chapter 2:
[ranveer returns home .he informs that ishani did not come.harshad worries.] harshad:ishani cant do this .tomorrow is our wedding could she miss it.
falguni:now ishani is not only our child.she has her own duties to be fulfilled
harshad:yaaaaa.i forgot it.let her finish off her her duty first.

[ranveer feels sorry for the entire family but angry with ishani for not informing them] [the next day the entire house is decorated like a palace.baa rules the place.she asks everyone to work hard. as usual ranveer is engaged in hos work.guests arrive.the mehras come inside the place .chirag tries to impress disha.ranveer comes in between] baa:be like a worker.not like an employer

[ranveer obeys .he stands at the back of the house.the function is at its full swing.suddenly deewani mastani song starts to play.a girl whose face is covered with aveil starts to dance.everyone admires her dance.but all r in confusion who is she] baa: harshad ,who is this, did u arrange this
harshad:no maaa
[the song ends .ranveer to get confused, everyone look at the strange girl.suddenly airrrr blowsss……….the veil fallsssssss]

to be continued…………………….

any guesses guys about the girl…….let me know.
plz provide yr review .stay tuned

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  1. Harisha

    Nice episode sis

  2. Harisha

    The girl is surely going to be ishaani

  3. It Is ishani and i loved it so much

  4. Julina

    I loved it… sure it must be ishaani….post next soon

    1. Veronika

      thank u julina for yr constant support

  5. Very nice episode Veronika the girl must be Ishani?

  6. Nandana (a big fan of SHAKTI ARORA)

    nice episode and i hate baa in this because i dont like ppl who oders or scolds ranveer and to be frank plz change the position of ranveer if u can if u cant no problem
    i like the ff and i am waiting for the next episode

    1. Veronika

      thank u nandana for yr review but be patient always truth and good wins

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