Flames Of Youth (character sketch and part 1)

Flames of youth
Hello friends , im a silent reader of the forum. I love and have read all the articles, and they are lovely. So I thought to give it a try. Please comment if I should continue or not.
Story is set in backdrops of mumbai, a very popular and rich and expensive college, The Saint Mary College. Its is loosely based on the Kaise Yeh Yaariyan of MTV. The story focuses on the following characters.

Fierce Five
1. Vikrant Vicky/Vick Mehrotra (parth samthan) – the hearthrob of college. Very hot , handsome and very proud of it. He is the only son, of separated parents. Short tempered, and always there for his friends. He is a bit hesitant for the L word. Howvwer, he loves his friends and is the leader of the group “Fierce five”

2. Sanya Dhawan (tanya sharma) – The diva of college. Hot, pretty and vivacious. She loves her friends, but is not much friendly. Queen of french etiquettes, posh and liife of every party. She has a heart of gold. She is very close to her cousin Samantha, and also Vicky. She is a fashionista, and extremely sarcastic. She is one of the Fierce five. Deep inside, she is looking for fairytale love.

3. Paras Modi ( Shakti Arora) – the playboy of college. He as a dark past, due to which now he is playboy. Though e doesn’t seem to have a heart, he loves his friends to the moon and back. Always seen whith his tab, he is a notorious flirt. He is Vicky’s best friend. He is also very spontanous, fun and witty.

4. Samantha Dhawan (Krystle D’souza) – she is the tomboy. She is very pretty, but she would rather be seen in baggy pants, and sweats. No non sense, she is one of the guys. Sam loves her friends and cousin, and is extremely short tempered. She is not interested in love, and always ready to beat up the guys/
The new comers

5. Ahaan Oberoi (Vin Rana) – Ahaan is a hunk, hot and aggressive. Rough and tough, but he has a grteat bond with his half brother, Saihaan. He loves to man around, and is the boss of his group. He is the very stubborn bad boy, and disrespects girls. He is new admit to college.
6. Saihaan oberoi (zain Imam) – also a new admit. He is very loving, caring and sweet. A bit of a flirt, he is extremely good looking, and the prince charming type. He loves to play the guitar. E is also very friendly. He is very close to his brother Ahaan, though they are poles opposite.

7. Preeti murthi ( helly shah) – a very bubbly, and sweet girl. She ivery pretty, and a little short. She leaves by her ideals. She is an urban girl of tofoay and is very ambitious. Righteous, and friendly, preeti loves to sing too. Deep inside she is ahrdcore hopeless romantic. She is alos a new admit.

8. Anjali gadodia (drashti dhami) – she is a new admit. A very desi girl, rooted to her trations. Extremely, fun , comedic, witty, and lively, a country girl. She is very intelligent, but she hates science. She is also very friendly, filmy, and naughty.

9. Charles Kapoor (Namish Taneja) – he is a new admit. Charles is a very serious, quiet and mysteiopus boy. He is a tempered, an very intelligent. Extremely sharp, and clever, he is die hard lover of science and technology. For him, one who doesn’t know science, doesn’t exist.

10. Akriti Desai (sriti jha) – she basically a nerd. She is from a vbllage, in two braids.
Not into fashion, but very talented in studies. She is very sweet, docile and underatnding. She is also a romantic, and very shy. She is also conservativbe and rooted n her traditions.
The Mean girls

11. Surekha “rimo” bajpai (Shritama Mukherjee) – she is a resident. She ia mean girl, and a very spoilt heiress. She is known for wearing revealing clothes andf wooing boys. The playgirl, or toygirl of the college, she is the bringer of the oomph factor. She is best friends with Her friend Mahek.

