First love (yhm, matsh, ipkknd, kkb, swaragini) episode 17

Hi guys how r u so here comes the most awaiting ff (i think so as i made u wait more than 5 months)…
Without wasting time lets go into the story….
The naughty sun rays peeps into the rooms to disturb our cutie girls…to him, he also got help of our handsome bro of the our girls aakash to irritated them more…..
Akki-ishu,kushi,prags get up yaar.its time to clg.. get up darls…
Kupraishu(pragya,ishu,kushi)-2 mins more plase bhai…..we r so tired
Akki-no ra get up,its time to clg..get up
Kupraishu- 5 mins pls…
Akki got an idea how to get up….
He took his phne & started to talk..
Akki-hello ishani di,how r u?……..actually i cal u because we planned to go out next week na,no need di,we r not coming…(he is enjoying the chaning reaction his sis)wht happen mean ,after picnic these three r so tired & not yet got up from bed nly…if u go out nxt week ,sme happens on Monday better we cancel th…..
No………….we woke up don,t cancel the program…..all said at once

Here akki not able to control the laugh & laughs loudly…
Then only they got to know that its all a plan of his naughty bro to wake them….
All at once glared him & started to run all over the house trowing whatever they got in hand lik pillows,soft toys….
Atlast all got tried & sat on sofa & burst into laugh….
But it no longer remain untill their mom came gave good scolding for making house like a hell..
All quitely goes to their rooms & got ready to the clg
All assembled at dinning and ate the breakfast with lots of chit chat ,quarelling,complaining etc….
All goes to clg biding bye to their parents

Scence shifts to ……
Three boys are getting ready to clg who are fighting for mirrior…show offing how handsome they r ,etc…
In d same home screen shifts t
A girl who wearing a white jeans with sky blue top with little design with simple accesories .
(i think she irritated with something)..
Oh gosh,again started fighting aa…kids r better than this..said the girl..
She rushes into the room with full anger & says
Bro’s, is it house or fishmarket always fighting with eachother & making the house like a hell.& continues her scoldings..
Here these boys became kiddos in front of her & just kept their heads down with a pout..
(aww,so cute…..)
Sorry shagun darling…..said the boys.
The boys r rarnabhi(arnav, abhi,raman)..
By seeing them like that shagun bursted into laugh & sme goes with rarnabhi…..
All got ready and breakfast & goes to clg..

Screen shift to clg
Again same happen with abhi(i think u remember this)
Abhi-Crossing the road is big headache …aww shagun gave me punishment for morning doing..hmmm
Suddenly he heard a girls laugh who waers sky blue top& jeans….
He saw her & smiles sheepishly…
The girl came near him& holds his hand made him to cross the road…
Abhi-thnk u prags…
Prags- no thnks between frnds..
Abhi smiles…..
All others to gather there & had some chit chat for sometime, left to their clsses…..

Precap- raman holds ishu by her waist .something fall on them…..

thnk u regular reader silent reader for taking time for reading this & waiting for this many days,
sorry ranveer, swasan wlove story & scences will be in this ff frm next week…
yaarti will seen in guest role position….
sry for that dr… another ff love has no limitation & condition. im cutting some character as i feel that i can’t give that much importance & main reason is that forgot story what i thought for some of themm
in that ff only abigya & arshi r only couple there, remaining all i cancelled…from first im write the ff with some changes …sry for the inconvience dr…..
i replied to all comments …
please comment abt the episode…
both positive & negative comments r accepted dr…
but please comment..its very necessary for me to continue my writng,,,
love u all
c u nxt episode..
take care


  1. Abhigya

    Wow superb and awesome update honey I really like this ff of yours and update soon and regularly

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.