First love VS true love (swalak/swasan) OS

hey guys its Anu here…..I m back with another os……this os is for both swasan nd swalak friend….it is based on first love VS true love so let’s start

swasanlak r college buddies…….nd best friends..sanskar love swara but swalak r in relationship nd it breaks sanskar’s heart……

one fine day sanskar decided to confess his love to swara finally nd when he go to swara for confessing his love but left heartbroken by seeing the scenerio…….

sanskar is going toward park because he know everyday swara use to go park in morning as he reach there he see laksh sitting on his knees nd swara standing in front of him nd listen to their conversation…….

laksh:-swara I don’t know when I fell for u,I don’t how,when,where it happen but swara I truely truely love u I really love u will u marry me…….
swara is very happy md excited nd nodded her head in yes nd they both hug…..seeing this sanskar is heartbroken nd after some days swalak marriage is fixed nd sanskar left to London……

after 1 year:- swalak r happily married nd is blessed with one baby girl…whereas on there side sanskar is returning India but now also he love swara immensely……

after 2 days in mm preparation is going in full swing because today is the naming ceremony of swalak child and sanskar is also returning after one year……nd they kept their child name as aaradhya but a tragedy which changes their life…..laksh is going to office because of important meeting his car met with accident nd he died leaving swara heart broken……swara is shocked by this news but then she think of her baby…..nd that time sanskar arrived…..after some days

swara has lost her smile….she is only leaving for her baby…..then family members decided to get swara married again because she is very young nd swarya also need a father…….nd ap ask sanskar to marry swara…..

Ap:- sanskar beta I have decided one thing beta marry swara……because aaradhya is very young nd she need a father too nd she will not get the best father then u infact swara also will not get best husband than as u r her best friend……sanskar can’t deny because he love swara but he say that he will only marry swara if swara is ok with this marriage…swara should not be forced for marriage……

ap suju sumi all family members try to convince swara but swara is not ready to marry again……but at last she agreed because she realizes the aaradhya needs a father as she has grown up as a fatherless child……

after some days swasan git married…sanskar take care of aaradhya as his own baby….after some days swara also start to fell for sanskar but is unable to forgot laksh…..nd is not able to realize his feelings for sanskar……

one day sanskar is coming nd he met with a minor accident…his forehead is hurt… hearing it swara fall down nd is crying nd finally realize her feelings towards sanskar……nd at that time sanskar come nd swara runs towards him nd hugs him tightly nd sanskar is shocked first but later hugs her back

swara(crying):-sanksar can’t u drive properly…u know my heart has stopped after hearing about your accident u know I would have died

Sanskar:-sshhhhhh don’t speak like this(keep finger on her lips) but y r reacting like this yaar its only a small accident

swara:- small its small (beat him playfully) see how much it’s bleeding come I will do your first aid

while doing sanskar first aid swara is crying continuously…..sanskar after seeing her asked

sanskar:- swara I m injured but y u crying
swara:- can’t u read my eyes r u blind u stupid fox cant u see that I love u
sanskar(overwhelmed unable to believe) :-swara what have u say speak it again na
swara:- realize what she say nd blushes nd hid her face in his chest
sanskar:-I love u too swara not from today from last 5 years when I see u first time in college I fall for u…..
swara:- what sanskar u love me from 5 years nd u have not even tell me r u stupid…..
sanskar:-swara I have come to confess u 1 years back but that day laksh has proposed u nd u accepted seeing this I move to london (saying this tears roll down from his eyes )

swara hugs hum from back nd console him nd say sanskar u know your love is true that’s y also after many obstacles we both r togethe……u know sanskar laksh is my first love but sanskar u r my true love…..
u know sanskar love can happen many time one time two time but if true love happen only one time in your life nd sanskar now I come to know that laksh is my first love but u r my true love nd now I can’t able to love anyone because I have find my true love…..I love u sanskar I love u……

Sanskar – I love u to swara u r my first love nd true love both I love u a lot swara

