First Love in School part 2


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Here is the link for the first epi that probably most of you might have missed.
before clicking it I want to clear something. Actually I wasnt writing ff on dym but later thought that it isn’t a bad idea. Please while reading do remember that
Kabir is Neil and Naina is Sammy.

First Love in School part 1

Samaira’s quarter
Bell Ring

Her dad was in duty and mom had gone for shopping with the neighbour aunty. So,she was with Raghav, both watching a comedy show.
As the bell ring, Raghav got ofc the sofa and walked towards the main door.
“Sit propery” he intoned to her as she had her legs above the table and all laid lazily.
Raghav was not a male chauvinist. He just is protective and cares about her a lot but he doesnt show much. They always get into the brother-sister fight and scares her making her watch some ghostly shots all sudden. Well, she was like a baby. Though she is 16, she is just too innocent. She loves to read novels and she enjoys the romance of the characters but outside it she is naive. Her life revolves around her family and friends.
Little curses she had learned from her brother as he blurts out when in anger. He was very short tempered and they used to have very quick fights beacause of this.

He opens the door and greets his friend.
“Hey Neil. Come!”
“Hi!” he said very slowly.
She peeped to look outside but couldnt due to her brother.
They both entered and wlaked to Raghav’s room. He had a CD in his hand.
While going, he swayed his head once for just a fraction of second to have a look of her while she was also looking at him.

After a while when the show ended she walked to the kitchen to eat something for passing time. She took out some already sliced raw mangoes and five red chillies with rock salt.
While licking and feeling the taste she heard her brother and Neil cheering loudly at every interval.

God knows! What they were doing.
Her eyes started watering as the spices took over her tongue and lips.

“Hey can I get a glass of water?” someone asked from behind.

She had her back to Neil. She turned at once to the voice. She nodded with all teary red- eyed. Her lips was full pouted and has turned rich red.
His eyes narrowed and he walked towards her as she was pouring water in the glass.
She just turned and the glass was going to crash when he caught it without letting a drop fall.
“Have it. You need first” he said softly.
She nodded and drank fastly.
She poured again and drank one more glass.
He had a little smile on his face watching her.

She took another glass of water and extended it to him.
“hmm?” she handed the glass.
He took two sips slowly all gazing at her.
She waited with blinking eyes frequently and the back of her hand wiping the running nose again n again.

She ran from their all of a sudden as the two glass water had shown their work and she wanted to just go for a loo.

He chuckled looking at her running away and thinking whatever happened for a minute and walked away lazily at Raghav’s room.
They were playing in the lappy, the popular GTA San Andreas.
So they were talking about a game in the bus and he had came up with the CD that had it stored.
After an hour, they both came out of the room and she was again in the sofa watching a cartoon series.

“Sam, can you stay alone?” Raghav asked.
“Where are you going?” she answered with question.

“come out. For a walk.” he cleared.
“okay!” she agreed and wore her sleepers.
The black palazzo and the short white top to her 5’5 figure gave her a cute look.

Raghav locked the door and the trio went out for a walk in the campus road.
“Hey, lets go to that side. I will call up Divya to accompany me.” she said little aloud as both were walking to the opposite way to her choice.
“Call her. She’ll come” Raghav said ignoring her request.
She gave her a very annoyed look and dialled divya’s no.

“Divya come out. We will have a walk.” she said.
“Hmm?? Oh..wait” she replied sleepily.
“Ok” she made it short and took fast steps towards them as she remained at back while the call.
“Hey wait!” she shouted from the back.
Both stopped and waited for her.
Her brother irked and gave her a glare to stop her childish acts.
She just lowered her head and continued walking with them with her brother in the middle.

On the way she kicked a stone piece and continued kicking as she walked forward with her long straight hairs swaying along with her moves.
Neil caressed his jaw that had newly grown facial hairs highlighting more of his hotness while staring her all lost.
“Stop it girl.” Raghav commented from the back.
“What is your problem?” she complained making him more angry but he controlled as he doesnt want to fight with his silly sister in front of everyone. She had some bad habits. She didnt cared about the people around, the so called public. Whatever she fels she speaks it out without thinking twice.

Just then Divya screams from back.
Sam smiled and waved her hand.

Now the four were walking with the boys in front and girls in back.
Some cars and bikes passed by every now and then. Some aunties also were walking with the salwar and sports shoes.

A middle aged uncle waled towards us from the front and stopped seeing Raghav.
“Good evening son! Where are you all going?” he asked lovingly.
He was their father’s acquaintance and was probably returning to home.
“I am good Uncle. We just came for a walk” he replied sweetly while the three were just staring and listening their convo.

“Son! You are new here?” uncle aked looking at Neil.
“yep” he replied one worded.

“Oh what’s your father’s name?”
” Neeraj Malhotra” he amswered.
“Ohhh so you are his son? Whats your name?”
“Neil Malhotra” he said all expressionless literally irritated by the enquiry.
He took a step forward to give an end to his questions and the same happened.
We too followed them.

“Neil bhaiya where did you lived before coming here?” Divya asked to Neil suddenly.
Sam just slided her eyes to him.
“Gujarat” he said.
“Oh. Where in Gujarat?” she again asked.
“Owwww…. ” she gave an end to her convo.

On the way Sam’s m came in the car and saw them.
“Hey! Where are you roaming?” she enquired from the car window as a concerned mother.
“Raghav I need your help. Will you come?” she pointed at him.
“Umm..yeah” he agreed after whispering something to Neil amd get in the car.
“And you? Wont you come?” she aksed Sammy.

“Aunty leave Sammy. She will come home soon. ” Divya interrupted.
“Okay. Come fast” she said and the driver drove off.

“I haven’t done the homeworks yet yaar..” Sammy told to Divya lazily.

“Which class you both are? Neil asked suddenly leaving sam surprised. Till now, she was thinking whether he even knows her full name?
“11th std” she replied in a low tone.
“Oh stream?” he again asked.
“And you?” sammy wanted to continue the talk.
Divya was just walking by her side listening to both of them.
Now, Sammy was in the middle.
“Raghav’s classmate” he answered and she was literally annoyed with his attitude. She couldnt ask further questions like stream and all! Huh?

“Are not you late? Your mom asked you to come fast” he bit out suddenly.
“uh yeah! I know….. I will go”
“I will go” she said little louder.
His eyes narrowed gazing her.

“Sammy, lets go its late. Aunty will get angry” Divya interrupted before he could speak.
Sammy turned and nodded.
The trio walked to their respective quarters.


Hello peoples. I hope you liked the epi. And yeah! The story is not like love at first sight. It will crave in slowly.
And if any queries do lemme know please.
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