Hii guys dizz is maahi…. I am new here as a OS writer some of u knw me nd fr the frst time I am trying to write an OS hope all of uu vil like it
lets get into the story guys…

I was wrong in thinking tht she would stay with me evn in the foolish prank of mine…yes I was wrong ,she left me . I was such a selfish person then wat to do her love made me soo crazy lyk tht I always thought abt my love fr her my pain of aparting frm her but I nvr thought abt her love fr me .yes, she loved me unconditionally , selflessly but wat did I do? I always hurted her in all possible ways.firstly I married her fr revenge but ven she came to know abt it she just being a idle daughter just bore my torture nd thn ven my sis nd my so called gf tanu blamed her in MMS case she just being a selfrespected person just thought to go away frm me but dont knw wat hppnd to me by tht time though I always hated her or I say I pretend to I proved her innocent but wat really surprised me was ven it came abt her respect she just thought to leave evrything behind nd thought to go away from me but I just blackmailed her tht I would spoil my fame if she doesn’t agree to marry suresh without thinking anything she just nodded ok nly fr me but I was sooo blind by thn so tht I couldn’t c her love fr her to be honest though I can c tht I just dont want to admitt it fr two worst things of my life one is my ego nd the other is my so called gf tanu nd thn again in kidnapping case also she was ready to give her life to save me but dont knw yy I again saved her nd the bullet hit me I was unconscious nd ven I woke up I saw her taking care of me I just wanted to thank her but smethng unexpected hppnd being a lovable sis to fulfill her sister’s wish she just confessed her love fr me nd tht moment nly I wanted to accept her but smthng stopped me again nd thn again ven I was sure abt my love fr her nd thought to confess her smthng really horrible hppnd diz time yaa tanu confronted that she was pregnant with my child I was nt ready ti accept it but she being a caring person wanted tht child nt to suffer she just made herself bad infront of everyone nd I knew tht she could nvr do tht bcoz till nw I dont knw the reason y I thoughy lyk tht abt her I confirmed myself tht its all bcoz of tanu nd my dadi got to knw abt it thn askd me to leave the home but yht time too she just stopped me nd made evryone understand it thn again she supported me in tht too thn I saw A FLASH ON MY MOBILE Its frm unknown number nd i came to knew tht she met with accident nd fr a while my world stopped there but thnkfully she wss safe nd by thn I realised my live fr her nd I proposed her I askd her whether she vil hold my hand r not??? her initial silence killed me but all of a sudden she just threw her hands over my neck nd told tht she vil hold it forever nd I was vrry happy but again A FLASH ON HER MOBILE just changed our lives yaa its frm tanu nd being a gud hearted girl she askd me to marry tanu nd by thn dark shade of my life started she left me by divorcing me but all of a sudden she met with an accident nd ven I came to knew it my world stopped there but she thn promised me tht she vil b back after smetime after curing totally nd she is always perfect in keeping her promises it may b marriage promises r any other she just fulfilled evry promise nt lyk me I nvr fulfilled any of my promise towards her but still she nvr complained abt me nd as promised she returned back but as mogambo I waited fr her nearly 1 month nd she came back I was soo happy but she pretended as she betrayed me regarding property nd fr tht I hated her r I say I pretended so bcoz frm the start I nvr hated her nly I pretended thn she just brought the true colours of aliya and raj bhaiyya infront of me nd in diz while she lost her beloved sister nd saw her mother lying paralysed fr so many days she just listened to evryones taunting but pretended as it doesn’t matter fr her but lonely she had cried a lot fr hurting others which was nt at all her nature I came to knw abt dizz by my dadi bcoz she was also with her nd many others tooo she always tried to collect proofs to expose tanu nd in oreder she messed up evrything instead she would hv atleast tell it to me directly once thn I would hv dfntly blvd her but I dont want to blame her fr dizz bcoz circumstances was lyk tht so she had no other go nd finally I thought tht she was my fuggi nd thought to propose her in her bday nd surprise but again destiny play its game suddenly smthng weird hppnd tanu proved tht she was hvng affair with champak she protested firstly but ven I too came into tanu words she was just broken down by my distrust on her nd I frustration she agreed with tht affair in evry hard step of my life she supported me but wat I did I just distrusted her nd she left me nw permanently I thought to surprise her fr spoiling her bday nd thought to return her kumkum to her with pride yes I heard tanu nd her convo outside our room where tanu admitted abt illegitimate affair of her but I just acted rough with her to find the person tonight nd thought to gv her surprise by tmrw nd last time she held my hand to listen to her once but I just ignored her nly to surprise her nd ven I was sure tht she slept I checked cctv footage at tanu room nd found a small cam there nd ven I saw it tanu herself admitted her affair with nikhil nd I confirmed dizz with the help of purab nd vent to dadi’s room to make her desperate bcoz knowing the truth she made me soo desperate fr those days so thought to play a prank on her nd I just informed robin to tell to her tht by the nxt day I was gng to marry tanu nd dizz time all my family members supported me to surprise her nd shock tanu but tht was the worst prank of my life I nvr thought tht it would result in her absence!! ya she left me thn soon I saw A FLASH ON MY MOBILE tht was frm my love nd its written in it

