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So,my exams are over and i m back…

.thanx dears for ur wishes . Last time i posted teaser of my new story and i will continue it soon. So which jodi u want in that ff,depends upon u guys. Coz i like both the jodi’s,but kanchi little bit drop ur comments.remember,majority wins.
And now in this one shot,i m not mentioning name of male lead,so u can imagine veer or kabir as per ur choice. sanchi is female lead ofcourse.dont expect any romance scene from me ,i m very very very bad at writing intimacy scenes.but u guys will enjoy this one.

**First Night!!!!Really???*
“Finally they got married” his mom sighed in relief.. ??.
She was so happy today!!!

“Mom, this marriage will not work” said annoyed sanchi holding glass of milk. ”
“It will work obviously” said mom.
Well they hated each other, but his mom made their knots tied together. So let us see what happens…

Mom left to her room.

Sanchi entered the room with milk in her hands and latched the door behind her.
Her eyes searched for him, but he was not there,.

“Thank god” she sighed!
And kept the milk glass on table.
But her happiness vanished soon, as he came out of bathroom.
She made a weired face.???
He came near her and pulled her toward himself thus causing her to collapse on his chest ???
“So finally, i got offiial licence to torture uh” he said with winky smirk ? ? ?.
She did nothing but stamped his foot hard with her sandle.. ??
“Ouchhh, u donkey face” he barked at her.
“Lol, its for u “came her reply..
“I dont know, why my mum selected u. I really pity on my moms choice. ? ? ” he provoked her.
” hey u, i m atleast presentable. Look at urself, dont u look like rotten tomato” she run to washroom saying this.
“Kamini, ruk ja. ” he yelled from behind.
Sanchi dolled herself in beauriful white saree with red border.
After 5 min she came out of washroom.
He was waiting her outside.
As soon as she came out he jerked her hand and uttered,
“How dare u call me tomato?? ” he said pinning her to the wall.
“So what to say?? I mean look at ur ugly en emotionless face???” she replied thus causing him to look at himself in a mirror.

“Shut up” he was annoyed ? ?.
“Ohkk, sweetheart !! U r handsome!! ” she said laughing like maniac??.
He was highly pissed off with her behviour now. He just pick up the glass of milk kept on table and throw it on her..
Sanchi was not able to understand what just happened!! Her creamy skin was completly drenched in a milk so as her saari,

She ran out of the room quickly!!!
“Uffff, finally she is out of my room, idiot bimbo”

He almost did victory dance ? ?
? .
He then goes to washroom again amd freshen up himself!!
He came out of washroom ?, whistling in happy tone, but gulped his saliva seeing sight infront of him.

Sanchi was standing there with his mom. And his mum ‘s face cleared shown her ? anger!!
“What the hell is this beta?? I mean she is ur wife for god sake, how can u throw milk on her dress” his mom questioned..
“Mom, she started it all” he defended himself. “And u cant live with her or tolerate her! ” he declared.

“Mom,same here” sanchi replied!
Mom tried her best to make them understand, but no use. They were too stubborn to listen.
“Ok, agar tum dono ne decide kar hi lia he, to then my dear son, out of my house and business right now!! And doctor sanchi u, out of my hospital Tommorow!!! ” mom blasted a ? ? ?.
He quickly pulled sanchi toward himself and hold her by waist.. Sanchi to anticipated this and hugged him from side. ????.

“What is this mom,?? U should give privacy to ur newly married son and daughter in law!! And here u are disturbing us!!! ” he said.
“Yes mom, we want to spend some quality time with each other, can u pls leave us alone” asked sanchi with sweetest smile ? ? ever.

“Good” mom left the room leaving them there.
Sanchi walked upto the bed and was about to throw herself on a bed
He started giving her his cold and deadly ☠ glare ????..
“Glare me and u will be killed” said sanchi.
“Touch my bed and u will be pregnant” came his reply..
Sanchi’ eyes ? popped out from their socket listning this.

She ran out of the room as fast as she could.
He too sensed the upcoming storm and ran behind her..
Sanchi reached at moms room and knocked the ?. He too reached there. He was about to drag her with himself, but his mom opened the door..
“What now???” His mom was highly frustated now.

