Flames Of Youth (part 3) Ahaan and Vicky’s clash

Part 3


@Sain Marry College

Sanya and samantha are walking through the hall. Sanya is shown in a baby pink shimmery mini dress, with high heels, and clipped hairstyle.
While, Sam is shown in a sleeveless checkered red and black shirt, and ripped jeans, skates, and her blonde cut hair.

Samantha – San…what happened. These days u blush too much??

Sanya – cmon Sam , till today there is no boy in Saint marry campus who can make Sanya Dhawan blush.

Samantha – accha??

Sanya smirks.

Paras comes and scares Sanya. She screams!!!

Sanya – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paras laughs!!!

Sanya – Paras …huh..huh..ar…are u crazy??

Paras – saw madam?? There is people in saint marry , who can make u scared!!

Sanya – Just shut up..u piece of sh*t!!

Pars – Huh…(pouts)

Sudeenly they hear some noise…the rush out.

Ahaan is shown sitting in a chair blocking the gate of the versity. Aklima enters but is stopped by him. Ahaan is shown drunk. He is shown in a black sleeveles s vest, ripped jeans, pendant. Saihan nd Vicky also come from one side. Saihan are shown in black and white t shirts, and jeans. They also come And shock…SamParAnya also come. Meanwhile, Preeti and Anjali join the crown in curiosity. Preeti is hsown in a blue floorl engh dress, with small hoop earrings, braided hair, with 2 filcks, anjali is shown in a red loose tops, with a yellow dhuti pants, orange scarf. Akriti is shown in a orange salwar suit. Ahan is shown blocking her to a wall.

. Akriti – Ahaan right?…pls let me go

Ahaan – Sorry..if u wanna go, u need to kiss me!!!
(points to his cheek and bites his lip with a grin)

Saihaan and Vicky get raged…and fume.

Akriti – Look Mr. I will complain to the headmaster..the school doesn’t belong to ur father!

Ahaan –if I say it does, then???

Surekha enters from behind and puts her arms around him..she is shown in a black bikini top, denim coat, and shorts.

Surekha – if u want to take kiss from me, then ill give happily. !!

Ahaan moves away her hands and pulls Akriti on his lap…

Samantha mocks “shameless creature”!..Akriti starts to ask for ehlp. Student are shown enjoying the drama. Ahaan smirks.

Vicky holds Ahaan’s hand and gives him a tight slap!! . Ahaan shocks..Akriti stares…

Ahaan – U slapped me??? U …slapped ..me!!!

Vicky – yes I did…

Ahaan – (glares)…accha..ab dekh …!!!

Ahaan and Vikcy get into a physical fight..Vicky falls down. Ahaan goes to attack, but Akriti beats him with her bag.(laughs)

All look on and laugh badly…Vicky gets up and holds his collar…Akriti moves away. Ahaan goes to punch him, but sanya intervenes.

Sanya – Ahaan ruko…

Ahaan – (looks on )

Sanya – Whats ur prob!..why the hell are u doing this?? mufat ki gf hai to isse kyu parshan kar rahe ho..ma behen nahi hai kya jo isse taar rahe ho..!
*translation – if u have a gf for free, then why are u disturbing her. Don’t u have mother and sister.

Ahaan – Ma behen toh hai Sanya ji, isse to…,who, nok rani nahi hai..
*translation – I have mother and sister, Ms. Sanya. But I don’t have female maid…!!!
All laugh badly…Vicky gets enraged.

Vicky – u blo*dy!!!!

Sanya – vick, stop. Why are u engeging with this creep!

Ahaan looks on. He goes to kick Vicky, but in a tiff off, Akriti pushes Ahaan and Ahaan gets twirled with Sanya and both fall in the pool…

Aaa… Tu itni khoobsurat hai
Fida deedaar pe tere
Tu itni khoobsurat hai
Fida deedaar pe tere
Muqammal ishq ho mera
Zara sa pyaar toh de de
Falak kadamon pe aa jhuke
Haseen lamhaat woh de de
Tere sang bheeg jaaun main
Kabhi barsaat woh de de
Tere bina jeena pade Woh pal mujhe naa de

They share an eyelock..saihan gets worried…saihan and Paras get Sanya out of the pool, while Ahaan’s chums help him. Saihan gets a towel and wraps around Sanya….

ishq wala love short tune plays

..she coughs….Sanya is shown completely wet. Saihan brings her water ..she drinks..saihan stares at her…hasi ban gaye..plays..

Ha hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hai jaana tujhe
Teri or chalne lage
Har safar har jagah
Har kahi ban gaye
Maante te khuda, aur ha
Wahi ban gaye
Haan hasi baan gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere ishq ki ,sar zamii ban gaye
Ahaan stares at her hot wet legs, and exposed navel…and licks his lips..



Vicky is shown sitting there… Akriti comes..

