Flames Of Youth (part 2)

Part 2
Hello friends, now the story shall progress. I don’t have any serial pairs, but I shall try new pairs soon. There is another character in fierce , he shall be revealed soon.
Epi kicks off as some days passes, the new admittees and the residents are now friends, but just friends, not that close.

@Saint mary ground

Chilling Vicky and Saihaan…..Vicky is sitting in a yellow Henley t shirt ,and white pants, blue premium watch..Saihan (zain imam) is in a denim hoodie and orange tee with white jeans…They are shown sitting by the border walls and gossiping.

Saihaan – Vicky,..keep your heartthrob attitude in control ok ?im so tired of this.

Vicky – saihan ..i might be the hearthrob, but all girls are always after you!

Saihaan – yes bro..thats my style, girls are after me from my birth. You know, even the nurse said I was
handsome, when I was born!!

Vicky – Hmkk style!..well, you don’t look bad either …

Saihaan – Bad?? I look better than you understand!!

Vicky – Oh really!!

Suddenly, Anjali enters in curly hair, sleeveless yellow tee shirt, rajasthani jeacket and dhutti, with jhumkas..she runs and nearl jumps into saihaan.

Anjali – Hi Saihaan!!

Saihaan – Umm..hi, do you know me??

Anjali – Areh! Who does not know you, u r the charmer of our college!

Saihaan – Aww! how sweet of you!!

Vicky looks on bored..Anjali looks at him.

Anjali – Umm..hi..and you are? .

Vicky gets shocked, while saihaan bursts into laughter! Vicky fumes at Saihaan and fakes smiles to Anjali.

Vicky – I am Vicky, Vicky Mehrotra

Anjali – Ooooommmmmgggg!!! Vicky, Vicky Mehrotra!

Both Vicky and Saihan look at the chirpy girl’s bubble!!

Anjali – The college’s heart thorb!!..Oh my mata!! I was dying to meet you from such a long
time!..oh god, you are so dashing !! will u be my friend?

Saihaan disappoints and sighs, while Vicky controls his laughter..\-

Vicky – Sure!…friends..btw you are??

Anjali – Im Anjali. Anjali Gadodiya. Not Rahul’s Anjali!

Vicky – Hi Anjali, u r really funny!

Anjali and Vicky are about to shake hands when Preeti enters in a pink top, ripped black leggings, and long earings, and a stylish watch.

..she bumps into Anjali, with her mango juice spilling on Vicky’s t shirt…

Vicky – what the F**k!!

Preeti – omg..Im so sorry!

Saihan shocks, while Anjali gets irritated and pushes away Peeti

Vicky – Pagal ho tum?? (are u crazy) cant you watch !

Preeti – im sorry Vicky, I did not do it deliberately

Vicky looks irritated!

Anjali – Vicky, u ok?? (gives Preeti glares)

Anjali starts wiping his shirt. Preeti looks uncomfortable. Vicky looks at her.…They have an eyelock…

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Preeti looks on in gloom, while Anjali touches him …Vicky looks on irrited…

Vicky – god! Now I have to change again. Pata nahi kaha kaha se aa jate hai! (god knows from whre
these idiots come from)

Vicky leaves angrily, while Anjali follows him…

Preeti looks sadly. Saihan feels bad for her.

Saihaan – Preeti, chill down. He is like that only. Don’t take tension. Pretty girls don’t look cute
while crying.

Preeti smiles.

Preeti – you know what saihaan, my fate is like that only. Whenever I try to do something good,
it backfires.

Saihaan – Its ok. You know what, u r vicky’s lucky charm.

Preeti – What ? how?

Saihan – Actually, Yellow doesn’t suit Vicky. (chuckles)

Preeti – Saihan..thanks..

Saihaan – huh?

Preeti – areh buddu! For lifting my mood!

Saihaan – Welcome gorgeous..

Preeti smiles.

@ Hallway!!

