First love or true love (epi-2)


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Sanskar kapoor: swara and Sri’s best friend. He had crush on swara but when he came to know about swara and Sri. He decided to be keep his feelings limited. He has completed is MS now he coming back to India for swara.
Now let’s see what’s for today….
Swara is still sleeping on bed…nikil smiles seeing her hugging pillow in sleep.. He calls Sri’s granny and tell what all happened when swara came to know about Sri’s death. Granny tell she will be coming by evening. He replies ok and leave to reception to clear bills.

Sanskar’s house…
Sanskar see shona’s pic and say you really kiddo only you will become the person who will think from mind rather than heart..only that can save you from this world. He packs his bag and start off to Delhi.

At hospital..
Swara wakes up and sits on bed.. she see’s surroundings and say I didn’t die.. Nikil comes there and say you’ll die now. She see him…he comes there and slaps her hardly. She starts crying he says keep crying for that person but don’t think about your parents your friends.. she says sorry…I couldn’t… he hugs her and says you are my only friend I want you I can’t live without my monkey… she keeps crying..says I want to go home.. he says no granny is coming after that we’ll go… she nods no please… he says okay and both leave for home…

At home….
Super granny is already waiting for them… shona see her and hugs her…start crying.. granny tell her if you start crying Sri will feel bad na..he likes your smile dear you should keep smiling.. shona nods ok… they all go inside… granny makes her have food and make her sleep in lap.. Nikil says sonu is coming tomorrow he told he’ll take care of her… Granny smile and say he will Sri asked him to do that… Nikil smiles and says hope so…

Next day…
Sanskar comes to shona’s home..he see her standing near her room door.. he eyes her cut and bandage..says Sri see her…She is really a kiddo..I’ll make her independent and make her able to believe reality.. he meets granny and say granny I think you should do anything I don’t have strength to talk with her…please granny.. Granny tell it as been 3 months she didn’t come out of it but now when she read all his daisy’s and came to know how we all hided his death matter and her friend betrayal she broke completely… Sanskar says granny we’ll make her more weak emotionally so she will start thinking about herself.. Nikil granny and Sanskar join execute their plan…

Precap: shona getting pressure regarding marriage..

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