chapter 3
harshad face brightens when he saw the girl. yes guys as u guessed it s ishani comes and gets the blessings of baa and elders.chirag and ranveer are mesmerized by ishanis beauty.ranveer tries to talk with ishani but he could not.also chirag tries but in vain. it is night now . ranveer approaches ishanis room but baa stops him
baa-where r u going?
ranveer-to meet ishani
baa-wat?????????know yr limits ranveer.get away….
[ranveer silently moves from the place.he is sad that ishani forgot everything.ranveer drinks wine and sleeps outside the house]
[ its morning now.ranveer goes home and finds that his parents wearing new and costly clothes.ranveer investigates about it to his papa]
ranveer-papa, wats this??????
kailash-an angel came to our house yesterday night.
[kailash thinks that night.]
kailash-yahhhhhhh.ishani came yesterday night secretly and gave so many gifts and also enquired about u?but u were not here.
ishani-hello uncle,how r u ????? i missed yr advice and love these many years and also ranveers friendship.u r also like a father to me……baa was stubborn that i have to maintain parekh family i could not speak to u all…..these many years.kindly forgive me….
kailash-dont worry,dear.u r gods gift to this family.
ishani -where is my best friend ranveer????????
kailash –dont know!!!!!!!wait for some time. he will!!!i m leaving . if baa knows this she will end us……..ask him to meet me tomorrow……..bye uncle………
[ishani leaves the place.the flashback has come to an end]
ranveer shouts ishanis name and runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……

to be continued

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  1. Harisha

    Superb veronika

  2. Nandana ( a big fan of shakti arora )

    Nice episode if u can plz make ranveer rich and teach a lesson to baa and I can’t see ranveer like this if u can only and I am waiting for next episode

  3. Nice Dr loved it soo much

  4. Dude pls make Ranveer & Ishani together

  5. Its nice Veronica I love it?

  6. Julina

    So sry for late cmnt….. And I loved ur epi very much…. And make it little longer epi… It will be better… Otherwise Suuuuperb job

    1. I m an mbbs student. So i wont have enough time.but i wont let my passion to get wasted.tanq for yr advice

    2. Veronika

      I m an mbbs student.dont have time.sry.but i will try to change tanq for yr precious words

      1. Julina

        Ohhh. .. I can understand ur pain…. coz I’m also dental student…. sure… its ur wish…. don’t spoil ur studies…. only if u hav time post long epi dr……??

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