First Love in School (nesam) part4


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Recap: Rahul’s disturbance and Nesam’s Bike ride.

Neil and Sam arrived. Raghav and Divya were already inside talking to Prerna( Neil’s mom). She had a constant sweet smile on her face that was very welcoming.
Sam greeted her “good evening aunty”.
She got up from the chair of dining table and turned to her.
“Hey Sammy! You got so late? Where is Mom and Dad?” she asked that showed she waited for long.
“Uh.. Aunty they are coming.” sam replied with a smile.
“Its been long…. Ohkay you guyz carry on….. Neil show them the house I will check on the staff” His mom said and left the room.

As she had said, Neil showed them the house. Every thing was at its place..neat and clean. Sam smiled observing everything. She loved clean and well settled things. Her home was also beautiful but the things here were more than beautiful. It was wonderful.

Later they joined the elders for the dinner.
Everyone were already settled at the table.
“Sammy! Beta come.” Prerna called lovingly.
Sam nodded and walked to the empty chair.
She looked at the side after sitting and her eyes widened but she looked down at once before anyone could notice besides the one sitting next to her.
Neil was sitting aside her. She felt very uncomfortable and her heart rate speeded.

“Pass me the jug Sammy” Divya aksed from the opposite side.
Sam extended it to her but literally shivered. Before it got off her hands, Neil’s large hands captivated over hers and controlled her shivering.
Just as Divya took the jug, she jerked her hands away but he didnt cared to turn or look at her.

She hardly gulped something.
“What happened my dear? Eat something. Mom isn’t going to make dinner again.” Samrat asked concerned.
He loved Sam a lot. She was the apple of his eye. Sam also loved him more than anything.
“Yeah Sammy why are you not eating anything?… Have this!” Prerna also aksed extending a bowl of curry to her.
“No aunty. Its okay. I am feeling full so…” sam composed.
They all looked convinced and got busy having dinner.
Raghav signed her ‘what happened’ look from the other side.
She also nodded her head throwing ‘nothing happened’ look.
They do such acts because they undertsand each other. Generally, when they go out for lunch, dinner, party or a wedding where people force to eat but they dont because it tastes wierd to them, they just sign nd save each other from the forceful push of food by the relatives.
So Raghav asked to her, little confused because the dinner tasted delicious to him.
Neil gave a look to her lastly in the full fifteen minutes of dinner when her plate was almost untouched.

“Is it not okay?” he aksed to sam pointing at the plate.
She was surprised and amazed at an unexpected question.
“ is” she replied.
He didnt continued and left the hall.
She also left after sometime.
The three family again got busy in talk while Raghav and Neil went into Neil’s room.
Divya pulled Sam to his room with her.
They both raised their face from the lappy.
“Bhaiya, what are you doing?” Divya aksed peeping to the lappy.
She sat in the bed delightfully with them while Divya stood their uncomfortably at the side.
Divya swiped her fingers at the touch pad and played a romantic movie leaving Raghav and Neil amused. They were annoyed by her act but remained silent.Both boys sat staight as she joined.
“Sammy, wont you watch?” Divya aksed her signing to sit near her at the bed.
Raghav and Divya were sitting little front while Neil was sitting at little back.
Sam’s eyes pondered around the room. She observed every single thing in the room. She didnt realised that pair of eyes were gazing at her. Yes,Neil’s.
She sat at the bed with them uncomfortably.
The movie played ” No strings attached.”
(well, I haven’t watched this movie yet. Will watch after writing this)

They all sat silently getting indulged in the movie. Raghav was Leaning on the wall as he sat on the bed one leg stretched another folded upto his chest.
The space he left was covered by Divya. She was poking from her spects and enjoying it completely.
While Neil was sitting at the back with both his legs crossed.
Sam was not actually watching the movie. She was rather interested in watching what others are doing. Her legs were swaying at the bedside.
One hour passed. Literally no one was interested except Divya who didnt realised that others were bored with her choice of movie.

