First love (yhm, matsh, ipkknd, kkb, swaragini) episode 13

Hii frnds & sorry for not posting a episode but I have no option ,I’m surrounded by loads of work like CLG started & Ncc & French class ,So I can’t able to update the episode…..
Lets go into story…..
All are enjoying the dance in rain &suddenly someone enters the farmhouse & closes arnav eyes.
Arshi is hell shock.
Arnav-who is this yaar…& turned back…
Arnav-bubbly u….here….. & hugs her.
Here kushi is in peak angry by seeing arnav hugging her.
Kushi- arnav…(just like shouting but not so loud).
Arnav breaks the hug & says-kushi she is…
But bubbly interrupts him& say I will introduce myself to my bhabho yaar…
Kushi- bhabhi????? & smiles & (in mind- kushi kya kiya yaar ,she is his sister…..oops)
Bubbly-my name swara & I’m his badey papa ka beti,pursuing computer.glad to meet u & gives her hand…
Kushi- I’m kushi Kumari Gupta & arnav’s classmate &..
Swara-my bhabho…???
Kushi smiles…

Here scene shifts to ishra….
Ishra came into senses & feels embraced….
Suddenly someone hugs ishitha from back & kisses her & hey ishu, looking s**y yaar….
Raman is feeling jealous by this & turned back to them….but ishitha just seeing raman….
Ishu,ishu,what happen???ishitha feeling like some one calling her like this & feels someone hugging her…..turn to see him…
Ishitha -hey yaar,how r u ???
Boy-meee super & my sweetheart’s prince also looking smart & what romantic dance yaar I can’t control my eyes from ur dance….
Both ishitha & raman r embraced by his words….
Ishitha -hey stop yaar, nothing is like ,he is my senior Raman & Raman he is my cousin Sankar…
Raman relieved & says- glad to meet u.
sankar-glad to meet u Mr.Raman.
Alll came to farm house.
Aarash(aarti & yash)
Aarti-u all came go & change ur dress…
But suddenly they saw Swara & Sankar….& respective family hugs them…
Ishveer introduce them to each other
Both blink at each other (I means swasan)
Sankar-nice to meet you…
Swara-same here…..
Alll went to respected allotted room & changed their dresses…

Swara’s phone rings…
Swara-hii , what r u doing…
Boy-u know what I’m doing…
Swara- haa I know??? & I think should say about us to them…
Boy-we will yaar but let’s wait for some time..
Swara-kkk,bye, I should go…
Boy-hmmmm,kk bye?
Swara ends the call..
All came out after dress change….
Alll having dinner (in pin drop silence)
Ishani-what happen pragya, abhi, raman ,ishu, shagun,Aakash, is there any meeting going on, all r silent…
Ranveer- what about u arnav & kushi did u accepted the arnav’s proposal aa,???
All hell shock by this words …
Yash-accepting aaa, they have a romantic dance also yaar…
Aarti- I should really say kushi that u r great because arnav never danced before but today I saw his dance also…
All r shock but Gupta’s family is little shock as they know about accepting incident…..
Raman- what…
Shagun-accepted the
Abhi- arnav’s love proposal????
Swara- y r u breaking the words yaar..????
Kushi blushes & arnav- haa…?????,stares at kushi….

Tanu- wow.. New pair..
Prateek-haa they both made for each other….
But Sankar stares at ishitha & about to say something by that time ishitha steps his leg in a funny way..
Sankar should in pain(acting…..)
All go to bed….by saying gud night (bonne nuit in French?????)

Precap-romantic dance by couples….

Thnk u alll like silent readers & my frnds who comments….???
I’m really happy with ur comments…but I want some suggestions that if u want regular updates means I can’t give u ,so I’m thinking to end this is in 5-7 part or if u r kk with my irregular updates I will continue this ff, so it depends on u all.please suggest me pls…..
Thnk u Jo,myna,aami,reshma,nirmal, durga for ur comments in promo…..
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  1. jasmine Rahul

    When Bubbly entered I was reminded of IPKKND Bubbly.I thought u brought the grown up Bubbly whom we havent seen on d show.So this Bubbly is Arnav’s cousin Swara.U simply named her Bubbly or were u reminded of Akash’s cousin Bubbly from IPK?Without knowing who Bubbly is Khushi became jealous.ha ha.Loved Arnav Swara bonding.Sanskar is Ishita’s cousin.Seeing d way he flirted with Ishita Raman too became jealous.Surprise is that it wasnt Swasan’s 1st meeting.they r already lovers.This may be d 1st ff where Tanu is positive.thanks 4 that

  2. Aami

    |Registered Member

    aw honey sooo cuteee episode….. i lvd it sooooo much my frnd…. spcly swara n arnav binding…. its sooooo cute…….. evryones shockings exprssion on knowng tht khushi accepting arnav preosal was ek dum supr…… n coming to my swasan thnqew soooo much for introducing thm……. awww ramn is bcome jealous whn sanskar call ishu as sweet hert so cute he na….. n khusi. tooo jeaous bcoz of swara……
    plz dont stop it yaar….i hve no prblm woth ur irregular episod bcoz we can undrstnd ur situation..
    keep going…..
    lve u lotz??

  3. durga

    Nice yaar whenever u get free time u upload it yaar bt don’t end it yaar its really nice n cute… Sooooo don’t end tz ff

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Plzzzzz Don’t stop it YAAR…….Its Superbbbbbbbbb…….. You should Continue…….

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..