First love or true love- chapter 4

Hello guys. . Here is the 4th chapter. . I have tried to give longer update this time. Hope you like it. .

Recap- the rapper is laksh maheshwari. .

In the college all the teachers are discussing about lucky. .
Teacher 1- this is too much.. This laksh maheshwari is crossing all his limits. .
Teacher 2- I agree. First of all he rarely attends any class and upon that such a attitude.
Teacher 1- it’s all because he is the son of the trustee.. anyways the principal has called him to the college.

Ragini comes to her house.
Sumi- good evening lado. .
Ragini- good evening maa. .
Sumi- how was your day in the college
Ragini- too good. Today I listened to one rap. It was so good. That guy is just phenomenal. He is. .
Sumi- lado. . For the 1st time you are impressed by some guy. This guy is special.
Ragini- maa. .

In the morning Ragini comes to the college. All the students are discussing about lucky.
Ragini (to herself)- this guy is indeed very popular.
Ria comes there and sees Ragini lost.
Ria- Ragini. . What are you thinking. .
Ragini- luck… she then keeps quite
Ria- what?
Ragini- nothing
Ria- you just said lucky.. isn’t it?
Ragini- stop it now. .
They leave. .

Ragini is near the volleyball court. She is holding a water bottle. She sees there is something in the water. She throws the water out and it falls on a guy.
Guy- what the heck?? Are you blind? ?
Ragini- what??
Guy- Look what you have done you idiot.
Ragini- dude mind it. I was about to apologise. But seeing your attitude I have changed my mind.
Guy- what about your attitude miss attitude?
Ragini- look I don’t wanna waste my time.
She heads to leave. But he pulls her. Takes a bottle nearby and throws on her.
Ragini- what the hell you..
Guy- mind it. .
He leaves. .
Ragini- idiot. .

The guy enters the principal chamber.
Principal- Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. .

Precap- all teachers ask the principal to take action against laksh. .

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  1. Awesome amazng superbbbbbbb episode dear??keep rockngggg??

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    love ur ff
    it’s superb but tooo less
    love rags

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    Nice…update next one soon

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