Raghav had left the room after an hour as he never liked a romantic movie. He was really pissed.
Neil was just busy glaring and watching Sam.
After sometime divya came back to the real world.
“hey! I will bring something to eat okay? You guyz might be bored.” she said.
We were bored truly, but what she thought was not the reason.
Sam just nodded as she jumped out of the bed.

Now, Neil and Sam were left in his room alone.
Sam who realised it later stood up.
“I will check on divya.” she murmured.
“she will come. Stay here.” he said coldly without even looking up.
His words were hypnotising. She sat there quietly by his side.

The leads were close to each other in the movie. Their heads tilted and they kissed passionately.
Sam felt very awkward and uncomfortable. She didnt knew how to react and remaining still was becoming tough for her. From the corner of her eye, she slid her gaze to Neil and gulped in amazement that he was staring at her which she didnt realised.
Suddenly her hairs were pulled back and his face was just an inch away from hers. She breathed heavily with her chest heaving up and down.
His one hand went around her waist and another still at the hairs, now little loosened as his eyes worked to keep her still.
He leaned more. She gasped and tried to get straight. But he tightened his hold.
She was praying inside for Divya to come fast. Her heart was beating rapidly. Her veins was going to burst.
He swiped his lips around hers without touching. A desire started flowing through her blood. He was very close to her but didnt met hers. He badly wanted to feel her, kiss her but didnt wanted it to be a forced one.

Just then they heard Divya’s voice of humming a song.
They got straight at once and he acted as if nothing happened.

Divya came with a bowl of popcorn and one already popped in the mouth.
“I brought popcorn. Aunty gave me… Hey! Where the movie reached?” she asked little worried thinking she might have missed any scenes.
Sam looked at Neil remembering the missed kiss but he didnt cared to look back.
She walked out of the room sweating a bit.

Divya looked at her surprised.
“What happened to her bhaiya?” she asked.
But Neil didnt bothered to reply and he also walked out of the room.
Sam past by the hall without anyone noticing her. She saw Raghav in the bench outside so turned around to go back in just when she staggered and landed in large bony arms.
She opened her eyes and saw Neil holding her. She got straight and walked in ignoring him.
He felt like daggers. The ignorance raised his temper.

But just then he heard Mrs.Thakkar calling out Divya
“Divya come beta. Watch the movie some other say. Everyone’s going…. Come fast” she sounded very motherly and when Divya didnt replied or showed up, she signed Sam to please bring her.

As Sam went to the room unwantedly, Divya had already curled up herself comfortably in the bed very much drawn to the movie.
“Divya! aunty is calling.” Sam said.
Just then she stumbled as her back hit something. She turned around rubbing her shoulders and her body became numb seeing Neil giving her a cold stare.
She just ignored and tried to walk out asking Divya to come fast again. But her wrist got caught by him. He tightened his grip below only so that no one(Divya in the case) notices.

“Divya!” Neil called her in husky cold voice.
That just made Diva sprang. She raised her eyes from and popped out. She walked out of the room fast to the hall without caring about them.

Neil pulled Sam towards him and closed the door. And he pinned her to it forceful.
She felt uneasy and shaked and bowed her head down feeling terrible.
His eyes burnt seeing the ignorance again accompanied by fear.
He buried his head on her neck. His lips touched her collar bones. She felt as a current ran over her body making her shiver.
He inhaled her body essence and met her eyes. She slided her head to the other side. He ounched the door with his fist in disappointment.
Just then, Samrat called:
“Sammy where are you? Lets go home.”
She ran out from the room hurriedly.

Sam and Raghav drove off in the bike and Samrat Piyali came in the car.

Morning in the bus
“Hey Neil. Can I share the sit if you dont mind?” the sweet saccharine voice of Priyanka passed. Everyone noticed it and was little amazed with her approach as never did a girl approached him. Call it his calmness, rudeness, anger or ignorance.
The more shocking was that Neil agreed and made her sit near to him.
Priyanka gave him the s*xiest smile.

