First love or true love (Intro)


Hi friends this is janavee.. I’m here with new story it’s about a girl…
Can’t a girl fall in love twice..
Is giving a new chance to life wrong..
Is forgetting first love and moving on in life is sin..

Characters are:
Helly shah: as Aishwarya (shona)
Varun: as Satya Prakhash (sonu)
Namish (laksh):as parishith (sri)
Sri is dead because of medical problems. Shona and Sri loved each other from childhood. But he dead then Satya came into shona ‘s life. He was best friend of shona and Sri. He knew about them their love story. But Sri dead asking sonu to take care of shona..
How will shona react on satya
What is shona step after coming to know about satya
What she’ll do when she comes to know about Sri’s last words with satya..
Hi please let me know whether I should continue it or not..
If you want me to change characters names please let me know… this is real life story of my best friend.. with little changes.

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  1. Nice but plz change the characters names

    1. Janavee

      Thank you ? names will be changed to swara and sanskar

  2. can u name d character as swara and sanskar ?continue soon..

    1. Janavee

      Thank you ? names will be changed. First part will be updated by night

  3. Arshaanya

    Bt plz change names to swara n sanskar

    1. Janavee

      Thank you? names will be changed

  4. SNY


    1. Janavee

      Thank you ?

  5. Mahavir

    nice dear….continue soon and ya change the names plzzzz

    1. Janavee

      Thank you ? it will be done

  6. nyc update soon

  7. Nice dear.. But plZz do change names

  8. Simi


  9. Go ahead

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