He quickly hugged his mom. And said
“Nothing mom, we just want to wish u good night ? ? ? ” he tried his best.
“Mom, he is annoying ? me!!can i sleep with u here in ur room! ” sanchi asked.
“Why, wht he did?? ” mom asked.
“He said that if i touched his bed, he will make me pregnant” said sanchi.
Mom coughed on this while he facepalmed himself..

“What is this beta?? ” mom asked him.
“Mom, first she said that she will kill me if glared her. ” he agin defended himself.
“STOP It!! This is ur first night guys, seriously. ” she was highly pissed off now. “Ans sanchi, dont worry he cant to anything like that” she said.

He looked at his mom in shocking expression ???.
“I mean he can, but he won’t ” she cleared and he let out sigh of releif..
They went back ? to their room and there cat fight continued like this!!!!!!
So, this was end of os. Pls do like it and share ur views with me. Till then bye. Tc. ????

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  1. Superb yaar …….I think they are kanchi…….in logo ko fighting is amazing yaar……I love it so so much

    1. Shivaniiii

      Thank u dear anu, i m so happy seeing ur comment ??????

  2. ofcourse imagining kabir

    1. and ha a sweet sa smile appears on reading their nok jhoks
      superb dear
      and for ur next story
      i would like kanchi

      1. Shivaniiii

        Thanx swetha. I m happy that it made u smil???

  3. Niyaaa

    Hi shivanii welcome back.. we miss u dear…Yaar tum kya cheez ho kamaal dhMaal bemishaal kya first night thi kusum aunty ki band baj gayi(obvious m kanchi ko imagine krungi??) nd last partwali line padh k-I mean he can, but he won’t ” she cleared and he let out sigh of releif..mera reaction?????? loved it nd plzzz complete ur previous os tipsy cofession nd ur ff … n i choose kanchi ever.. bye Lovvv u tc

  4. Neha7873

    A real blast wala episode !!! Just hilarious and awesome …loved the milk scene …

  5. Dhruti

    superb tha meri hasi rook hi nahi rahi thi…….dear my ans is kanchi…………………post soon……….

  6. Riyarocks

    Shivani dear……..welcome back……..omg……my stomach is paining till now by laughing so much……..what an episode yaar………too good………I just loved it……..ek dum khidkitod mindblowing kamaal dhamaal bemisaal OS tha……obvio…kanchi ko hi imagine kar rahi thi……..bichari kusum aunty……..dono ke beech pis rahi thi…….haha………lovely yaar……..aise hi kuch aur amazing os……plz…………luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeee…………gud nt…………..

  7. Priyanshipp

    OMG koi mujhe pet dard ki dawa do yaar. ????????????????????????? kya zhakaas os tha. I mean ye sanveer or kaanchi dono ko pasand aayega. I’m kaanchi diehard fan so ofcorse I imagined kabir. Nd I want kabir in ur ff. Yaar sachi ye first night !! Really ??????. U nailed it dear. Luv u dear. Post soon.

  8. Mstt…..n ff m lead kabir ko hi lena

  9. This is so cute yaar….I want kanchi pair…

  10. Amazing

  11. RuCh23

    Welcome back Shivani ??? and dear this is an awesome os ??? loved it. And kanchi pairing will be the best ???

  12. Wow yaar….kiti solid os lihila aahe tu!!! Maast khup majja Ali….me tar pot dharoon dharoon hasat hote ! Kadhi yenar aahe tu parat? Tula khup miss karat aahe….lavkar ye ani tujhe articles complete kar….exams saathi all the best…bye…tc..

  13. Abhilasha

    Hilarious……???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????……only kanchi can have such first night coz its u here ….superbbb…loved it!!

  14. Welcome back dear….I want Kanchi in ur ff as u know Niyu is die-heart fan of Kanchi… This is just amazing Os dear……loved it….you are smart girl….don’t write Male lead name but I always imagine Kanchi ……lots of love to u.All the best for ur exams.

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