That night they both take their relationships to next level nd after one week
swara is working in kitchen when suddenly she feel uneasy nd runs to washroom this is happening from last 2-3 days sanskar after seeing swara is really tensed nd they decide to go to doctor in evening in between swara felt dizzy also
in evening
they both reach hospital when suddenly swara get unconscious nd sanskar seeing this tended nd his eyes his filled with tears nd take her to doctors cabin….after some time doctor come out with happy face

sanskar:-doctor is everything ok why swara felt unconscious nd she is feeling unwilling from last 2-3 days also plz tell na doctor is everything serious
Doctor – it is serious Mr. maheshwari…Mrs. maheswari needs special care(hearing it sanskar get more tensed nd tears roll down from his eyes)
seeing this doctor say why r u Mr. maheswari u should be happy u r going to be father Mrs. maheswari is pregnant…

Hearing it sanskar is shocked nd happy nd runs towards swara nd hug her in excitement seeing him swara blushes nd hugs him

all family is happy very much

after 9 months
swara give birth to twins one boy nd one girl
they kept their name swayam nd sanskriti nd after this all five i.e. swayam sanskariti aaradhya swasan live together happily

so guys here the story finish hope u like it plz leave your comments nd silent readers plz comments nd plz tell me my mistake also I know I m not gud writer but I tried my best nd really sry to all ragini fans because she is not in my ff but soon after finishing my current ff I will write one more of both swaragini thanks guys for reading it with patience….bye till now

and anusha u have ask for previous link na so here it is of my ff sry dear u have asked in morning nd I have submitted my next part in mid ngt that’s why

Credit to: Anu

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    1. Thanks ireena

  1. Awesome n plz update ur ff soon n a long one..

    1. Thanks dear nd will try write in night

  2. Nice and plzz that time write about swalak as final couple ..

    1. Thnks alia nd will next time try to write swalak as final couple for u specially

    1. Thank dear S priya

  3. Yr….apne bahut Acha likha I really loved it anu di

    1. So much thanks dear for appreciating me aanya

  4. No offence to your writing anu you are a wonderful writer but i think as laksh has died you should not have used the dialoge laksh is my first love and u are my true love
    I am not saying this because i sm a swalak fan i am saying this that laksh was a dutiful husband he was a nice father he died that was just his bad fate i did not like the name of the story this story would have worked fine without that dialong and heading

    1. Thanks dear but I used the dialog because I want to show difference between first love me true love actually dear may be laksh love swara truely but in actual swara love laksh as he is her first love but after sanskar he is her true love……love can happen many times but true love happen one time in life…..laksh is not swara’s true love that’s why dear I use live its according to my pov….toward love but thanks for telling my mistake

      1. I understood what you mean anu

    1. Thanks dear

    1. Really thanku dear

  5. nice…. 🙂

  6. This was offensive. Laksh loved swara whole heartedly. Him meeting the accident and dying was fait. And he didn’t do anything to prove that his love wasn’t true. Nor did swara have any hesitations while marrying laksh or in the duration of their relationship. She was happy with him and they had a beautiful daughter. Even though sanskar loved her from the past 5 years, so did laksh. So you can’t just give the true love heading to sanskar and not to laksh. If you had to make sanskar’s love true, then you should’ve given a proper reason. Laksh didn’t do anything to prove his love not true.

    1. Dear I m not saying laksh love is not true……laksh love is true but for swara laksh is only her first love not true love….she love laksh but not truely…..u know sometime we think that our first love is our true love but its not the same…..that’s the same happen with swara…swara think that laksh is her true love but after meeting sanskar swara realize she has never laksh truely nd find difference between first love nd true love…..sry dear not adding this lines in ff……but yr its thought about first love nd true love
      Love can happen many time but when true love enter in our life than we can’t able to love anyother person than
      We can move on by first love,second love but can’t move on by true love
      I m not saying that our first love can never keep us happy may be if laksh will be alive today he can always keep swara happy but the thing is difference between first love nd true love

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