They reached the School.
Rahul waited for Sam after stepping out.
“Hey Sam.” he greeted with a smile.
“Hi” she replied softly.
He smiled back and both of them walked to class with Divya.

“You did the homework?” Rahul asked Sam as the class got over and it was noticed well that he was just looking fir a chance to conversate.
“Can you lend me the notes then?” he asked again.
She agreed after thinking for few seconds.
“okay!” and gave him the notebook.

“you like him?” divya enquired suddenly while taking the bite.
“What?” Sam asked shocked.
“everyone knows he loves you so much. Come on yr you still didnt made any boyfriend. Every girl starts havin one from IXth std. only and look at you. So many boys are roaming and you are like…??” she swapped her hands midway cutting her own words as she remembers her Love lecture wont affect her.
Sam just smiled to her.
“I just dont want any Divu. I dont have the reason i just dont want to..” she told with love and sweetness showering to make up her friend.
They both looked at each other and just smiled.
“well, Rahul is not that bad yr. I believe he will leave every girl if you just accept him.” Divya continued again.
“divu plzz. Not again” sam annoyingly said.Sam went out the class and stood at the corridoor observing the children playing in the ground.
The senior sections was in the first floor and the primary in the ground floor.

“Hey!” Rahul’s voice gently reached her ears.
She didnt wanted to talk so just looked at him and turned away.
Both stood there for a while without talking.
“what happened Sam? Upset?” he enquired.
“no” she said.
Neil passed by them. He made a fist and clenched his teeth. His blood boiled seeing them together but he tried to control himself. Sam turned around and bumped to him.
He hold her by waist and they shared an eye lock. But then, he losens his hold and leaves her. Luckily she didnt fall and landed in Rahul’s arms which made Neil more furious.
He walked from there fast leaving Sam shock.

Classes went on…

After a week , it was annouNced that a German dance need to be performed by the senior students for the exhibition.

Raghav always disliked all this so he didnt participated. Priyanka-Neil And Rahul-Sam were the partners.

“1,2..3,4.. Yeah good..” the teacher vociferated while doing the steps with them.

Neil was burning seeing Sam in Rahul’s arms. He tightened his grip on Priyanka’s waist in anger while Priaynka smile evilly.

“Samaira, legs straight” the teacher said.

Neil’s gaze slided to hers. At once, he left Priyanka and snatched Sam by arms from Rahul’s hold. It happened so quickly that no OnE got a chance to interrupt or say something.
He swayed Sam and the moves were just perfect. They look flexible. While Neil was concentrating on the moves , sam just stared at him blankly. She didnt knew what was happening around, everything seemed to disappear.
He twirled her that broke her gaze. She saw everyone there and got back her senses. And they stopped with Sam and Neil holding hands and bowed.
The teacher and the students there clapped except Priyanka. Even Rahul’s hand lifted and he clapped four times with the amazing performance.
The teacher exchanged the pairs and Nesam were going for the leads.

After school, Sam was lost in thoughts standing in the balcony thinking about what had happened, She looked at the road and remebered the bike ride, then the missed kiss. She smiled a little unknowingly. She again thought about the dance but she got angry thinking how he left her to fall in the corridoor.

“Hey Sammy!” she saw Divya riding cycle in skinny track pants and a loose shirt with white sports shoes. Sam smiled seeing her.
“wanna ride?” she cried little loud and Sam couldn’t help. She jumped from the cemented balcony and ram to her.
Yeah, she learnt this jumping and all from Raghav. She had turned to a naughty girl in her brother’s company though he doesnt teaches her all this knowingly.

Divya ride and Sam sat in the back.
“Woooo….” sam cheered excitedly.
“when did you bought it girl?” she asked as the wind kept slapping.
“Today only” Divya screamed.
“Party?” Sam asked.
“Isnt this enough?” Divya mocked paddling more fastly.

