First Love in School (nesam) part 9

Recap: wildlife journey and confession

“Well, Rahul will keep you happy.” Neil jeered arching a brow to sam and moved his gaze to right to see the beautiful deer of the forest.

Sam crossed hee arms over her chest and passed a disgruntled look and growled.
“You started again Neil?”

“No I am finishing it.” he said while moving forward with the stick on his hand.

“Shut up.” she yelled and added.

“You just said you love me. Didnt you?”

“That was a joke. Dont tell me You took it seriously?” he turned while gruffling to see her screwed up face that was on verge of explosion.

“Oh no! Not again plz. This girly things ..noh no plzz.” he begged showing his palm in a quick impulse to wipe those tears off.

She snatched the stick and hit him with it. “Dont you dare talk to me now”

“Ya. I will send Rahul then.” he said coming back to the humour making a puppy face with a fake sadness.

“Very funny. You jerk!” she sputtered and hit him again on his leg.

They noticed some figures moving forward which were the members of the trip. Sam sighed a relief and smiled.

“Hey see that.” Neil screamed while pointing in front.

“Wow!” Sam mouth hung open and she bent down seeing the prowling panther.

” Click that sammy.” Neil vociferated whilst she did.

Sam reached up and tried to grab at his leg, trying to pull him down to her level. It did work and she started.

“He proposed me” she sighed.

Neil turned to see her brushing away his palms and entered the convo with a gesture of carry-on.

“When I was in Xth, he proposed me.”

“I rejected him on the spot cause….” she stopped in search of correct exact words to express her feelings.

He sensed it and put in
“Cause you love me.” he wrapped his left arm on her shoulder and pulled her close to comfort.
The uneasiness on her face dropped down to ground with a bear hug.
Sam smiled and rested her head.

It started raining after a while. It was not sudden, clouds were on the top since an hour. It was a blissful rain, no thunders, no lightnings. It would have last for a moment only.

Sam felt an arm over her shoulders and she raised her face to see Neil looking at the front with his right hand inside the jean clad. He wanted to say something. Was he?

“What happened?” Sam asked anxiously.

“You know Sam, you have got a lovely family.” he said almost a whisper.

Sam stared him curiously. Why suddenly was he talking about her family.

“Same with you Neil.” she dubiously replied.

He chuckled and pulled her closer.
“My dad.. We dnt share a good bond Sam”

Looking at the amused cute face infront he thought to leave the topic.

“Why?” she asked.

“some other day. Now lets just enjoy the rain.” he marked.
Sam didnt wanted to force so nodded positively.

They continued walking and meet the others after a tiresome period.

“Neil? Where were you beta?” Neil’s dad asked.

Neil ignored him and looked sideways. This was observed by two people, Prerna and Sam but both choosed to remain quiet. Prerna knew the reason but Sam wanted to confront it later. The time was just not right. She noticed the blackness capturing his eyes. She was scared for a moment till he didnt put his arms around her again. It was just so overwhelming. No one noticed them or it was that he just didnt care… Nor did she…
It was an assurance, her comfort zone.
But he didnt spoke for long time just walked alongwith her by her side.

They came out of the park all tired and everyone went to have lunch. The children finished it fastly and went out to the enjoyment area.

Neil had seen Sam observing his jeep. So he wanted to get her into a ride. But before that, Raghav came searching for him.

“Bro?” Raghav shouted from a distance.
Neil turned and waited.

“Yah. ?”

“Isnt that red jeep yours?”

“Yeah! Beautiful?”

“alot.. Can I drive that?”

“Nooo brother! you cant. I am going for the ride.” Sam joined.

Sensing the upcoming sibling fight, Neil handed the key to Raghav and chimed in “Take Sam along.”

Sam jumped to the sideseat and Raghav took the driver’s.

“Hey, come back fast” Neil shot as Raghav started the engine.

“drive slow man!” Sam shrieked grabbing the seat struggling for stability in the middle of the highway.

“this is fun girl.” Raghav responded and retarded the speed.

“I will tell this to dad. You just wait.” Sam sputtered with flaring nose throwing glares to the person by her side.

“Hold on. We are going back. And I am driving slow FYI” he easily said.

“moreover, who will listen to you?” he added.

This engrossed some creepy feelings on her heart. But quickly she composed herself.
“oh!-scared are we?”