Tooti charpai wohi
Thandi Purvai Rasta dekhe
Doodhon Ki Malaai Wohi
Mitti Ki Suraahi Rasta Dekhe
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Na dhoop chune na chhaon
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Kisi thor tike na paao
Ban liya apna paigambar
Tar liya tu saat samandar
Phir bhi sukha mann ke andar
Kyun reh gaya?
Naina nu pata hai, naina di khata hai
Saanu kis gal di phir mildi saaza hai
Neend udd jaave chain chad jaave
Ishq di fakeri jad lag jaave
O mast maula mast kalandar
Tu hawa ka ek bawandar
Bujh ke yoon andar hi andar
Kyun reh gaya?
Re kabira maan jaa, re fakira mann jaa
Aaja tujhko pukare teri parchaiyan
Re kabira maan jaa, re fakira mann jaa
Kaisa tu hai nirmohi kaisa harjaiyan
Re kabira re kabira re faqeera..

Akriti – Vicky…

– Vicky – Hmm…

– Akriti – Dhanyavaad…!!!

– Vicky – Hmm?

Vicky stands up. Akriti holds his hand in excitement..

– Akriti – u have saved my respect and dignity. I owe u.

– Vicky – Wlc…

– Akriti – No really…

– Vicky – Yeah actually..

Akriti realizes their hands and moves away. She shys and leave …smiling. Vicky feels awkward..

@Lawn Path

@Saint Marry campus.

Vicky and Paras are shown riding on Paras’s bike in campus…Paras sees a hot girl and whistles her, and the bike is about to fall…Vicky irritates and scares..Paras again waves at one girl..Vicky beats him.

– Paras – Kya hai be!!

Vicky – Idiot, yaeithwer ride the bike or see the girl..nonsense..!!

Paras –my eyes, my bike, why do u care!!!

– Vicky – actually, my bike is under servicing, or else I would never have rode on ur Phatichar (cheap) bike!

Paras- Excuse me, Mr.hearthrobe…Ducati Scrambler latest model. ok??

Vicky – yes yes ..even ur phone is iphone 7 + ..but even that must have been filled with world wild Pro**iu**s ..that to phatichar (cheap)

Paras – Huh..are who dekh Preeti .(hey see that’s Preeti)

Vicky – areh don’t talk about her. Everywhere, she is sfollwed by me!

Paras- Bhai..u r follwwed by her..ok?

Vicky – Oh that..slip of tounge…

Paras – by seeing Preeti , u only get slip of tounge, or slip of heart also??

Paras laughs and the bike has a narrow escape.!!

– Vicky – bro u ride the bike!

– Paras – Ok Ok fine!!

@ Gym
@Saint Marry

Gym is shown, with all equipments, heaters, acs, towels etc!!

Ahaan is shown having a heavy work ut. He pours his water bottle on himself, spiking his hair, rubbing his abbs..His well built body is shown. Sanya enters….she opens her ponytail and messes her brownish hair…Ahaan looks on..tu itni khoobsurat hai song plays…

Aaa… Tu itni khoobsurat hai
Fida deedaar pe tere
Tu itni khoobsurat hai
Fida deedaar pe tere
Muqammal ishq ho mera
Zara sa pyaar toh de de
Falak kadamon pe aa jhuke
Haseen lamhaat woh de de
Tere sang bheeg jaaun main
Kabhi barsaat woh de de
Tere bina jeena pade Woh pal mujhe naa de

Sanya’s eyes meets his. She notices him..he flaunts and rubs himself with a towel. Sanya is about to go..

Ahaan – Sanya !

Sanya – Me?

Ahaan – offcouse, well , no one is there except us!

Sanya – hmm….say

Ahaan – Ahaan Oberoi doesn’t talk with such a distance…

-Sanya –then don’t talk…

-Ahaan – so much attitude and arrogance !!….leave it.i was just saying that, when u fell in the pool today..then

He comes closer to her, and wraps one arm around her tiny waist ..she feels his breath on her…

-Ahaan – u were looking damn s*xy

Sanya glares at him. He grins..

Sanya – Whatever…

Ahaan –now I shall get a kiss, from the diva , in exchange of the compliment..

Sanya – one day ill deifintely kiss, but not u..( she says fingering his cheeks and then pushing off)….

– She pushes him and walks off….ahir looks on….

She passes through the pool….saihan comes out of the pool..
He comes off, and spikes his hair..takes a towel and dries himself, drippig wet..Sanya fancies…and smiles…he looks at her..she leaves.. ishq walal ove soft instrumental; plays//

Saihaan – Sanya..got a sec?

Sanya – Yeah …sai..haan..bolo

Saihaan – today when u fell in the pool……

Sanya rolls her eyes …*not again***

Saihan – I got really scared..

Sanya Looks on**

Saihan – u ..u r fine na..nothing happened na??

Sanya Nods in negative*…..*Saihaan Smiles*……..Sanya smirks////

Sanya – Saihan…well, u flirt round with girls easily ha…but in fornt of me u go mum??

Saihan – Sanya..even u show attitude in front of guys..then in front me, why get mum?

