First love or true love- chapter 6

Hello people. . Here is the 6th chapter. . Hope you like it. .

Recap- Ragini meets Sanskar in the college.

Sanskar is with Kavya Kavita and other friends… Laksh comes there..
Laksh- hey guys. . Wassup
Kavya- nothing much. . Sanskar got a new friend.
Laksh- who? ?
Sanskar- Ragini…
Laksh- who Ragini.??

Kavita- 1st year student. . Full of attitude. .
Laksh- attitude.
He remembers Ragini
Laksh (to himself)- 2 girls with so much attitude in the same college…
Sanskar- what did dad say?
Laksh- principal sir. .

Sanskar- ya. . What did he say? ?
Laksh- asked us to be regularly attend the classes. .
They continue their chit chat. .

Ragini gets inside the lift. A guy stops the lift and gets inside. It turns out to be Laksh…
Both at a time.. YOU. .
Ragini- I never wanted to see your face. . You idiot. .
Laksh- same here. . You witch. .
Ragini- how dare you call me a witch. .
Laksh- you look like the one. .
Ragini- you are such a loser.
Laksh- what did you say?
Ragini- LOSER. ..
Laksh stops the lift.
Laksh- what did you say? ?
Ragini- what the hell?

Ragini goes to start the lift but Laksh pulls her and pins her to the wall.
Laksh- now I will show you who the real loser is
Ragini struggles.
Ragini- let me go. .
Laksh- I will let you go once I am done.
Ragini starts breathing heavily.
Laksh- do you know what will I do now?
Ragini closes her eyes in fear. She clutches her dress very tightly. He takes his mobile out and takes her photo.
Laksh- I will make this photo my wallpaper.
He starts laughing. . Ragini is shocked.

Laksh- just look a your face.
He shows the photo..
Laksh- don’t worry. . I will never mess with the witch like you.
All of the sudden Ragini faints. Laksh gets shocked. . He pats on her face.
Laksh- what happened to her? Wake up. .
He starts the lift. . He searches his bag for water bottle. .
Ragini opens her eyes. His mobile was fallen near her. She deletes her photo..
Ragini- loser. .

Laksh gets shocked seeing her. .
Ragini gives him his mobile.
Ragini- you are not that lucky to make my photo your wallpaper.
The lift opens and Ragini gets out. .
Laksh smiles. .
Laksh- this girl. .

Precap- Ragini and her friends come to meet Laksh Maheshwari. .

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