Flashback… Devakshi Memories.. Part 1

Hi all.. Just going through past episodes of KRPKAB.. could not stop myself from the magic of Devakshi.. Here i Go with some of the cutest.. Magical moments of our Devakshi…
This is part 1… pre their Love realisation…
The more amazing part of their love and the magic they create on screen will follow this soon…
Hope you will enjoy and re live all these golden moments with me……

First time when they met… even though it starts with a sweet nok jhok but that nok jhok has given glimse of amazing chemistry between the duo.
The cuteness of dev when he welcomes Sonakshi for the very first time in his house…His smile, His welcoming attitude….( the time when he was listening to old bollywood song .. so i came to believe that he loves old bollywood songs).
Sonakshi first day at work.. Dev was there in kitchen to make sure that she doesn’t have any problems.. But our Sona is SONA.. so all she wanted is to be brave and self sufficient .. so tried to take flour box from top shelf by herself and dropped all flour on Dev… (Not again… Dev all covered in flour… Mera Dev to pehle hi itna Gora hai.. use itna flour facial dene ki kya jarurat hai Sonakshi…. )
The Holi Masti… Dev shocked expression when sona fills his Shirt and his life with colours.. and cutest of all.. Sona’s masti dance.. “Dev babu chale gaye….” But nahhhh.. … Dev was there.. His expression were killing as if he is going to show Sona… with whom she has taken Panga… n Sona punch line… “Its DR. BOSE for You”…. N then when Sona realized from Dev’s teacher about his past.. Her total perception was changed.. The way she says sorry.. Her gift to Dev .. A white Shirt.(The time when I realized that there are always two sides of a coin.. So its better to understand the person from depth before judging them..)
The time when Sona dressed in Yellow/orange Saree for her date.. she tripped and Dev held his hand…. (The time when we realize that sometime silence speaks more than words)
All pains/efforst Dev took just to make up for his unintentional mistake of spoiling Sona’s mother Cake… His apologetic eyes n how he mingles with Sona’s family….. (The day when we realize that sometimes you need no reason to take care of someone.. Sometimes you need no specific reason to soothe someone’s sorrows/problems .. Our heart guide us what is right at that moment.. and everything starts falling in place )

Dev Concern when he thought that Sona will go away from his life… Is it only for the reason that his mom will suffer.. or somewhere hidden in his heart.. there is a feeling which doesn’t want Sonakshi to go away anywhere …
The time when Sona saw Dev crying in pain for the first time when his Uncle’s house was burnt … The time when she saw the emotional side of Dev … (Emotions that doesn’t follow the mind and just flow out in the forms of droplets when the heart could not bear more pain….)
The perfection of Dev Sona when they they Danced together in the ceremony held by minister in the honour of Dev… (The time i came to know the witty, humurous side of Dev…. n noticed that what magic an amazing eye lock can create)
The time when Sona n Dev were alone at home and Sona was afraid of darkness… the way she tried to behave bold but quite afraid inside … her expression… Dev naughtiness.. Dev Laughter.. (The time we realized that sometime some moments developed an unknown bond between people … in front of whom we just shed our outer shell and simply enjoy being ourselves)
The time when accident happened and Dev tried all his best to keep Sona awake…. His life.. His grievances, his sorrows, his experiences.. the hollowness in his life… at the same time.. His passion to keep Sona alive.. Keep her awake (the time i realised that we should not judge any person the way he/she behaves… there may be a opposite side of every coin… He may have his own untold stories…
The ampathy, care and concern.. Dev showed for Sona during her hospitalisation… the way he arranged blood.. the way he consoled her mother.. the way he hold her when she was about to fall … (the time i realise that sometime the unknown concern.. the hidden care results in some unsaid feelings from both side )

P.S. : This is only a flashback of some magical moments Devakshi shared on screen.. It is not the FF/OS…
I just want all to relive these magical moments and please do share the best KRPKAB scene prior to their love realisation with all of us….

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  1. such a amazing and superb article sneha…??????…..all the scenes were great….I can’t choose only one or two…….and it article made a urge in my heart to watch all these episodes again ???????

