First love or true love- chapter 2


Hello guys. . I am really very happy with your response. Here is the 2nd chapter. Hope you like this as well.

Recap- Introduction of Ragini singhania. .

Ragini enters the college. She rushes to the rehearsal hall. It was exactly 9:02… she hears someone yelling RAGINI. ..
Ragini- Shastri sir…
Sir- Ragini. . You are late. .
Ragini- just 2 minutes. .
Sir- in 2 minutes anything may happen.
Ragini- sorry sir.
Sir- okay.. now don’t waste time. Start your rehearsal. .
Ragini starts playing sitar. It gives her immense pleasure. . All the students there are just listening to her. .
Sir (to himself)- however crazy she may be. When it comes to music she is the best. .
She stops playing sitar and everyone clap for her including the sir. . She finishes the class and comes out.

Ragini comes to Ria.
Ria- how was your music class? ?
Ragini- too good. .
Ria- did you submit your maths assignment? ?
Ragini- not yet. .
Ria- come now and submit it. .
Ragini- yes boss. .
They go and submit it. .
Ragini- ria… you always remind me about my assignment. . Call me in the morning to check If I am awake. Why so? ?
Ria- that’s because you are my best friend..

The two girls go to the canteen where their friends were already present. They go to them. . All of them were discussing about some rap..
Ragini- which rap are you talking about? ?
Adi- a guy of our college has composed a rap. It’s awesome. You must listen to it.
He plays it. .

The rap was all about college life. He made fun of all teachers, classes and subjects. He said about what fun the students have in the college. He is someone whom the teachers hate but the students love..

Ragini- it’s awesome. . Who is this guy? ??

Precap- who is he? ??

Credit to: NDH

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  1. Is it our lucky??

  2. Megha123

    Even I guess him to be lucky is it ?
    BTW today’s epi was totally awsm

  3. In the next episode you will understand who is he. ..

  4. I hope itz sanky

  5. Woooo amazng episode yaaar..???

  6. nice but make it a bit long
    ur ff is tooo short
    love rags

  7. nice

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