for the silver jublee and many to come

    1. VHM

      Hey Pritika…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…no worries dear…take your time to read and post your opinion at your convenience….i hope riyanshi is doing good…lots of love to you both and best wishes too…keep smiling and atek acre

  5. hello akka..hilarious epi ??i was like ROFLMAO..first billu anudi mood cheer up cheyyadam then rudra peru cheppi tease cheyyadam is very cute???..haww anudi secret billu andharaki cheppesadu??..stupid..then comes my most fav. part ‘the prank’ know nenaithe padi padi navva,billu ni aa position lo imagine chesukoni??????…then comes my sweet ,cute ,caring singh oberoi..mera pyaara billu…love him soo much??????..but ee tia and her never ending insecurities uff ignored her??..yayy excited for the kodaikanal trip…precap is super interesting ..cant wait ..soo thwaraga post chesayi…take care and bye for now???..and haa keep smiling????… you loads❤️❤️❤️…and you said you hope to see me by your side always ..and i will always be by ur side akka..

    1. VHM

      Hey Prabha…thank you so much chelli……thanks a lot…awee i am glad you enjoyed the episode…love you loads chelli…next episode tomorrow without fail…keep smiling and take care…

  6. So cute and funny frank poor sso…
    Waiting for tour for love blossom

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Chaithu…thanks a lot….yeah tomorrow the trip will start and will come to an end too….keep smiling and take care

  7. Fenil

    Aflatoon chappy Dii.I enjoyed but jyada enjoy karta agar shivaay se ek do table saaf karwa dete hahahah Aflatoon Anika nailed it.Maja aaya.Loved it.

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Bro…thanks a lot…shivaay bichara fas gaya….aur kya karaoon…mera poor shivaay….love you loads bro…keep smiling and take care

  8. Good Prank… I wish their bond will become strong in kodaikanal…

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      Thank you so much Sukeer…thanks a lot…hope so , let’s wait what’s in store for us….keep smiling and take care

  9. Nila_27

    Hiii Akka,
    the prank was hilarious
    poor Shivaay ???very nice
    what will happen in kodaikanal?? waiting…
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    Love you?

    1. VHM

      Hey Nila…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee so sweet of you….next episode tomorrow without fail…love you loads…keep smiling and take care

  10. Aafiya

    Superb.. The prank was amazing.. I was laughing heavily… Waiting for the next update.. Take care….

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Aafiya…thanks a lot…i am glad you liked the episode and even elated to know you smiled because of it…keep smiling and take care…next episode tomorrow without fail

  11. Amazingly superb work!!!!
    The prank on shivaay was hilarious???,especially the conversation between him and staff ………….. Couldn’t stop laughing………….. Bechara SSO?????. This might be so embarrassing for him…………
    Finally we are going to Kodaikanal with shivika
    through your words …………… Can’t wait more!!
    PRECAP: Hope this trip brings a positive equation amidst these and they comes more closer ??

    1. VHM

      Hey Pakhi…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…ha ha ha yes that was so embarrassing situation….yes we will be going to kodaikanal tomorrow and will end the tour almost….next episode tomorrow without fail….loads of best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  12. Zaveesha

    Hi Harika di….This chapter was soo soo nice… I literally enjoyed it…u know what I was not in a good mood..but while reading this a big big smile was there on my face… nd today morning also while studying nd that too Abnormal psychology I was soo bored then I read episode 25… congratulations for silver jubilee episode… I think it will cross golden jubilee too…that episode was also fantastic…
    I’m loving this Shivaay and Anika..nd the prank..hahahaha…poor Shivaay…
    M excited for the trip..but ur precap somewhat frighten me..but I know in the end everything will be alright…as my didu never make a sad ending…

    Oops I’m writing too long… sorry if I bored u with my bak-bak…
    Nd u know what tomorrow is my last semester exam…so I hope I’ll be regular after that..
    Love u…
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    1. VHM

      Hey Tanz…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee glad to know that this episode cheered up your mood…how sweet of you to let me know this…great , ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR EXAM TOMORROW…i know you will rock it….love you loads Tanz…keep smliing and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hey Sukeer…thank you so much for putting your point straight and there is nothing to feel bad about your suggestion…i would definitely try to improvise from here on and will always keep in view your suggestion while writing expressions…thanks again…awee will try to match your expectation…loads of best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

      1. VHM

        I started a mystery novel, but it is in indefinite pause as i got busy with my daughter and husband along with fanfics of mine and my friends….whenever i complete it i will send out a soft copy to all of you by asking you your mail id’s through PM’s…

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      Hey Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee did you imagine the episode…how cutee…nopes as of now something good will happen in couple of episodes …something good for us , but something bad for someone else…..trip will start and almost end in next episode …next episode tomorrow morning without fail…i understood the typo error…you are such an awesome person dear…loads of best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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  22. Maryam_ishq

