First Love in School part 1

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So it was the first day of the session. The batch 2015-16.
Naina woke up, showered amd got dressed for the school. She was happy. Back in the school uniform, light checked well pleated skirt just ending above knee and the clean white shirt with the straight hairs in a pony and shiny black polished shoes pairing the white socks.
As she was checking her bag, she heard her brother, Raghav calling her.
“Naina, bus has arrived. Come fast!”
Just then her mother entered the room.
“Be fast Naina. Its your first day. Dont get late today…. All the best!” she wishes her while she leaves with the pretty purple puma bag on her back.
She belonged to a defence family. Her father was the Colonel Ravinder Singh, army officer and her mother was a housewife. She had the sweetest family. Nothing like all love showered to her but they all had a great bonding.
Both Naina and her brother were studious students and very intelligent. Raghav was crushes of many of the girls of the school including some of her friends who hides it from her. But eventually, she knows all about it from her best friend, Divya, the spect girl but the most lovely and sweethearted.

Naina sat in the middle seats with Divya, both were in the same camp and Raghav took a seat at the back with his friends. The bus waited for five minutes more to depart and then arrived a tall around 5’9, handsome, smart looking guy in evenly white pressed white shirt and black pants with the most shining black shoes. His hair was combed so well yet looking very stylish. Well, It wont surprise her the moment if someone blurts he is a model.
Though she observed him so well, but her gaze was fully on front. She just turned at him for fifteen seconds and it went unnoticed to others whose eyes remained glued to him till he occupied a seat and still sticked. Tbh, he can break the record of Raghav’s charm.
She bent a little low and moved her head to the back to have a look of him clearly, she was shocked to see he was sitting with her brother and that too very comfortably laughing at something. How come they became so good friends? He was new.
She sat straight gulping unbelievably. He was damn hot and dashing. His looks can almost kill thousand girls.
She was a ‘good-girl’ to everyone’s eye but deep inside her heart, he became her first crush unknowingly.

As the bus stopped at the school parking side, she was waiting for everyone to leave, then she will at the last. That was her way to avoid her shoes get spoiled by someone.
Raghav went then it was him. She looked above and blinked as he too was looking at her from head to toe for a second and went.

She also stepped out of the bus and walked to her class with divya.
Her first day of 11th standard had started. And Raghav’s12th standard. Somewhere, she was thinking of him, the new boy. Which class he might be? What if he is younger? No! No!
She closed her eyes shutting the thoughts and get prepared for the class.

At the lunch time, she sat lost with her fingers in the process of opening her tiffin box. The class was almost empty as the boys dont use to bring lunch and girls get themselves busy in washrooms brushing hairs again n again or in canteen gossiping around. Divya had also went to washroom but not for touch up, for the real purpose.

NAina doesn’t needed all this touch ups as she had an amazing mom who always get everything ready for her and her dress, used to be same from first to the last period, neat and clean and hairs long, straight and silky tied with the ribbon. Sometimes only, if she is not stepped by a child running blindly in the corridor, her shoes also remains the same.

Suddenly, she felt a touch above her fingers with little force and ‘tuckh’ the box lid opened. She raised her face, it was that new boy.
Before she could bit out something, her brother entered.
“Naina! Did you brought your sketches?” he asked.She nodded in a yes. She turned back to open the chain and give him the sketch pens.
She was a girl all interested in drawing paintings and making sketches in her free time so Raghav knew, she always had those and like an understanding sister she handed him the packet.
That boy was just staring at her while the process and without saying anything they both left the classroom.
After sometime, Divya walked in and they both did the lunch together.

“Divya? Do you know that boy? The new boy in our bus?” Naina asked.

“Yeah! He is Raghav bro’s classmate.” she replied chewing the paratha.

“What? Really?” she asked unbelievably.

“Yeah, he is damn hot. Hai na?” her voice showed her sudden interest in the topic.

“Ugh? I dnt know. Whats his name btw?” Naina again asked curiously.

“Kunal something. I guess” Divya replied back.
“okay! And….” she continued wanting to know more but was cut in between by Divya.

“He is my neighbour yaar, and his dad is an officer something mom told me. I wonder how will I stop myself from gazing him like a hawk every day. He would consider me a psycho then” she informed getting lost in some daydream.
Naina just noted the limited info in her mind and smiled a little.

As the class end, most of the students already had occupied seats in the bus.