Sanya shys..saihan smiles. A piece of her hair flies in the air..he removes itfrom her face. She feels it and closes her eyes…

Saihan – Bye

Sanya – Bye!!

Both share an eye lock and leave..

@ Night

POV s are shown…

Vicky’s POV

– Preeti me who dam nahi hai…toh uspe kyu jae nazar..jab mere piche ladkiyan kam nahi hai…!

(Preeti doesn’t have that falir. Then why should I look at her, when I have a queue of girls behind me)

Preeti’s POV

– mere chehre me bura kya hai..thik thak toh hai..mai aur wasi..and the cinderella story…

(whats bad in my face. Im pretty enough. Me and wasi ..and the cindrella story!)

Charles’s POV

– Fairytales real life me hoti nahi. Perfect chemistry chemicals me hoti hai…couples me nahi..

(fairytales don’t happen in real life. Perfect chemistry is tehir in chemicals.. noti n couples)

Anjali’s POV

– erect wohi hota hai,..jo love care aur respect kare..bilkul ek prince charming ki tarah!

(the person who cares and respects like a prince charming, is the perfect)

Ahaan’s POV

– prince ak toh pata nahi..par is princess ko respect karni aati nahi..isse toh sabak mai sikhaunga..

(I don’t know about the prince. But this princess doent know to respect me. ill teach her a lesson)

Saihaan’s POV –

– kabhi kabhi ek smile his duniya badal deti hai..aur who smile uski hai…

(sometimes a smile is enough to change the world. And she’s got that smile.)

Paras’s POV

– ladkyion ki smile ki parwa karna mujhe nahi ata..kyunki kanjus ladkiya khilaune kharidne ke badle dil se khelti hai.

( I don’t care for girls’s smile. Coz miser girls don’t buy toya nad instead play with hearts)

Samantha’s POV

– ladke sensitive ho ya strong..mere strength ka koi match hi nahi…tabhi toh rang dekh ke aj tak koi ladka propose nahi kar paya…

( boys be sensitive or strong. No ones stronger than me. that’s why till now, no one could dare to propase me)

Sanya’s POV

– par woh ladki kya jisse koi proposal na mila ho…!!

(but what kind of girl is she who doesant get any proposal)

Akriti’s POV

– par proposal mile toh usse….!!

(But proposal should be from him)

End .

Precap – Sanya slaps Ahaan. Later, Charles insults Anjali. …later, Ahaan mixes a chemical in Sanya’s expermiment. …Later, A blast occurs…..screen goes black.

Pls share ur revies..

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  1. NaIrA_KhAn

    So would u like to see Vicky with Akriti….or Preeti….and who would u like opposite sanya? ? Saihaan or Ahaan.

    Though I will involve triangles …the couples for this season will soon be officials. So any suggestions pls ???

    1. Riana

      Ahaan will go awesome for Sanya…As he is Agreesive & both are hot…Plus bot has a tashan thats why SanAn ???

  2. Loved it dear……incredible update….I want Akriti with Vicky …. .& Santa with Aahan….do update soon….lots of love.

    1. NaIrA_KhAn

      Thnkyou niyati di…yeah will update soon..pls keep reading. ..????

  3. Mansi

    Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb update!!!!!!!!…..Loved it completely!!!!!!!!…..Precap is interesting….Update soon!!!…Want Akriti with Vicky!!!…

    1. NaIrA_KhAn

      Thanks mansi di ?? glad u liked it. Will update soon. Keep reading ??

  4. Jasminerahul

    Ahaan misbehaving with Akriti was shocking.But vicky rescuing her n fighting wth Ahaan was lovely.loved Sanya too talking against Ahaan 4 Akriti.Ahaan sanya twirling n falling into the pool with a romantic bgm was surprising.saihan taking care of sanya n IWL bgm was romantic.akriti holding vicky’s hand n thanking him was romantic.so sweet that vicky is thinkng of preeti though he s not really fond of her.ahaan sanya work out scene was passionate.shocking that ahaan behaved weirdly to sanya too.but he got nice from sanya.saihaan sanya hair scene was very romantic.i like IWL bgm being used 4 Saihan Sanya.The characters’ pov of luv in monologue form was nice.Will saihan turn +ve later?After seeing him as Purab I cant imagine him in -ve role.

    U have shown one person with many people.So i cant understand which pair will be the end game.
    I feel Sriti looks older than Parth.So not able to imagine Vicky opposite Akriti.So I prefer Preeti with Vicky though Sanya too suits him.After reading saihan Sanya scenes I prefer them as a jodi.now I feel Akriti will suit Paras as Sriti deserves a famous hero like shakti as her luv interest.Also height wise n look wise too they make a good pair.

    1. NaIrA_KhAn

      Thankyou jas di…??.well college is all about confusing crushes and triangles so I am spicing it . The jodis willbe changing throughout the seasons. Yeah Ahaan will become positive but he will have that bold and aggressive attitude coz that’s his character. Keep reading and stay tuned ??

  5. Riana

    Awesome episode ????

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      Thankyou di. pls keep reading??

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