    Full on mazedaar chp dii !! I came back from my trip 2-3 days ago, was tired and had some personal issues so couldn’t comment… but now am back :). Thanks for sendin me the links for each chp. Before i strt with my comment…. congratulations on completin 25 episodes….. each and every episode was just amazing. For the first time u showed some extremely emotional and heart wrenching episodes and they were absolutely amazing…. seedha dil ko chu liya.
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    Shivay’s reaction hearin her stry was sad….. i know he didnt knw wht to say and how to console her but he should have said something. Anika kinda expected this sorta reaction but was hurt seein shivay’s ignorance towards her fully. Aftr droppin her home, he vented out his frustration on omru…. he didnt knw wht to do, he was hurt knwin how much anika has faced and was amazed at her strength, he realised why she behaved tht way. He wanted to meet her and console her but didnt knw how to face her and moreover her society ppl would create a hungama if he went there at tht time. He sent his family to meet her and give her support as he dug her past which would have hurt her a lot. Anika was surprised seeing all the ladies there… she was overwhelmed seeing the love they had for her and showered on her. All the years she longed for such love and she finally got it through her best friend’s family. She took shivay’s side when pinky said smthn… om was surprised to see how much she understands shivay. She gave a letter for shivay, he read it and kept it safe.
    Anika topped the exams and shivay came second just by 0.2%… tht’s soooo close. Anika had enough of shivay’s ignorance and she spoke to him abt it… she just wanted to knw the reason. I love how shivay always senses anika when she comes to his room. Finally, shivay lets out his state of mind when he heard her stry, how he wanted to console her but didnt knw how to, he wanted to meet her but didnt knw how to face her. Anika hugs him tight… happy to get her best friend back in her life…. she couldn’t afford to lose anthr best friend again. And Mr Ritchie Rich and Ms Surpanaka are back…. their cute tom and jerry fight brought a smile on my face along with the oberoi family who laughed whole heartedly aftr a long time. Everyone congratulates anika for topping and she asks a gift frm tej aftr everyone’s insistence.
    Shivika go for a small walk and decide to have ice cream along with their friends. Poor anika…. shivay teased her with the ice cream so much and she couldn’t do anythin caz of rudy’s diet plans. And if tht wasnt enough he opened her secret of rudy being her gym trainer. Tia’s comment on how she’s using everything so nicely…. everyone felt bad hearin her words esp shivay. They all spent a nice time chit chatting and anika tells them abt her prank…. tia’s such a spoil sport… thank god mallika shut her mouth. Everyone had their ice creams happily enjoying their time together and as decided went away makin such lame excuses…. i couldn’t stop laughin at their excuses….. thank god mallika pulled tia away with her otherwise tia would have stayed there only to do tai tai phisss of anika’s prank.
    Shivay felt something was fishy seein everyone goin away but anika shut him up and she also left. Shivay was shocked when the guy asks for money and he wasnt ready to listen to anythin…. he understood anika’s behind all this. Aftr many tries he was finally allowed to make a call but to his bad luck omru were also involved in the plan and everytime he just got wrong number. With no option left he thought of doin the chores…. THE GREAT SHIVAY SINGH OBEROI was gonna clean tables but anika arrived just then and still continued with her prank. Everyone entered laughing seein shivay’s condition… if anyone else would have done this he would have blasted off at them. He ran aftr anika tryin to settle scores of this prank…. finally he caught her and tickled her. Both of them laughed their heart out and enjoyed a lot…. aftr a long time anika enjoyed openly with her friends. Shivay dropped anika to her house and ordered her to make sahil stay in oberoi mansion whilst they go on their trip. Both of them thinkin abt each other and their friendship …. how they feel so happy arnd each other. They complete all the formalities and bid bye to their friends and family… all set to leave on their trip. Tia gets on my nerves now…. she’ll be a major reason of their misunderstandings i guess… she always keeps on pressurising him some or the other way. Shivay held anika’s hand seein her nervousness.
    I really hope this trip brings good memories fot them and doesn’t do any damage to their bond. Wht happens in hill station will not stay in hill station as somehow tia would come to knw of it and create a hungama ??. Good to see ur gettin more comments and likes now. Anyways, take care di and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤.

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  23. Yvonne Codner

    Rib tickling episode I was DWL during the prank scene..l can just imagine Shivaay saying, :”do you know who I am, I am SSO, and flicking back his hair” It was just too hilarious. Anika always bring out the best and worse out of Shivaay. Thanks again VHM, you are very gifted , because your writing has been super awesome and entertaining. Please stay blessed ???

    1. VHM

      Hey Yvonne…thank you so much …thanks a lot…i am so very glad to know that you had a smile while reading the episode….my day has started with such an awesome opinion from you…loads of best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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    Awesome mind blowing part di…. Amazing prank… excited for the kodaikanal trip… Post it soon di… Can’t wait for the next part… Take care di… Luv u lot di ??

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      Hey Sissy…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot my support system…yes i uploaded the next episode in the portal just sometime before…hope it gets published soon…love you loads sissy…keep smiling and take care

  25. Awesome prank,?
    Enjoyed the whole chapter
    Post next soon

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