12. Mahek Mohan (Charlie Chauhan) – she is theb ully of collge. Woith a little bit emo and pop look, she is bold, s*xy and conniving. She is one of the most rude and mean girls.
13. Shiva Rathi (lovey sasan) – she is mahek and surekha’s side kick. She is pretty, and a bit stupid. She is also conniving and hates the good girls.

part 1

Epi 1
The episode starts in the busy roads of Mumbai……a jeep is shown racing wildly, with loud music…the driver is shown in a red tee, black jacket, and brownish branded goggles, spiked hair….bombing to music….a girl is sitting beside him , in a navy blue floral mini dress, orange heels, and branded punk jewellery, with victorias secret goggles, straight layered hair, drinking a glss of iced cola, …behind, is shown sitting a boy in black jeans, printed tee, and navy jacket…plain goggles..playing a guitar…and singing.. And the last girl is shown jumping standing on the jeep, in denim shorts, blonde cut hair, a baggy tee shirt, and a pink coat, no glasses…the car moves away and disturbs all others…..all others get irritated..
A huge university is shown…..the car enters the campus, and all others stand far..moving away…..music blasts….Ude dil bekire plays…

The 4 get down…
Aadat se majboor plays
Bach ke zara zara, shaitaniyan meri, oh ladies, oh ladies
Kar ke zara zara bemaaniyan meri, oh ladies, oh ladies
Karoon seena zori seena zori, tumhe hona ho manzoor
Phir dil ki chori, dil ki chori hai mera kya kasoor
Kya karoon oh ladies

Oo kya karoon oh ladies main hoon aadat se majboor… (3)
Huzoor, huzoor main hoon aadat se majboor
Huzoor, huzoor main hoon aadat se majboor
Main hoon aadat se majboor, majboor…
Main hoon aadat se majboor

Paras (shakti arora) is shown skating on the hallways and dancing with girls..flirting around…
He is shown relaxing on a bench. A girl is sitting with him near the pool..
– Arshiya – Baby..these days u so ignoring me..i hate this..
– Paras – Ha…uhm..ha..im sorry babe…
– Arshiya – I understand janau.u must be guilty..
– Paras – (tries to silent the phone)..arshiya.can me …we meet later…?
– Arshiya – Why jaanu…>
– Paras – Arshi….

Another girl screamso nthe top of her voice….
– Nidhi – Paras!!!!
Paras gets shocked…

– Paras – Ha…oh shit.nidhhi!!!
– Nidhi – Paras..who is this girl..tell me ..understand?..paras .im asking something…baby!!…
– Arshiya- exactly paras..now I get it..this..thats why u asked me to go..ha..u blo*dy two timer…!
– Nidj – I hate u for this..wait..
Nidhi takes the juice bottle and is about to throw it on him, when she she falls over a leg…
Samantha (krystle d’souza) is shown..she twists her hand and nidhi falls in the water..
– Sam – Anything else?/ arshiya ??
– Arshiya- ..no
Arshiya leaves..

Paras – thnx sam…u always save me..ur just awesome..de taali…(high five)
Fab – taali teri maa…(high five my foot) what do u keep doing?
Prit – oh cmon, leave it.
They smirks and walk off…..
@Night…a mall is shown…
1 girl is shown shopping anfd trying out new outfits…..gulabi ankhein jo meri dekhi plays….

The girl’s got everything ! (x4)
I’ve got it all,
Jimmy Choo & Manolo, Prada, Galliano,
Cant get nuff, I want more and more…
Louis Vuitton & the Stella Mccartney, Donatella Versace,
I Use bag from GUCCI !!
Gulabi ankhein jo meri dekhi,
Diwana har dil hogya,
Sambhalo khud ko, zara becharo,
Ki jeena mushkil ho gya !!

The girl’s got everything ! (x4)
Mujhsi kahi, koi nahi,
Jo sab k khabo me hai, I’m the one !!
Duniya mere, piche chale,
Mai sabse age hu, I’m number one !!
I’ve got it all,
Jimmy Choo & Manolo, Prada, Galliano,
Cant get nuff, I want more and more…
Louis Vuitton & the Stella Mccartney, Donatella Versace,
I Use band the newest line from GUCCI !!

Gulabi ankhein jo meri dekhi,
Diwana har dil hogya,
Sambhalo khud ko, zara becharo,
Ki jeena mushkil ho gya !!
The girl’s got everything ! (x4)
Trending Ar

The girl finally come out, with men carrying 25 shpopping bags….a girl removes the goggles. A boy comes off a jeep ..Sanya runs to him and he moves her up in the air…
– Sanya – Aww..i mssed u so much..idiot. where were u?
– Vicky – No where…
– Sanya – huh?? I mean really…
– Vicky- I mean here only!
Sam and paras come.
sam– really guys, really, guys ,when you two will get girlfreind and boyfriend, then they will be surely irriated by your mushy attitude.
Vicky –sam..cmon..and yeah. Always remember one thing guys, everything comes after our firece !!
All – all for one, and one fall all.