    1. What a great piece of description of the sizzling chemistry of our dear Dev and Sonakshi di!!!
      You nailed it! Like Maleeha di, I can’t choose any, they’re all simply fabulous!????
      However, loved the episode in which Sona and Dev had danced together during the ceremony? Sona looked amazingly gorgeous while our Dev looked nothing but handsome?????
      Do post more articles like this so that we can relive all those golden days of Devakshi arguments 🙂 I used to love ’em??
      Besides, I’ve started this new ff ME, YOU AND PASSION. Do try it out and comment. Hope you like it???
      Loads of love?????

      1. I haven’t written it….sneha have written it

      2. Yeah, I know that…the thing is that it somehow got posted as a reply and a comment ????
        Hope you wouldn’t mind much Sneha di??

    2. Sneha1

      seriously Maleeha… after writing this.. i again fall in love with Devakshi….
      They arejust magical

  2. Manya

    Thanks a lot Sneha for sharing these cute moments with us❤️❣???????????
    Yeh Aaj kal ke saas bahu drame se kitna better hai?
    Plz after love realisation pe bhi article likho?But without Pisswari ?
    Love love?❤️

    1. Sneha1

      Sure ayushi… I’ll definitely write their post love realisation scenes.. They were just the BEST…. Unhe dekhne ke baad to mein bhi eagerly apni love story ki wait krne lagi hu…
      Bus koi DEV jaisa mil jaye…..
      But pisswari jaisi MIL na mile … 😛

  3. Pooja26

    omg !!!!!!! really enjoyed
    flashed all memories of devsona
    thanx for dis…

    1. Sneha1

      Thanks Pooja….

  4. Saasha123

    Omg!!¡!¡!¡ it’s awsm…. Btw could anyone tell me in which epi sona calls dev to the kitchen and he nearly goes but says y should he and turns to other direction… Pls I am dying to knw which epi pls if anyone of u knw then pls tell me….

    1. Manya

      It’s in episode 90?

    2. Sneha1

      Hey Saasha.. r u talking about the episode where Dev Said.. Mein kabhi Joru ka gulaam nahi banunga…..

      Great memory Manya/Ayushi

  5. Nze epi ???????????????????

    1. Sneha1

      Thanks Nikki 🙂

  6. Aaru

    Thank u so much dear..u made my day by reminding us of these spcl moments..

    1. Sneha1

      Thanks Aaru.. Your words of encouragement really means a lot 🙂

  7. Varsha94

    Even i was going thru these epi’s b4 few days.. Luckily v hav that kahani ab to for kuch rang.. Where they show glimpses of the show.. V can spot all those scenes.. Which u jus described… DevAkshi ? are Magic?.. Indeed.. I don’t think one can see this good love story in recent times.. Jus njoy watching them.. And great way of explaining.. Shows ur passion for Devakshi ?.. Good job.. Thank u..Sneha..????❤?

    1. Sneha1

      Yeah Varsha.. I know.. yahan TU pr sab hum sab Devakshi k pyar mein pagal hai.. Sabki haalat ek jaisi hai…
      Sach mein makers ne humein ek amazing love story di hai.. aur TU ne ek amazing platform where we can pour our feelings out…
      I toh many times go to all kahani ab tak KRPKAB.. just to see those amazing scenes between Devakshi….

  8. Erina

    Sneha now i want to tell u dear plzzz come nd hold me dear from falling in love with devakshi. Seriously U r awesome writter d way u described i felt that i was watching this as kahani ab tak on sony as they show some time. Yaar y devakshi to kisi din maar hi dalega with their chemistry aur tm v ???. By d way sirf thankque nhi balki bigggg valaaa thankque for u my dear tmne mjhe phir se yaad dila diya vo amazing nd rocking suffer jaha se hm chalte ty dost bankar pr jane kb hmre dil mil gye nd vo jo baate tmne likhi tyi bracket m it was awesomeeeee swtheart. Again thankque. With loads of love Erina

    1. Sneha1

      Hi erina…. I m sure you r equally in love with our favourite couple as I m…. Yaar we need not to think much before writing anything for them… I just closed my eyes.. N all those golden moments flashed back in front of my eyes… I think it is just krpkab magic….

  9. Latha

    Thanks a lot sneha for sharing these sweet memories. Myself Enjoying by watching repeatedly those old episodes and the way u explained the scenes was awesome. Once again thank you dear.

    1. Sneha1

      Thanks lata… While penning it down… I also relived all those fantastic moments….
      Just in love with devakshi

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