“Never!” Raghav shrugged asap.
Ofcourse he was. Samrat was a fun loving dad, the type of dad which one always wish to have. But, not to forget, he is an army officer, so fear follows by his name. He would never forgive him for driving so fast in yhe middle of the road with his chirpy sister by his side.

While the bickering, they missed the continuous horns and something hit the jeep with screeching sounds that forced the jeep at roadside. It was too late to be saved from that toyota truck. It rammed into the driver’s side. The jeep rolled over several times, breaking glasses and inflating the safety bag.
Sam’s head made contact with the cement not a moment later.
Currently, blood was pouring out of her noggin.All went quiet. After the crash there was a moment of silence, extreme silence like a piercing sound in ear silence. The crash itself was very disorienting. It was loud. Everything became still and quiet right after the impact.
Her eyes half opened in a subconscious state. The airbags were deployed , smoke arise from the dashboard so it seemed like the car might be on fire. The engine smelt of coolant as if the radiator had cracked.
Smell of fire and gasoline hit her nostrils and she coughed a little. Sam felt heavy head but forced to think what just happened. She didnt even felt her injuries at first because of the shock. Her head was badly hurt and legs and arm wounded.
She quickly turned and found an almost dead man with his head on the steering oozing out blood turning his face all red but can’t even tell where it was coming from.

Her heart stopped beating literally, she couldnt feel the world around. Her eyes just kept staring the man. It was her brother damn it!
She wanted to scream but it seemed that her tongue was tied. Her eyes never blinking turned wet. Sam didnt felt her legs and arm. After minutes, she quickly moved her hand and minced her way to him to pull the body out of the jeep and turned the lifeless body towards her.

“Bhai?” she shouted and patted but no response.

Fear was building. A good reason existed behind that fear. She was afraid of the fact that she is going to lose him. She looked down at the body, carefully examining the flesh that was slowly being covered by blood. This wasn’t what she wanted. Many things started running through her mind, the good and bad moments with him. Tears made their way, that was when she realised he was no more. Her breath hitched, nostrils filled up and tears endlessly coming out of her hazel eyes.

“Bhai?” she shouted again on the top of her lungs but in vain. His head under her palms. He was still that handsome with gelled up hair. She stared the face for long, with all the memories running like a movie. All their fights flashed and she hold him for maybe hours till she was pulled up by someone.

Sam wanted to refuse but her body was too weak to oppose. Her eyes remained glued to the body on the surface. Her vision went blurr due to the watery lashes. She could hear horns. Slowly, her senses were coming back but soon, it got detached from her body and she fainted not before she felt strong arms wrapping her.

Precap: Piyali’s coldness

Wait! Wait! I know it was a long gap. Did you missed me? I missed you all a lot but here I am back.
I wanted to write more but it would have
felt like incomplete. So next chapter coming… Dont be angry guyz.

So, this was my way of how ‘Jai’ in manmarziyan died. Hope you liked it!
And yup my results are good, I dnt want to reveal %age cause unknowingly, people start making opinions! Just my thinking. I am happy with my results πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I hope you are as well. Congrats everyone! πŸ™‚ and how is everyone hm?

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  1. Really roshni jai died in this way actually I never saw manmarziyan …..but u killed raghav …so sad yaar iam crying ..almost …pls update next soon:-) πŸ™‚

    1. Hey sammy? The actual manmarziyan didnt showed how the accident happened! Its just my way .. Hope you liked it πŸ™‚ dnt cry yr

  2. Roshni…m seriously v v v angry at u:(:(:(
    First of all u vanish in thin air like a wizard without informing, then u come back with such a shocking update!!!
    My heart clenched when I read Raghav was no more!!! Seriously losing loved ones is the biggest sorrow one can get in life…But u have expressed it so well…right from how the accident happened to the last scene of Sam fainting…Very beautiful description!!!
    Can’t see Piyali’s coldness and as u have the tendency to give ‘Jhatakas’ m damn sure she ll behave badly with Sam…can’t see my cutie Sam in tears:(:(:(

    And now coming to u, take this punch *DISHOOM*…yes now ur punishment over…
    Zyada zor se lagi toh nahin…

    When’s ur b’day??? And are u on wattpad???
    Tkcr and lots of love and hugs…come back soon this time:):):)

    1. Hii nupur.. Tennu bada miss kia yr! Plzzz dnt be angry ..ah!! I got sharp punch on my cheekbones .
      And Wizard???? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ uh oh! Well, nope not in wattpad.. And my birthday 11th feb 99 πŸ™‚ urs? Is it coming?