They rejoice!!
Le compte à rebours de l’amour
dix, neuf, huit, sept, six,
cinq, quatre, trois, deux… un!
Ude dil Befikre
Ude dil Befikre
Angaaron mein nikhre
Ude dil befikre
Raat bhar jhoomenge

Aasmaan ghoomenge
Chaand ye choomenge
Taaron ke maarenge phere
Ude dil befikre
Ude dil befikre
Angaaron mein nikhre
Ude dil befikre

Pool party…
Speaker plays loudly….vicky stretches and comes out the pool…and lays on the bench… Samantha dances on the table, on a red and black casual swim suit…paras is shown half lying beside the sides, and sipping in wine..sanya comes out of the pool in a red gorgeous bikini and sits by him..he smirks. She flaunts herself..
dix, neuf, huit, sept, six,
cinq, quatre, trois, deux… un!

Dandana, jhanjhana, sansana jaaye saansein
Jagmaga jaayein aankhein milte-milte-milte hi
Dagmaga, khankhana, hadbada jaaye saansein
Tadpada jaayein baahein milte-milte-milte hi
Aag ke raile hain
Barf ke dhele hain
Baazi pe khele hain

Thode thode dil ke tukde
Ude dil befikre, ude dil befikre
Angaaron me nikhre, ude dil befikre

Band room..
The four are shown jamming…………….all click selfies…
Next day…

A girl comes of a car. She is shown in straight hair, leggings, long flowy top, minimal make up, and a hand bag…another girls comes from te same bus, in dhuti dress, a ripped tee, coatee, and curly hair in a pony…they bump into each other…
– Anjali (drashti dhami) Areh..dekhke nahi chal sakti kyaa…(cant u see? )
– Preeti (helly shah) Im sorry..are u ok?
– Anjali – Im always ok. And you are?
– Preeti – Im a new admittee.

– Anjali – Oh goody gooody..me too
– Preeti – So..friends..?
– Anjali – Friends toh mare already bahut hai..tum last wali ban sakti ho..ok?
– Preeti – Ohkk..
They laugh and walk on…
Parking is shown..vicky and paras are sitting in a red Ferrari. Ferrari comes to park..but it splashes water on anjali and preeti..paras laughs .girls are shown spluttered. Vcky comes out and helps preeti get up..preeti opens her eyes, goes to thank him, but he slips on her and falls roling on the ground…
Samjhawan plays
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
vicky gets up.preeti looks in his eyes, but cant see his face properly. she runs behind im asking his name, but he ignores and leaves..
@ Canteen
A huge wood decorated canteen is shown, with lots of lights, posh interior, and tables and chairs.

Sanya is shown a white lace crop top, red frilly skirt, open hairs with puff, red heels..sipping diet coke…Samantha comes in sits over in a blue tee, red jacket, and 3 quarter jeans..paras comes in a yellow sleeveless jacket, white tee, blue jeans..cool hairstyle and sits …vicky enters in a half black shirt, with 3 buttons open, ripped blue jeans, watch..and orders for a cola…all look on.
Vicky smirks. – kya huwa? Whats so hot? Ab itne bhi hot nahi hai hum..(now we are not that hot). Winks**.

Sam- hey..all mind your own business. (fumes*). Paras and Sanya smirk. The canteen manager comes.
– Vicky Sir, cola is finished..rishabh has already ordered..
– Vicky smirks – Accha..naye ho ap (so u r new here?)
– Manager- Yes sir..
– Vicky – Rishabh…
– rishabh– yes vicky, please take your cola..
– vicky laughs – Hmm..go!
Sam, paras and sanya do high five. Manager looks on nrvousloy..
– vicky – Is college me fierce 5 rule karte hai. (only fierce five rule here) Got it??
– Manager – Ji sir..
Manager leaves. vicky buttons up hi shirt and sips his cola. Fierce five smirk.

End of first part.

Guys please share your suggetions and should I continue? This ff will be based on thrill, love, comedy, friendship, and action also.

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