Episode 4

Sanskar after finishing his work in office he went to his home. He entered inside and saw kushi watching tv. He came to her and asked,”Kushi y u didn’t come to office??”

“No bhai i came.”

“What?? But y u didn’t meet me??”

“Bhai i don’t want to disturb u!”

“Disturb?? Idiot y u will disturb me?? And moreover i had only little work today.”

“Bhai ur employee only didn’t allow me and moreover he scolded me too.” kushi said with a sad pout.

“What??? Who scolded u?? Do u know him?? Tell me i will dismiss him.”

“No no bhai don’t do that.”

“Kushi i just asked u the name.”

“Vo vo bhai i don’t know.”

“Don’t lie kushi. If u didn’t say also i will find it. Camera’s are fixed so will find him easily.”

“Bhai vo i think it’s Arnav. Ya i heard like that only. But bhai pls don’t dismiss him at all. I am only wrong. Pls bhai.” kushi pleaded.

“Uff it’s Arnav then no worries. I thought it’s some other person and got angry. Arnav means i won’t say anything as i knew he will do only which is right. If arnav scolded u means then u might have done something wrong. What u did??” sanskar asked and kushi is shocked to see the change in sanskar.

“Bhai till now u were very angry but after hearing Arnav name u became normal?? and asking me what wrong i did??”

“Bcoz kushi arnav will be very correct and he won’t do any mistake so i concluded u did something.”

“Huh bhai i didn’t do anything. I was just talking with the employees. He came and shouted at everyone including me saying i am disturbing everyone’s work. How rude he is but very sweet.” kushi said and slightly blushed and sanskar understood it.

“Aww love is in the air itseems.”

“Bhai shut up. Yes i like him eventhough he knows i am ur sister he scolded me. He didn’t show fake respect like some people. He is very genuine but an angry bird.”

“Ahaan but he is very good. And he gets angry only when he finds something wrong. He won’t get angry unnecessarily.” sanskar said.

“Is it so?? Then i will come daily to office and will get to know how he is and i can assure he is my prince charming or not.”

“Ohho i thought u r joking but r u serious???”

“Yes bhai i am serious.” kushi said and sanskar started to shout,”Ma,dad come here i want to say something.” kushi is shocked and closed his mouth before he blurt out anything but ramta came there and asked them,”Whats going on here?? And sanskar y u called us???” ram asked and sanskar took kushi’s hand away from his mouth and told,”Dad ur princess found hee prince charming.” sanskar said and smiled seeing kushi. Ramta is shocked and saw kushi who is blushing and her cheek became crimson red. Sujatha went near her and cupped her face and asked,”Is sanskar saying the truth??”

“Mom i am not sure about it. I just like him ma.” kushi said and sujatha hugged her and said,”Kushi we already told u that u both are only going to chose ur life partner. So if u think he is good then we have no problem.” sujatha said and kushi hugged her and thanks her.

“Okie first tell us who is that lucky person??” ram asked.

“Dad it’s none other than our CEO Arnav gadodia.” sanskar said and ram became happy and said,”Wow even i was thinking to talk about arnav to kushi. Who won’t like him?? I am happy with this proposal. Sujatha see the good date and we will go and talk to them.”

“Dad no no wait wait. I am not confirmed yet. So let me confirm myself.”

“Ya dad kushi is right. Lets don’t involve in this till she makes sure her feelings. If she started to love him then we will talk with them.” sanskar said and ram nodded his head.

Next day swara got ready and went to her office early as she wanted to go to client office. Nikhil already came there and were discussing something with the manager and MD. Then swara entered inside the cabin and she too joined in discussion. Then after discussing everything everyone got ready to go to client office. Swara put the key in her scooty only to be stopped by nikhil who said,”Swara we all are going for same destination. So y don’t u join us??”

“No sir i am comfortable in my scooty.”

“Swara don’t hesitate just come and sit.” nikhil said and after much pressure swara agreed and went with him to the client office. After sometime they reached client office and swara got down and is shocked to find that their client is maheswari’s. She turned to nikhil and asked,”Sir are maheswari’s our client??”

“Yes swara. Any problem??”

“No sir!! No problem.” swara said and entered inside with nikhil,manager and MD of the company.

Inside the maheswari office. Arnav,sanskar and some more important staffs are sitting in the conference room with some other small companies were also sitting. At that time swara,nikhil,manager and MD entered inside. Seeing swara arnav is shocked. He tried to stand but swara immediately signed him not to come. He is confused as y swara is saying like that but neglected and decided to ask her afterwards. They came and settled in their place. Sanskar is looking down seeing the file. So he didn’t notice swara. As every companies came sanskar asked them to start. So sanskar’s pa switched off the light and asked them to start. Every companies started to give presentation. Then it’s swara’s turn. She came and gave the presentation. Arnav is surprised seeing his sister’s intelligence. Everyone completed their presentation and arnav verified their documents. Sanskar and arnav went to the adjacent cabin and discussed and came to the conference hall.

“Okie ladies and gentleman. We have seen many presentations and reports given by you all. After we went through everything we decided the company who is going to work with us. It’s…” sanskar said and left pause and continued,”It goes to SysTech company.” and swara,nikhil,manager and md are happy. They cogratulated swara. Then everyone went from there. Sanskar and arnav wished them.

“Okie u know all the terms and conditions right??” arnav asked.

“Yes mr.arnav we know the conditions. Our employees will now work in ur company till this project finishes and swara is the team leader of that project. Her team mates and she will come to ur company from tomorrow.” md said.

“Thank u mr.sharma. And well we hope ur team finish this project with good result.”

“Ya sure. We won’t disappoint u.” md said and everyone left their place. Sanskar didn’t see swara he just went to his cabin. After reaching cabin he smirked and took his mobile and kissed it.

“Swara i made u to come here and now u will be near me and i will get u by hook or cook.” he said seeing the mobile and again he kissed his mobile as he kept swara’s pic as his wallpaper.

In the evening Arnav came to his home and saw swara with aashna. He went to them and took aashna in his hands and kissed her forehead and asked swara,”Swara where is ma??”

“She went outside bhai.”

“Oh okie. Swara i will freshen up and will come. Get me a coffee and also want to talk with u.”

“Okie bhai. I know what u want to talk. Even i am waiting to explain u.” swara said and went to put coffee. Arnav went to freshen up.

Swara went Inside the kitchen and startes to put coffee. After sometime arnav came there and took aashna with him and went and sat in the sofa. Swara came there with coffee. Then she took aashna and put her in the cradle and settled in the sofa.

“Bhai u want to ask y i asked u not to talk with me right??”

“Yes swara y u said that??”

“Bhai i came there to represent my company. They doesn’t know u r my brother. If they know then they will think i got the project bcoz of u which i don’t like. So still the project finishes i don’t want anyone to know that u r my bhai. Pls.” swara said and arnav saw her with wonder as she is speaking very maturely. He have just known the immature swara. Now seeing her with this much maturity is making him to wonder.

“Bhai y r u seeing me like this???”

“Swara i thought u r still immature but u made me surprise. U have grown up a lot.”

“Bhai situation changes everyone. Thats it.”

“Okie okie i won’t say to anyone that u r my sister okie.”

“Thank u bhai.” swara said and turned and saw shomi standing near the door. She smiled seeing shomi but shomi didn’t see her and come to Arnav and started to talk with him. Swara is hurt but kept it aside and went to her room without knowing her life is going to change from tomorrow.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

What plan does sanskar have?? How sanskar know swara??
Keep thinking?


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