  3. roshni how can u leave us without informing πŸ™ congo for ur results. coming to update its really very sad πŸ™ πŸ™ y u killed him actually??? πŸ™ i used to love their bond so much bt πŸ™ πŸ™ anyway eagerly waiting for the next one

    1. Hey kavya missed you as well girl.. And yup saw u in fb.. U r too tall!!! πŸ˜€ .. Y are south indians so tall??? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      Thanks sweetheart ..
      Answer: In the show itself Sam’s brother died with she herself in the car, so just to relate !

      1. Dear r u sure that u saw me?? Coz i think i am not that tall.. πŸ™‚ and yeah if u can plz contact me through fb na so that i can see u too πŸ™‚ tc dear.. Hope at least u will update regularly from now onwards

      2. I deleted my fb and created a new acc which is deprived of any pics πŸ™
        And searching for kavya addepalli made me reach u. and u r tall .. I saw ur pic wid frnds in the kv uniform so yeah sure.. i Guess!

        Trying to be regular πŸ˜€

      3. So how r ur holidays? Enjoying??

      4. Always ill πŸ™

  4. hey roshni……..y did u make me cry….i just feared tis the time u mentioned abt rising speed…. my god!! tis is not done….good to c u aftr long time but felt bad coz of tis….and.its ok if u dont want to tell ur marks …. and u dont know our tu frnds…our tu frnds just take the good side only rather than negatives….u r a tu author and u shld know it better….and u might also have seen tat in grp na…well….wat r ur future plans roshni….let it b anythng…but all the very best…well…i got 94.6% …hey but still iam crying be…story ko aisa kyu bana diya….aaahhhhh….. poor sam…. how can she bear it….seeing our sibling dying before our eyes is the worst thng that happens in one’s life….u peerced my heart…tears streaming down my eyes unknowingly… u nailed it roshni…hats off to u… u touched the heart…keep going…dont take such a long break… well…inform me ur next plan……all the best dear…bear hugs and lots of kisses…..

    1. Feby thast suh a great news. Very well scored dear. Mine are not awesome like urs but I am happy πŸ™‚ sorry for making you cry yrr… Just the need of the story πŸ™ thanks for sharingyour views… I am focussed on medical course feby . Hope all goes well

  5. Roshini darling …I missed you and your updates like anything but I understand πŸ™‚ loved this one πŸ™‚ Sam-Neil conversation was cute…but my heart pained at the end when Ragahv died πŸ™‚ poor Sam … and now Piyali will go cold with Sam… very well written πŸ™‚ do let me know when are u posting Kindle πŸ™‚ and Congratulations on your result πŸ™‚ stay blessed πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks dii.. means a lot! Super glad that you loved it.. I also didnt wanted to end his character but just to relate with the actual show .. I brought this. Thanks again di.. πŸ™‚ kindle is next

  6. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks brin πŸ™‚ will post soon

  7. oh roshini my rockstar i’m so glad you are back ………………….. i was missing you from long time ……………… but wait what is this …… i can’t stop my tears ..they are flowing endlessly ……………pls pls pls pls pls pls pls plssssssssssssssssssssssssss i dont want raghav to die …….he is one of the gem of this FF …………….. i love him a lot ……….his cute fights and bickering with sam makes me remind of me and my brother ………..i’m so emotionally attached to him ………………. and if possible pls let him revive the accident ……….it’s a request pls take it under consideration

  8. Everything was fine.. until raghav n Sam got into jeep… gosh.. don’t know y I felt something.,n u brought it.. yes.. I missed ur updates dear.. nesam part was interesting.. the way u described abt accident., I got tears.. all happiness vanished in a sec.. waiting for next update
    .. congos for ur result dear

  9. hey its amazing….n i dnt hv any need to tell how much i missed u….this epi s totally painful……but very genuine….

  10. No….. Plz mt maro raghav ko aise n now piyali Sam k sath kesa behave kregi

  11. I am a silent reader of ur ff but today i am forced by this emotional ep. I loved each and every episode of this ff. Today it was something more . I am at the verge to cry. I never expected ragav to die. Plzz try to post nxt soon. Everyday i wished to see this here. I am very happy to see this but aldo restless to see nxt. So plz post nxt asap.?