I ALWAYS SUPPORTED UUU BCOZ I LOVE UU I changed myself to save u frm ur enemies I just wanted to bring the true colours if tanu infront of uu Into ur happiness I hv always found mine I tried hard to prove my love fr uu indirectly but u being a buddhu nvr understood it u hated me but I bore it bcoz I loved uu nd yaa I was fighting with the fate to get ur love but there nthng evr existed such thing as love in ur heart bcoz u didnt trusted me so if no trust thn no love so I just can’t hurt u anymore nd I cant hurt my heart anymore bcoz ur in it nd so before I leave frm ur life I wanted u say u onethng tht tanu is pregnant with nikhil child I dont want to regret on nt telling it to uuu nd u may question at me tht I would hv told it to uu before nly but I didn’t had any proofs to show it to uuu nd I trusted uu ven u said tht ur nt responsible fr her pregnancy without any question I blvd uuu but wat u did just fr two fake photos u just blvd tht I hv affair with smeone else.Thn wat is the meaning of love tht u said u hv seen it in my eyes?? anyways watever decision u take further best of luck fr itt bcoz I cant take all dizz anymore so I am just gng out of ur life but u vil always remain my love I lvd uu thn I lvd uu still I vil lv uu forever hv a great future take care of urself nd dadi gud byeeee