Sanya is shown in white ballet shoes, soft pink mini dress, brownish open hair, and bracelet, ear tops…she is shown waiting.
A random girl bumps into her..

Sanya – Hey , slow!!

Girl – Im so sorry ,Sanya!

Sanya – Its ok sweetie…!

Girl – so, whats up?

Sanya – im waiting for Sam. Did u see her anywhere?

Girl – yeah. I saw her at the gym

Sanya – what, she is working out?

Girl – yes, but whats new in that .??

Sanya – I have psychology class. And I wanted to grab an expresso!

Girl – Its ok, she will catch up. Now you should go, or else u will get late..

Sanya – yeah ok.

@ Canteen

Sanya takes the expresso from canteen man..and bumps into saihaan who spills the entire milk on the floor…Sanya gets irriated.

Saihaan – oh god!!! Im im so so sorry…

(saihan picks the cup)…oops

Sanya – Oh no!

Saihaan – Im really sorry…I was not careful at all

Sanya – No its ok…ill manage..

Saihaan -no I want to make up for it..

Sanya – No need. really its ok..

Saihaan – no no pls..i will feel gulity. Well I know there is not much time for pyschology class
and u are not carrying any purse . so, let me buy u an expresso..
Sanya – No, really..

Saihaan – ok then, but I will feel bad

Sanya – Ohk ok fine!

Saihaan – Thanks..

He takes the expresso and hands over and takes one too..

Sanya – Thanks a lot..

Saihaan – Welcome!well I guess we are not introduced yet!

Sanya – – Right….im Sanya , Sanya Dhawan!

Saihaan – Hmm..a gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl!

Sanya blushes.

Sanya – aww..thanx..rehan..!

She sips her expresso…while, saihaan chuckles. She looks confused and saihaan smiles

Saihaan – Saihaan actually!!

Sanya – Oh..sorry sorry sorry..(laughs shamefully)…actually I..saihan..sorry..(laughs)


Ha hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hai jaana tujhe
Teri or chalne lage
Har safar har jagah
Har kahi ban gaye
Maante te khuda, aur ha
Wahi ban gaye
Haan hasi baan gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere ishq ki ,sar zamii ban gaye

@Class room. A large and luxurios class room is shown.

Ahaan (vin rana) sits in a bench in a black tee and leather jacket, hoop earrings, stylish bands , and tattoos. waiting and spiking his hair..saihaan puts his bag behind him..

Saihaan – Hey bro..!

Ahaan – so whats up? You have forgotten me, haan???.

Saihaan – c’mon bro!

Sanya enters too. All are shown in uniforms. Boys are in white shirt, navy blue coats, navy blue tie, and khaki pants. While, girls are in white shirt, navy blue coat and tie, with khaki and white checkered mini skirts.
Vicky and sanya share a side hug while Preeti looks on. Ahaan sees Sanya and puts aside his bag (signaling sanya to sit beside him). And someone puts the bag beside him, and he smirks. He looks at her, realizing its Jitender a punjabi sikh nerd, skinny , who widely grins at him .Ahaan is grossed out, Sanya sits with Vicky. Samantha takes a sit, Paras enters and sits in front of Sam while,anjali sits with Preeti. Surekha (shirtama mukherjee) and Mahek (charlie chauhan) come in and sit in the back bench. A young and hot professor enters. (Mohammad nazim), Siddhant sir enters, leaving a quiet giggle in the girls..

Paras – good morning, beautiful!

Sanya – morning Paras!

Samantha – hi gadhe! (fool)

Paras – hey gadhi!…(fool)

Sam –if I slap u once, you will get out of the world!!

Paras – godzilla, problem is that I don’t beat girls. Or else, if I give a slap to u, where will u go?

Sam – shut up! Im not scared of boys !

Paras – how will u be scared of boys. Princi is himself scraed of u!

Sam beats him with a copy…

Charles (namish taneja )moves his specs. Anjali enters and bumps into him. He freaks out. Anjali fumes.

Anjali – Ankhen hai ya button!!

