“THE FIRST MEET” os ”ek duje ke vaaste”


Aslam-o-alaikum everyone its rida,very new to this site so ammm
i,m bit confuse about how this work:-/ anyways its my first attempt to write fanfic or i say one shot,hope u all will like it *fingers crossed*.
As its my first attempt pardon me for all kind of mistakes..

“The first meet”

There is love hidden in hatered,smile hidden in anger,care hidden in curelty,there is alot hidden in those deep brown eyes of stranger.
As i moved from his eyes to lips that are few inches away from mine it seems that they have not smiled for years,but perhaps they are the cutest i have ever seen,as i finished adoring his lips i felt the pumping organ under my hand oh! Its his heart that is pumping with weird rate, then i sense a grip of his hard hands on my waist that make me realize my position.
I quickly got up from the support of his hands as they were holding me he also straighten and put a hand in pocket of his pants ahh! His back must be aching, u r stupid sumo how can u just get lost in the eyes of stranger like u hv got whole world in them and make him stand in such awkward position resting urself in his arms.i closed my eyes and shook my head in disbelief, again i looked at him who is busy now searching for someone in the huge crowd of party. I must say he is damn handsome,his hair are perfect and suits him with his light beard, so does his black blazer enhance his charm.. But who is he? I hv never seen him before nor in school days neither in any reunioin party before this.
“i,m soo sorry i was busy in my phone and collide with u.my mistake!” i said and he shifted his gaze towards me.he smiled like a gentleman ”its ok i was also lost somewhere……..” and here comes the pushkar with his cute childish tone ”hey sumo wrestler whatsup” and when he smiles he is the cutest person exist in earth he hugged me and i reciprocate ”pushkar! Where were u?” he broke the hug and stands with open arms ”just here ma,m” he is crazy as i said full of fun guy. I steal the glance of other guy with whom i collide who is looking at pushkar with joyfull smile.
“bhaiya! Where did u vanished at entrance i was looking for u” pushkar asked him with much innocence.
Bhaiya? Shravan! Is he shravan about whom i always hear from nanu and pushkar i never thought i will meet him like that i hv never seen him just heard about him. After mama papa,s accident when i came to live with nanu then only i came to know about malhothras and hv never met with shravan as he was in lodon for quite long period,and is back now.
“actually i got a call so” he replied.
“ok! Sumo he is my bhaiya.shravan malhothra” push introduced him and place his hands on his shoulders. And continued ”u know him right?” he winked and i glare at him ”and bhaiya she is bhabi” hell! Did he just called me bhabi infront of him,pushkaarrr i wont leave u alive i know he keep calling me that as nanu and ramnath uncle share a good bond,i mean uncle respect nanu alot as a teacher and that has created a good relation between two families so he tease me calling bhabi and i never pay a heed coz we r good friends,from school pushkar and me are buddies but how he dare to call me bhabi infront of shravan..
“what?” shravan said with his bold voice and freed himself from pushkar.
“aa….a…i mean sumo..suman tiwari,nanu’s granddaughter” pushkar told on the point.
I pressed my lips to prevent my laughter seeing pushkar,s puppy face.
“hey pushkar” someone called him.
“okay guyz u carry on i,ll see u” he went and left an awkward silence between us.
“come i,ll show u our school,this party is total bor” i moved out of the party and he followed with casual smile. actually party was good but i wanted some time with him alone free from that noise.We walked through every corner of school talking about many things but he is quite different from his brother pushkar, he has reserved personality,a mature one,stiff one.
At last we reached at terrace and stood infront of railing as i place my hands on it he sat on it facing me,there were cool breeze,dazzling moon,bright stars and we two only. I looked down and caught a sight of beautiful garden and he moved his eyes up to fill the shine of stars in them.
Suddenly something poped up in my mind and i broke the silence ”do u hv gf?”
he looked at me with strained eyes and said with smirk ”gf! I dont hv any.girls are not meant to be trusted”
what had make him to belive like that? I wonder.. ”girls! Like it is for every girl on earth? But may i know why u think like that did ur ex cheated on u?”
”when one is betrayed by own mother what one can expect from others” he turned his face towards other side.
Now i got, the broken relation of his parents has made him like that.That hatered,anger,curelty was for nirmila aunty.
But i dont think she deserves this. she loves him, she always ask about him and try to get a bit knowledge about him that she can get from nanu.and its only ramnath uncle who is responsible for all this.
I should not bring that topic in first meet..but.ammmm ok let me try.
“i dont think any mother can cheat her child”
”my mother is unique” he laughed sarcastically
”she loves u” i said and he turned towards me his eyes showed a pain but soon anger cover up that pain
” if she had loved me,she would not hv left me like that.she only love her aims and freedom” he said
”shravan! U hv only saw the part of story that was shown to u… There is lot that u dont know”
”and what is that?” he asked genuinely but i dont think he can hear that bitter truth.
“thats ur work shravan,u hv to find out, ur parents might hv failed as husband and wife, thats different matter! But as a parents, hv u ever gave a chance to ur mother to speak u? to love u? U hv always heard ur father just for a once try to hear ur mother.. Its ur work to set that broken relation of ur parents mr,malhothra.. Atleast ur parents are around u. Not like me who is craving for their love, for their glimpse.anyway its ur life” i turned to go but he holded my hand and pulled me with all force that made me strike with his chest ”i want to unite them and for that its u whom i want”
”but u said girls are not meant to be trusted” i pout
”u r different” he said and place his lips on mine…..

It was not the end but the begining of our story..
so here it ends ik my grammar is pathetic and litreature is not my thing.so criticism is welcome plz let me know how was this.