Nd dizz flash of light just brought darkness again in my life nd yes she was crrct she stood up with me in all my tough times she always comforted me with her warm hug but nw she is nt with me she left me all alone in roads of darkness I am nt knowing the upcoming path bcoz she is nt there to show it to me I always hurted her but she always loved me nw I really want my love to come back to me bcoz she nvr knew tht the sleepless nights nd unseen tears of mine r countless .But still I vil wait fr her its been 8 months since she left me I hope she vil hold my hand again to show my FUTURE I know one day she vil dfntly return to me bcoz TRUE LOVE………….I was just cmpltng my today’s pain in my dairy thn…beep ….beep..nd ya its again A FLASH ON MY MOBILE but dizz time it was frm purab r I say frm my second love my passion my music itseems my passion also loves me soo it wanted me to do concert after a long time in AUSTRALIA bcoz it no more wAnts me to move alone with dizz pain nd thn I reached AUSTRALIA nd tht project is fr 14 days sooo its my frst day on concert I just gv my best in it nd thn I was very confused ven the audience askd me to gv a melody song fr nxt day I tried hard fr lyrics but didnt get anything thn I went to the forest nearby nd a few steps away frm entrance there is a bench I sat there fr sometime nd got relieved with peace over there nd ven I was abt to leave I saw a notepad there I just took it ven I touched it I flt vry spcl but Thn I came back to sense nd opened it there I found a vrry beautiful painful memorable hindi lines in it it seemed smebody had written it remembering their loved ones nd I flt vrry strange at tht moment but I got solution fr my prblm I placed a note on tht bench saying tht msg to my num if they r okay with using their lines as my lyrics as I am in need of help dont knw yy I was vry sure tht I would get a reply nd nxt mrng I got A FLASH ON MY MOBILE but dizz time my heart has been popping out ven u saw tht u flt vry strange tht nw as if blossom is gng to happen in my life .when I opened it it was written ITS OKAY NO WORRIES U CAN!!! BY THE WAY WAT IS UR PROFESSION nd I flt vrry happy nd I dont want to reveal my identity bcoz I thought it would affect the person’s view at me sooo I said tht I am a street singer nd tht day I askd the name of the person thn they replied it as SRITI nd askd my name I said SHABBIR nd in a single day v became vrry friendly through the chatting but who knows fate had dizz fr us ?? nd yaaa with tht lyrics I just conposed a song ( tu hei ki nahi) frm roy nd sang it I got huge appraisal fr the song but I admitted infront of all my fans tht the lyrics was hers.All praised her nd I thought by now she would hv knwn my real identity so thought to apologize to her but again its A FLASH ON MY MOBILE I got frm an unknown num tht the girl waiting in forest met with accident so v found diz num in contact list cing tht I just dont knw yyy I shattered nd drove my car to the forest nd there THE MOMENT I SAW HER …THE WHOLE UNIVERSE STOPPED ND MY WORLD BEGAN ….actually bulbul was alive bcoz she was saved my some Australians nd thn as she vent to coma nw nly she got cured soo thought to go to her family but being my fan besides saali she just wanted to surprise me but she met her love frst nd thn they both saw my love in bulbul’s frnds selfie as she was their professor thn purab explained her evrything thn they together planned it to unite us soooo she was also informed in the same way but had been informed abt shabbir nt abt abhi bcoz I shared it with purab so they made dizz plan nd by cing me she just forwarded towards me nd me too ( allay waariyaan plays)but all of a sudden she just stopped nd started to run away I was in shock to respond but smeone held her hand nd yaa its her sissy thn cing her they shared a hug nd bulbul xplained her evrything nd handed over my dairy to her which purab took without informing me nd while leaving rabul together said DIII BEFORE Breaking A RELationship think once tht yyy u held it soo long thn u take decision nd diii EVRY LOVE STORY IS BEAUTIFUL BUT URS IS OUR FAV give us a chance to tell dizz to whole world diii nd fix the broken heart nd make it as a epitome of Love Diii byeee c u both soon nd they left nd thn she just stared at me fr a while with teary eyes nd read my pain which I wrote in my dairy thn all of a sudden she just collapsed on the floor nd I went near to her nd thn she just threw her hands around my neck nd repeatedly said srry nd I tooo said srry fr her thn I slightly broke the hug nd said SRRY FUGGI I SHOULD HV TRUSTED UUU BUT I JUST THOUGHT TO SURPRISE UUU BUT NVR Thought THAT IT WOULD RESULT LYK THIS and she cutted me nd said NO I AM SRRY I SHOULD HV BEEN WITH UU I SHLD HV WAITED FR UUU THOUGH U DONT KNW THE REASON BEHIND MY CHANGEOVER U STILL WAITED FR ME BUT WAT Did I DO I JUST LEFT UUU SRRY SRRY ABHISHEK nd to I said I am wrong thn she said she was wrong our argument contd fr a while to stop her I tapped on her nose nd I slowly said fuggy plzzzz hold my hand bciz I lost my way in searching fr ur love prmse me tht u vil nvr leave me all alone again dont push me into tht hell again where nly ur memories exist nt uuu nd thn suddenly she again threw her hands over my neck same as in my confession day nd said MISSING U COULD TURN MY PAIN TO PLEASURE I KNEW U WERE MISSING ME TOO ND I PRMSE I VIL NVR LEAVE UUU AGAIN TILL MY LAST BREATHE nd I hugged her more tight representing tht hw much I missed her thn fr sme time both of us sat on tht bench nd all of a sudden she just took the pen frm her clutch nd wrote NEVER FAILS beside tht true love where I stopped nd she askd me yy tht I stopped it thn I replied with a smile tht I JUST WANTED MY LOVE TO CMPLT IT she smiled in response nd hugged me nd all through our life we njoyed each other embrace …..beep beep.again A FLASH ON MY ….MOBILE frm my love c wat it is HONEY I VIL B LATE AS I HV MEETING SO U JUST GO TO UR CONCERT ND ROCK THE FLOOR BABY I VIL B WAITING FR UUU LV UUU BYEEE…so wanna go nd get ready fr concert byeee guys. …

And IB ND HONEY hw was it ???? I just tried it fr uuu both nd guys if u all lyk dizz nd feel worth cmmntng do comment guys thnx fr shabbir md sriti nly bcoz of thm I got many sweet persons in my life srry if there is any mistakes r If I bored uuu ppl keep loving keep caring nd hw can I forget keep rocking guys…

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  1. Maya

    OMG! U never even inform ur IB about this surprise! I have a flash of smile in my face reading this! A flash of happiness not a flash but My wish of happiness being fulfilled! It was so awesome! YES I loved it so much ?????? and u know wht I felt like I want this to never end! Will u do tat for ur IB? I mean like write OS whenever u are free? Each and every line was so amazing to me! But ya u should have told me earlier sia..but anyways it was a stupendous surprise for me! I think honey aka cutie will also loved it as much as I do!??????????

    1. Riyashri

      U r right Sweetie……I loved it sooo much ….if u wanted to know how much I loved it I hav expressed through my comment below…..I don’t know y but my comment is soooo big….. very sorry maahi di I think I hav blabbered soooo much !!!