Charles – Excuse me what kind of language is that

Anjali – Mere maa ki bhasha hai. tumse matlab! (its my mothers language. Why do u care?)

Charles – Oh god bless me .!.


Paras – leave it charles. You cant handle her. After all she is a girl, not a computer .

Charles – Offcourse Paras, im not like u. these things suit on u only. You must’ve winked at the doctor, when you were born,

Paras fumes.

Paras – oh hello!

Charles – I don’t wanna argue.

Saumili irriates. Sir quiets the class..

Sanya – Vick…sir is so handsome nah!

Vikcy – even more than me? (pouts )

Sanya – Nope, less than you. (smirks )

Vicky pulls his colalr. Saihan sighs.

Saihaan – uhm uhm..whats going on?

Vicky – its nothing like u r thinking . we r juss friends…

Saihaan – I was not thinking anything by the way. ..

Zumana –exactly, im not the heartthrob’s queen.

Sir interrupts.

Siddant Sir.. – now, say who can describe love…surekha stand up!!

Surekha – sir, its Rimo…..

Siddhant Sir – ok ,surekha, start

Surekha irritates. She flips her hair.

Surekha – Love is romace, gifts, passion, kisses and ..

Siddhant Sir freaks out.. ****

Siddhant Sir – ok sit..anyone else,….??

Suddenly, Akriti ( sriti jha) stands up, and all glare grossly.. she is shown nsimple floral cotton salwar and two braided hair, with bold glasses with chain, no makeup.

Akriti – Sir, may I say?

siddhant sir – pls..Akriti say!

Akriti – dhanyavaad sir .

Siddhant sir smiles .

– Love is that, that is very beautiful. It can happen at the first sight.

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan

Preeti stares at Vicky…

Akriti continues – and not only with strangers. It can happen with friends too!

Sanya stares at Vicky.

Kadi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Saihaan and Ahaan looks at Sanya

It can happen with anyone’s qualities, and faults too.

Anjali and Charles glare at each other…

Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

All clap…and praise her..Akriti smiles…she looks at vicky. vicky ignores but smiles..Akriti stares and blushes..!!

Sanya and Samnatha arte shown arranging meals on trays.

Vicky and Paras are shown in a table..Paras winks at a girl. Girls shys

Vicky – Paras, when will u stop all these nonsense flirting??

Paras – wow bro, ladkiyan mujse baat karti hai toh teri bari fatti hai! ( u get pissed if girls talk to me)

Vicky – not at all, but u can have so many toys, why choose girl’s heart?

Paras – look, u know na I..

Vicky – I know yaar, but its past. And u stop all this, or else!

Paras – or else, or else what haa??

Samnatha– guys guys, kya hai??? Why are u guys always fighting?

Sanya – exactly!!

Paras – Godzilla,u wont understand . as bcoz it is same gender friends fight.

Samantha – what nonsense ! even me and Sanya are same gender friends!

Vicky– oh, sorry, I thought u both share a platonic relationship!

Samantha pisses off and beats them..

Vicky – I mean …

Samantha – look, I don’t wear skrits and don’t engage in flriting, that doesn’t mean im a boy.

Vicky – hmm..actually , Paras, the universal playboy doesn’t flirt with u, and u call urself a girl?

Samantha fumes, sanya giggles.

Paras jokes – vicky , kya tu bhi, how can I flirt with sam. Im not a gay !

Samantha – Paras!! Ill break ur head!

Paras – ill break yours!

Vicky –areh paras, sam’s head had a hole from the childhood..!

paras – oh yes, that’s why her brain must’ve slipped and fell out !

Sam pisses off and leaves..the trio hi 5…!


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      Thanks a lot for a wide comment ??..Well i will introduce triangle love stories as well. Glad that u liked the music and scenes. This season will have romance but mostly will be comedic. Yea also glad u liked charles anjali pair. Though I even have many other plans.. akriti s other part will be a surprise. Keep reading ????

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