Thanku all for reading my crap.

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  1. Ufaaq

    Hats off to u for calling ur os crap
    Wrong u did it wrong
    Don’t u dare to say ur writings crap
    Its just ammmmmmmaaaaaazzzzzzziiiiiiiinnnnnnng
    Fingwrs crossed hahahaha
    Nice one
    Looking for the forward storiea
    Btw i m ufaaq
    U may not know me i guess
    Anyqay welcome to the family
    Stay blessed
    Take care

    1. _Rida

      Oh girl uk u r really amiable.and i,m glad u find this crap amazing.
      Thanku for ur reviews
      take care!

      ps:ufaq!! nice name 🙂

      1. Ufaaq

        U r the only one who said is nice
        Otherwise everybody says its strange hahaha

      2. _Rida

        Strange things are always nice;)

  2. Diya

    Welcome to the family !!! Truly awesome story !! Loved it very much !!

    1. _Rida

      Glad! That u like it and thanku for such a warm welcome.

      Take care

  3. Its awsm

  4. Nazia

    Walaikum- Assalam rida.. This was tooooooo awesummmmm!!! 1st try… I don’t believe it.. 😛 And I didn’t think that ur literature and grammar r poor. I didn’t get any such mistake..
    At the 1st meet, sumo fell for shravan.. And bhabi!!! So cute pushu!!
    And tnk god here sumo left the work to find out the truth for shravan.. Now both will unite while finding the truth.. And in the terrace at the 1st meet they shared a kiss…!! So romantic, so cute, so amazing!! Um damnly waiting for the nxt one rida!! And of course, welcum to the family..
    And sry for the long comment.. Actually habit u know.. 😉
    Post the nxt part ASAP

    1. _Rida

      Lol my litreature is horrible but glad that i did not revealed it in my this article.
      And thanku sooo much for ur sugary words…

      Take care!

  5. hey rida this os is just mind blowing.
    too good yaar. in your first attempt you describe it just amazingly. I just love the os.
    hope I will see you next time also.
    keep writing..
    lots of love.

    1. _Rida

      Thanku for such sugary appreciation girl!
      And InshaAllah i,ll write more for u all if i can.

      Take care.

  6. WeirdSister

    Hey rida…
    U have got a unique name…I must tell…
    It was not bad man…
    I loved it…
    Well written…
    Welcome to the family…
    Plz keep writing….!!!
    P.S – u can call me WS or niyati ( both r my pen names…so whatever u wish…)
    Love u loads..
    Take care..

    1. _Rida

      Is it unique? Well that is my pen name so its ok if it sounds different.
      glad u like it.
      And ws is cool so i,ll call u that.

      Take care!

  7. Beas

    Welcome dear . Plz don’t say it boring cause its a masterpiece. Really well done. Come up with more articles like this. Loads of love ❤ ??

    1. _Rida

      Ahhh girl u r sweet like too sweet.. Thanku so much and InshaAllah i,ll write more.

      Take care!

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Wa alaikum assalaam Rida !!!!!! By which angle u thought this is a ‘Crap’ … like seriously ??? Well !!!!! If this is a crap then I hvn’t read such kind of awesome crap before .. hahaha ..
    Anyways !!! It was just mind blowing .. love it .
    Do write more ..
    Loads of love ..
    Take care ..

    1. _Rida

      Thanku girl for ur sugary words and calling my crap amazing.
      InshaAllah i,ll write more.

      Take care!

  9. Superb!

  10. Ariana

    Late me ???
    but hiiii Rida. Oh sry 1stly Wallaikum asalaam
    so welcome to TU family
    I’m Ariana (Aru) or easily distinguished as the late commentor
    jk jk
    but dude ur jokes r pathetic- SERIOUSLY? U called it a crap? it was superb!!!! Fantastic girl u rocked it. I loved how u explained bits of their movements than just telling their positions.
    Ur writing style is great n highly appreciating
    pls make more shots
    n don’t call ur shots bad coz those r simply awesome
    nd if u ever feel sad abt ur lit skills just recall my name. I’m here, the worst of the crappiest writers
    so take a chill pill (i exist!)
    take care
    stay blessed
    loads of love honey

    1. _Rida

      Oh aru! Cute name by the way and u r really cute..

      Thanku for all the sugary appreciation of urs,but i can bet u cant be worst than me;) ur writings must be far better than mine..

      InshaAllah i,ll write more when i get some time.

      Thanku for reveiws..

      Take care!

  11. Marie

    Heyoooo rica walaikum assalaam ok so first of all ton I don’t know ant to call u api or just road bcz idk ur age??? well m 15 u can tell ek if u don’t mine m maria umm maybe u know me maybe not I am also a member of this family ohh sorry sorry from now on ur family! Welcome dear!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Ok now come to this OS omg fantastically written n Han what did u say ? Crap?? Are u ok ?????? I guess not n salute hai that u called this amazing is a crap u Wong believe that I read this 5 times!!??????now u can guess how much i loved it now yeah looking forward to many more amazing OS of urs!???☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ N yeah don’t u dare Calle ji said a crap or any other Pagal word!!
    I really like ur name!!!

    1. _Rida

      Lol! Its ok call me rida i,m not that old to be called api rida/ridz will work.
      And thanku so much for such a warm welcome u guyz are truly amazing glad u like this crap..

      InshaAllah i,ll write more…

      Take care!

  12. Very nice

  13. Rukhsar

    Its mindblowing dear, fantastic…..i mean i can’t believe that its ur first attempt it was soooo good i enjoyed it alot it was sooo sweet and lovely ❤❤❤❤❤???????

    1. _Rida

      Oh! Thanku dea!

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