    2. Maahi

      yaar IB I thought to surprise uuu but before I could reach u my surprise reached uu dr there r lot of mistakes in it srry fr tht but I am on cloudnine tht u read it frst before me I am really humbled nd I surrender myself at ur love nd wat u want diz nt to end haa??? nd dr u want me to continue haa but dfntly I vil try dr as am nt soo gud at writing but still I vil try tht fr uu bcoz I lv uu naa nd by cing ur support a FLASH of happiness nd craziness tht would nvr end came into me lv uuu fr evrything ur my inspiration dr muahhhhhhhhhh ur so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet keep rocking IB PROUD TO B UR FANGIRL

      1. Maya

        Inspiration ah? I have nothing to say about that! U should be keep rocking with tis kind of OS as it is too gooood! ?????? and don’t say u are not gd at writing! U are damn good at writing!????????

  2. Omg maahi u r such a great writer dear the way u potrayed the story was mindblowing i think u must surely start an ff but lovely dear no wrds love u loads????

    1. Maahi

      omg great writer haa ?? no dr there r lot of mistakes but I am really happy frm bottom of my heart tht u loved it actually I am silentreader of ur ff haha I wanna know whether ria changed r not but I vil wait fr tht tooo nd u want me to write ff haa if time permitts I vil come up with other OS DR but so srry cant gv ff but lv uuuu fr ur sweet cmmnt lv uuuu tooo

  3. It was awesome I can’t express my feelings after seeing ur ff really I loved it

    1. Maahi

      monesha dr thnx alottttt fr ur cmmnt nd nw I dont knw hw to xpress my flngs by cing ur cmmnt so sweeet of uuu loads of love

  4. Krish

    maahi its just aweeesomeeeeeeeee dr i loved it to te core full nd complete story ur narration s superrrbb dr…………………..

    1. Maahi

      thnx a lottt fr ur awesomeeeeee comment humbled nd glad tht u loved it loads of love

  5. Amazing OS yaar really superb yaar…

    1. Maahi

      thnq uuuu soo much fr finding it awesome nd SUPER ur cmmnt is also so superb loads of love

  6. It’s amazing mahi…I loved it to the core…

    1. Maahi

      thnqqqq uuu dr humbled glad tht u find it amazing loads of love

  7. This was too much awesome! Never thought in this way ????????????????? it was all so best! Seriously loved it to core! ??????????? This is seriously best!!! ? continue writing more one shots bcoz you are a great writer Yaar!

    1. Maahi

      somu yaar ur cmmnt so touched thnqqq uuu soo much fr finding it awesome but dr there r lot of mistakes in it nd great writer? ?? haa no dr but I am on cloud nine tht u lyked it thnqqqqq uuuu sooo much fr ur awesome cmmnt but dr seriously ur the best but dr if time permitts I vil cme up with another OS hope u vil lyk tht tooo lv uuu loads of love

      1. What mistakes are you talking about? May be there are no mistakes or i didn’t find any ,okay it’s just that the content was awesome ?????????????????? and yeah you are a great writer! ?

    2. Maahi

      u nvr agree another stubborn girl but thnxxx a lottttt fr ur awesome cmmnt

      1. Yeah ??? Stubborn Somiya! SS ?

    3. Maahi

      yes ur SS ( Stubborn somiya, stupendous somiya , skillfull somiya , splendid somiya) haha got a new name fr uuu

      1. Haha Maaahiiii that was so sweet of youuuu! ????

  8. Riyashri

    Woooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!
    My Stubbeen has given me a Superb Surprise !!!! Loved it to the Core !!!
    So u r not only My Bescomoto but also My Besriter…..(Best Writer)…….
    U hav given The Best Surprise ever !!!
    Wonderful OS ……….. It Is sooooooo Different !!!
    My Lovely Bescomoto has got promotion to become My Rocking Besriter !!!
    I am now ordering MY Besriter to continue your work in the same manner !!
    All the very best for your future writings….Hope u consider this wish of your Honey cum Boss !! I would surely support u in all the ways !!!!Love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much for what u hav done and for for u r !!! U r tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Best in the Whole Wide World and especially A Important Person in My Life ………Memorable Person In Your Honey’s Heart Forever and Ever …………..
    Love U Maahi Di ……You hav given me a unexpressable feeling now !!! Thanq very much for this ……..
    To My Sis ‘s note….Very Sorry For The Late Comment …….
    Again reminding u about this Boss’s Order…..Hope u come up with a Superb writing very soon …Waiting for it …..
    With Unlimited Package of Love ,.
    Your Sweet Honey !!!