A seat was unoccupied but her eyes just scrolled aside beacuse the girl already sitting there was the one she disliked the most, Priyanka. Another was free at the second last. Raghav and Kunal was sitting at the last long one.
She turned to look at Divya, who signed her to go to back and she will manage with Priyanka.

Her brother nodded looking at her assuring her to sit in front of him, the empty one near the window.
She took step forward and was completely irritated with the wide smile of the boy, her classmate, Rahul who was running behind her since past two years. He had good physique but was a playboy and almost a bad boy. She stomped her foot just near his feet showing her anger.
Everyone looked at her.
“Bhaaaiiii!” she cried annoyingly.
“What?” he asked little irritated with her behaviour whereas Kunal was just gazing her.
“huh? Nothing” she yelled and took the seat pushing rahul with her elbow while entering.

She pushed the window back divinding it to half. Half to her, half to Kunal.
The bus stopped. The students sitting at front walked out first.
Then Rahul and Naina followed by Raghav and Kunal.

“Atleast now, consider me a friend yaar Naina.. Plzz” Rahul said out litlte aloud as she walked forward.
Hearing him, she turned and looked at his eyes with full annoyed gesture.
Her eyes slid as Raghav and Kunal came out of the bus.

“At 4:00 pm. Sharp” she heard her brother speaking to Kunal.
Then Raghav accompanied her and they both walked to home.
She turned back and she got more angry seeing Kunal’s arms around Rahul’s shoulders smiling like doing bromance. [dont misunderstand he is not a gay :p ]


Precap: Evening walk Kabir Naina

So this was my new story. A new session. First day. And some funs.
Hope I reminded you of school days! And trust me this story is gonna be very interesting and amazing. Everyone had fallen in love atleast once in school life, #thefirstlove except some few students who had the experience little late while in college.
Well, thats not important whether it lasted or not but pehla pyar to school se hi start hua tha na.
So guyzzzz, stay updated to explore more and know how this love story started….
Till then see you, tata
Bye bye

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  1. roshni….OMG guddu u increase my blood today…..funniest profile picture ever for manmarziyaan ff…..ok let me read it now…

    1. Hehe yeah! When i saw it I was like … Awwwieeee samaira’s hanging mouth lol look so cute.. But sorry di its not their story…. Many guyz writing ff on mmz na and dat too so awesome.. One being you so I dnt wanna be the dumbest among them :p .. Do read it and and comment plz ..

  2. who is kabir???????????????????????????????????????????

  3. who is kabir yaar?

    1. Di I am so sorry… Ye story flop ho gaya.. Next time iwill write ff on mmz nesam with the same name (title) … Maaf kar dena plzzz zzzzzzz…… Many will get confused and relate thes tory with nesam and dat is not .

      To clear the confusion, kabir is the lead male though it wont continue now…

      1. hey…r u mad??? u can change the picture in next epi……dny change ur thoughts according to others reviews……be brave n be different!!!

    2. Oh god! M so confused right now. I will just cange the name of main leads. Thats okay right?
      Kabir with Neil and Naina with sammy. Yah, i will do that and lt this be the first chappy. to clear the confusion will post an intro and then the second chappy… Hope you guyz will be okay with it.

      1. i want to shoot u

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  4. roshini is this a manmarziyan ff ???????????? the pic is the most perfect 1 to depict friedship……..

  5. Oh god! I did very wrong I think… Ok just cut this.. Next time I wil write an ff on nesam okay guyzz plzzz dnt get confused now.. Just cut this crap story :p …. Same name

  6. can you please write more of this episo de it nice

    1. Yah i will continue it dear, to clear some confusions plzz do read the intro of it. It will be updated soon.

  7. Oye dont change its too good yaar lovd it plzz dont chsnge d characters

    1. I will continue with it dev… Plz read the intro of it that will be posted within 24 hours.

      1. A sure thing buddy

  8. U r really good ….. u remained me few my past chapy…….let be soon………:-):-):-)

    1. Thank youso much dear, I will update the next chappy next week.. Do read the intro of this story plzzz

  9. Awesome, wowwww roshni it’s superb n very lovelyyyyyy story. …I’m love with it already…you reminded every body their school n college days….very interesting n exciting refreshing plot…n your narration very outstanding. ….keep it up honeyyy. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you.. Thank you.. tHank you so much roma. indeed one of the best comment I got. Thanks loadsss…

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