Sam feared a little but she loved it.
She killed the fear and enjoyed the ride.
She spread her legs nd closed her eyes.
But soon Divya applied brakes.
Sam opeNed her eyes nd got angry.
“This much only?” she asked looking at her quarter. She wasjust infront of it.
“I am tired babes. If you want you go and drive. I will wait here.” divya said breathing heavily and gasping for air.
Sam laughed. “Haha.. Okay okay. I am going then” she warned and paddled.
As she reached far from her home, a bike stopped infront of her in a hush speedily. She would have just crahed if the brakes were not applied at time.

After composing herself and realising that she is alive, she inhaled heavily and cursed the person looking down.
As she raised her face to bit out a slang, she got back seeing Neil infront of her.
She wanted to run like a cheetah at the very moment but she was still sitting in the cycle.

“Whoa… Scared?” he mocked with a smirk.
Her brows adjoined and eyes narrowed angrily. Like seriously? ‘He got the campus road only to perform his stunts and that too to me?? Really? Bastard’ her inner soul cursed.”I noticed you love speed… Come lets have a ride on my bike” he said still standing feet away.
He didnt forced. It surprised her.

“no?.. Okay then!” he questioned last time and turned towards his bike but stopped seeing Rahul walking towards them from the other side. His jaw ticked and body stiffened. He wanted to punch him hard, Rahul was very much able to spoil the mood.
Sam also saw him. She also noticed that his bike was parked just a little away from Neil’s. They both were throwing death glare to each other.

“Oh god! No! No!” she muttered to herself realising that he too is going to ask for a ride. And she seriously wont be able to remain in the same position with the cycle for long infront of his ‘so many please’.
He totally irritated her but he was not a very bad person from heart.

She came back to sense when a movement took place. Neil had stepped forward to his bike.
Sam sprang and jumped from the cycle and went to Neil.
Rahul was still little far. She acted as if she didn’t saw him.

She put both her hands in the pocket of her distressed shorts showing her uneasiness. But seeing Rahul taking a step forward, she bit out.
“May I?”
Neil smiled a little and nodded with victory. After she sat he smirked at rahul while Sam just looked to the other side.

He started nd drove off in the utmost speed. After sometime, they were out of the campus. The road was clear, people usually weren’t seen in the place.
Sam started feeling danger and gathering courage she intoned in his ear “we should go home”

He just smirked listening to her and drive more faster. Her heart raced fast, she tightened her hold around his waist clenching teeth.
“We will” he said after few minutes.

She opened her eyes. Her body was dissolved in his. Her bare thighs were shivering in the cold.
“Please lets go” she said shivering.
He stopped at once listenig to her tethering teeths and turned back.

“shit man! Get down!” he said.
She did and he followed.
“you should have told me before na!” he complained in aggression. She just remained silent.

He removed his black leather jacket and wrapped around her. He hugged her tightly embracing her and spreading the warmth of his body in hers. Soon, she felt okay absorbing the heat.

“I didnt wanted to go with Rahul” she mumbled in his chest.
He smiled a little with his chin on her head.
“Its okay. We will go now dont worry” he assuaged.

They both drove off from there.


Meanwhile in the campus, divya got angry and ran to the way where Sam was riding.
She sae her cycle parled aside and Rahul sitting there throwing pebbles.
She went to him.
“Rahul? Where is Sam?” she enquired.
“Neil. Flung with him” he answered lostly.
“What?” she whispered in amazement. She smiled a little and felt happy.


They both waited there for long and saw a bike approaching in full speed.
It stopped just infront of them.
They both got off and she extended the jacket. He spread his arms signing her to make him wear. She did so.
Divya was watching them in full shock.
“where you went?” she asked without moving from her place.
Sam walked towards her.
“No where. Lets go” she replied.
She noticed Rahul and Neil were looking furiously at each other. But without caring Neil drove off.
After a while Rahul also sat on bike and disappeared without saying a word.

Sam felt bad for hurting him. She had decided she will apologize for her behaviour the next day. Then, both the girls went to their home.


Precap: Neil’s anger reached height

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