First love or true love- chapter 5

I know that you guys are mad at me. I am really very sorry. I was a Little busy. So please forgive me. So here is the 5th chapter.

Recap- laksh comes to the college..

In principal chamber
Principal- Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. Come in..
All the teachers are already in the chamber. Teacher 1- this time he has crossed all his limits. .
Teacher 2- he has insulted all of us. . You will have to take action against him.
All start screaming at him but he is still smiling.
Principal- silence. .. I don’t think he has committed such a big crime.
All teachers look in shock.
Teacher 1- but that rap. .
Principal- exactly. .It was just a rap. It is his talent. So let him be.
All teachers leave.
Laksh- thank you uncle. .
Principal- sir..
Laksh- yes sir. .you saved me. .
Principal- this wasn’t a serious issue. So I am taking any action against you. But if you cross your limits then I will have. .
Laksh- yes Rajesh uncle. . I mean sir. .
Rajesh- anyways where is your partner in crime who is my son Sanskar. .
Laksh- he too came to the college.
Rajesh- now you both better take your studies seriously. Start coming to the college.
Laksh- yes sir. .
Rajesh- you may leave now. ..

Ragini comes to the canteen. She is still thinking about laksh and is very angry. She dashes a guy. .
Ragini- I am sorry. .
Guy- I am sorry. .
Ragini- my mistake. I was just thinking about something.
Guy- it’s okay.
Ragini- you new in the college? ?
Guy-no. . I am a third year student.
Ragini- oh. . I never saw you in the college. So.
Guy- that’s because I hardly come to the college. I guess you are 1st year. .
Ragini- yup. .
Guy- myself Sanskar. .
Ragini- Ragini..
They shake hands. .

Kavya comes there along with kavita and her gang. .
Kavita- hey Sanskar. . Finally you came. .
Kavya- what are you doing with her??
Sanskar- excuse me. You have any problem?
Kavya- nope.
Ragini’s friends come.
Ragini- I will leave now.
She goes with her friends. .

Ria- who was that guy?? He was so cute. .
Ragini- Sanskar. .
Adi- one of the most popular guy in the college. Laksh’s cousin.
Ragini- laksh? ?
Adi- yup. . You seem very interested in him.
Ria- even I think the same.
Ragini- shut up guys. .

Precap- Ragini and laksh meet again. .

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