First Love in School part 3


Days passed and Neil and Raghav’s friendship bond became strong. Even their parents had turned from proffesiol acquaintance to personal friends.
Whereas, Neil hardly talked to Sam and the ignorance from both side made them more and more interested to know and explore the other.

As usual the bus arrived at 7:00 am and everyone occupied seats.
Priyanka came late this time. No doubt, she was a very pretty girl. But she was very showy and her nature irritates Sam who considers simplicity as the best.
Priyanka had her hairs coloured red and she always gave it a stylish braid. Her skirt was very short than others. Seemed like she was going for a fashion show and by mistake arrived for school.
Sam slided her eyes uninterested towards the window and rested her head in the back with closed eyes Feeling and enjoying the fresh air.

Bus stopped and everyone came out one by one with Sam is the last.
Suddenly, her hand was grabbed from back and she turned at once due to the force.
She raised her face.
“What??” she complained and struggled.
“I want your number please. I am requesting you all the month. Please yaar atleast now, trust me. I will stop wandering around with random girls if you just say a yes to me. I understand it will take time for you but atleast we can be friends.” Rahul requested.

Last night He had messaged her in facebook about fifty times and posted in her wall all the love quotes copied from internet and was now disturbing her to befriend him.
“Leave me Rahul. We are friends. Now leave me please” she requested.

He left her at once and smiled.
“Thanks Sam. I am very Sorry. I hurt you.” he apologized with concerned looking at her arms.

She just walked away without replying.

After the college they went back home and the days passed.Thursday evening
Samrat and his family was going to visit Neil’s home for dinner. Their quarter was little far from them. It can be covered in fifteen minutes by foot and around seven by car.

Neil had come to call them.
“Raghav.. Ready?” he asked sitting at the chair of his room. While the former was applying gel on his hair.
“Come on man! You are not going in search for girl. Its just a dinner.” Neil complained watching him.
Raghav sprayed perfume and turned at him.
“I know. But I love to look dashing bro” he replied confidently.

“Raghav if you are ready then take Sam with you. Your mom is taking a lot of time.” Samrat said from the door with Sam standing on his back who was not visible due to his dad’s tall and broad shoulders.
“Ohkay dad” he replied nodding.

As he walked Sam came in view.she was dressed in s*xy red three quarter folded shirt tucked in the skinny black jeans. Her curves were perfect and clearly visible. She had her canvas boots and metallic round silver earrings.
Neil stand their stunned by her beauty. He closed his mouth in second and looked down composong himself.

The trio walked out and saw Divya standing their.
“Divyaaaa…..!!!” Sam cried out surprised seeing her.
“Hi. I came with Neil bhaiya. You took a lot of time. Now lets go.”

As Divya was his neighbour so maybe her family was also invited.
Sam realised and shook her head.

“Raghav, you take Divya with you. She was not okay with my driving…… And…. I will come with Sam.” Neil said.
Raghav agreed to him and drove off his pulsar leaving Sam and Neil alone.

Neil sat on his bike and called Sam. But she was standing still like a manequin and deaf ear.
He got off and shook her a little.
“I…I can’t come with you” she intoned.
“Did I asked you?” he said leaving her all shocked.
She raised her face with very confused look.
“Whatt? Do you wanna starve tonight?” he aksed little annoyed.
“Bu..ttt…I cant go with you… I mean in your bike.” she again tried to deny.
“please stop acting and come now!” he gave a finalised tone and start the bike.

“Sit” he ordered her which made her do the same.
She moved her hands here and there confused where to hold. Sensing her,he pulled he towards himself at a jerk and made her arms wrap around his waist. Her front touched his back strongly. She shivered a little affected by the closeness and the chilled night breeze of summer.
He drove off fast and she buried her head on his neck by the fear of speed.
His heart raced fast at her touch and suddenly a strong desire to get her flow through his blood. He drive faster to swipe away that feeling. She closed her eyes tight and mumbled on his shoulder.
“Drive slow”
His light shirt was the barrier between her lips and his skin but he felt the movement of her lips as she spoke.
He pulled her more closer by pushing on her back dissolving her front fully on his back leaving no gap.

In just a moment they reached his quarter. As he applied sudden brakes she strike him more with the inertia and she hold his shirt tightly in the front. She cried out a little.
“Calm down!” he patted on her back and composed her.
She got off the bike after realising blooming pink.
He parked aside and both walked inside the house.


Precap: Romance Attraction

Well, I was really upset as the fan fiction page was full of swaragini and twinj ff’s. I couldnt find any on manmarziyan except one or two.
So I couldnt resis and wrote it down as I am unable to concentrate on studies either.
Badly missing kfar stories 🙁 🙁 and I am now giving myself some swaragini ff doses 😉 .

Guyz plzzzzzz plzzzzz do tell me how you felt reading this?
Is it good?
Is it bad?
And yeah, any confusion, any query? I am always there.
See ya bye bye tata… And keep smiling dearies.
Love love

Credit to: Roshni

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