    1. Maahi

      honeyy did u lyked my surprise nd soooooo sweeet of ufr diz much of sweet support nd yaar u gv me Besriter haaa no dr its nt sooo best but I knw u stubborn girl nvr agreess nd thnx fr my promotion u made my evng with ur sweeet cmmnt nd its a big gift fr me yaar nd yaar yy r u saying srry dr actually I am also late nw nly I read diz after cmng frm clg bciz I updated it late night nd thnxxx alottttt nd honey u vil b a ROCKSTAR CUM CUTE STAR IN MY HEART FOREVER LV UUUUUUUU TOOO ND U GV ME A different nd sooo loving flng with ur cmmnt nd kkk boss ur order my worship but if time permitts I vil dfntly cme with other OS nd wat u said tht u blabbered haa nvr dare again bcoz it hurts me sooo honey with eternal love in my life I vil always hold uuuuuuuuuu in my heart forever lv uuuuuu muaahhhhhhh a big tight hug nd tonnes of kisses nd yaar srry I couldnt reply to ur PM bcoz of technical issue hope u vil nt take me wrong but UR SUCH A SWEETHEART keep loving keep rocking dr

      1. Riyashri

        Awww…………………..Rockstar cum Cute Star in Your Heart……… Thanq Stubbeen ……..And U r really A SweetStar to me……….Will be loving u forever Di !!
        That’s ok I can understand no need to be sorry and I wouldn’t take u wrong in any situation !!! Sorry for hurting u !! Hope My SweetStar forgives her CuteStar !!!

      2. Riyashri

        Awww…………………..Rockstar cum Cute Star in Your Heart……… Thanq Stubbeen ……..And U r really A SweetStar to me……….Will be loving u forever Di !!
        That’s ok I can understand no need to be sorry and I wouldn’t take u wrong in any situation !!! Sorry for hurting u !! Hope My SweetStar forgives her CuteStar !!! Very Happy that My comment gave u this much happiness…….Love u Di!!

    2. Maahi

      honey forgiving uu aah fr wat dr I could forgive uu nly ven i am angry at uu naa but ur sooooo sweet lv uuu

  9. Maahi

    guys there r lot of mistakes in it I am srry fr tht I updated it late night sooo dont knw wat I hv scribbled hope u guys forgive me for this nd thnxxx to all fr ur sweet cmmnts lv u all

  10. Awesome maahi its too good and whenever you are free pls write an os its your fan’s request ??

    1. Maahi

      thnqqqq uuuu sooo much pinky dr fr finding it awesome nd yaar ur my fan haa I am glad but I consider u as my frnd wat uuu say ??? but dfntly if time permitts I vil cme back frall of uu dr thnx again

      1. Arey I already considered you as my friend so we are friends!!☺☺

    2. Maahi

      haha frnds dr first hifi of our frndsp common 1 2 3… here v go thnqq uu dr

  11. Vaishali

    Woooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!Love U Maahi Di This was too much awesome!Seriously loved it to core!Amazing OS yaar really superb yaar…narration s superrrbb just love u fr that mahi dii u r such a great writer dear the way u said was bey0ond awesome dii just loved it no wordfs to say only thousnds of hugs and kisses fr u dii

    1. Maahi

      wowwwwww vaishu thnx aa lotttttt fr the cute cmmnt glad tht u found it awesome nd yaar I am nt a great writer dr but still I am vry happy tht u liked ittt nd where is ur ff dr I am missing it lv uuuuuuu toooooo dr nd tonnes of hugs nd kisses fr uuu also

  12. Wow amazing hope something like this happens in real kkb.. Loved it to the core ? Each and every word was like etched.. Awesome ??????

    1. Maahi

      thnqqq uuu dr fr finding it awesome nd uu knw wat I love ur name its sooo sweet nd different nd cmng to real kkb dont knw ven it vil happen fingers crossed fr tht but thnx again fr ur amazing cmmnt

  13. Superbbb.. No words to say…

    1. Maahi

      thnqq uu nirmal fr finding it superb nd I am vry hppy fr the cmmnt

  14. Hai mahi this is pavi suga’s frnd thnks 4ur wishes on my brthday dr n to say abt the os its fantabulous dr i think tht i want to search wrds to describe it my dr frnd will u acpt me as ur frnd? N if u acpt me as ur frnd thn just give me ur fb id mine is pavithra aathis n prof pic is of tam actor vijay holding a guitar n mahi whr r u frm na dr?

    1. Maahi

      hiii pavi dr thnx a lott fr ur beautiful cmmnt nd ya dr frnds frm nw mine is lathika swamy nd if I find u frst I vil msg uuuu nd thnxx again fr ur cmnt nd I am fr AP CTR dr

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