  12. awesome….

    1. Thanks subha! πŸ™‚ glad u liked

  13. Amazing Roshni feeling very well depicted. Waiting for the next

    1. Thank you so much diii πŸ™‚ will be updating soon

  14. its really superbbbbbbbb darling✌? loveddd it?? specially nesam part fabulous✌? but sorry for ragav ? but dis s not sam fault…….. hope for d best? loved it??

    1. Hey suga.. Thank you !!! You got it right ! Not Sam’s fault.. But there was no witness so yeah! Hope for the best..

  15. Oh god am trying to reply individually but something or other is disturbing.. So here All in one:

    @priya- thats really sweet of you to call me a rockstar.**. blushing** I saw ur comments in my ff’s but unable to reply πŸ™
    you guessed it ri8.. I Wanted neil and raghav both to be the male leads but I thought to relate it with the actual wipe ur tears and Plzz dnt cry.. Smile please πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

    @jessie-thanks a lot dear.. your comment was really overwhelming.. I realise you are new here or was a silent reader?
    Wil post soon

    @maandey- missing your updates as well diii.. It will be rude of me to ask you to write and post in ur sleeping time…

    @Amita- thanks amita for reading and sharing ur views.. Dnt wry piyali is her mother after all.. It will be okay but sorry to say Raghav wont be back πŸ™

    @sree- yaar you must know how happy I am right now.. cause I have seen your comments in all other mmz ff’s.. And how badly I wantd you to see in my ff as well.. but its really so overwhelming to know that you did read my epis.. tHanks a lot πŸ™‚

  16. roshni roshni roshni yr u just nailed it it wss soooo emotional i actually felt like yr mai help krdu uski to save him he ws really a star of ur ff but may be you felt soo …it would bring a great turning point in d story …but m really very sad nd plzz update this one soooon nd who saved her from falling goshh soo many Q s r der update soon
    m sorry as i couldn’t reply on any of ur ffs it’s just due to my studies but today atlast i got some time soo searched all ur updates nd enjoyed a lot tysm love u alot byee tc nd congo for ur result dear i knw u would have rocked there tooo!!!…

    1. Hey shrrya dii? How are you? Its totally fine yr.. Good for me actually or you would have been angry wid me for delaying so much to post… Studies first wese v πŸ™‚
      Thanks for being so supportive πŸ™‚

  17. Are yaar roshni…..y did u make dis acci…….yuk….i hate accis…n injuries……even though i love band aid type of cuts n bruises frm bike skits…..not d break or blood oozings of cors not ……..
    But good dat of d early part…..
    N i lov u 4 not revealing of d % of marks….u provd dat yu r my bst frnd bcoz i too hate revealing n love 2 live wiid d marks i gt…..
    Love u lots…..huphh……vacation ended buddy….2moro onwards colg???…..hugs in packs ………tc????

    1. Hehehehe… Yeh to sansar ka niyam hai, isme hamara bas nahi πŸ˜‰ the point is everything happens for good reason …
      Sincere thanks dude! I believe one gets what they deserve.. Let it be sooner or later..
      Badi jaldi khatam ho raha hai.. but I will get to see u on my pg?

      1. Of cors buddy……ni8 ill b comin n read d ffs……b4 bed…….so ill b der ……n ill inform if im stuck with colg works….???

  18. My roshni sweeeeeetheart.’s really very heart wrenching n thrilling episode. ..the scene of accident was very painful. ..I cried while reading ot…you nailed it my honeyyy once again. ..I’m totally flat by your flawless writing skills. ….brilliantly narrated. ..I’m visualize everything….Raghav died …noway…..Sam’s condition n her grief, hurt, care for her bro, trying hard to help but own body couldn’t move due to her injuries. …ufffff…in mmz they didn’t show the whole accident scene but now I can feel it n imagine it ….ahhhh it hurts……your narration made it real here. ..hat’s off to you my sweeeeeetheart. …precap is very depressing. …keep it up honeyyy. …..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh :)β™‘β™‘β™‘

    1. Ohh so lovely roma dii.. Means a lot..made my day yrrr.. Plz dnt cry!
      Ya true you got it! I wanted to give it a story.. how jai died! Will post son love you laods

      1. Your welcome sweeeeeetheart. …love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh. Bear hug. πŸ™‚

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    When ur going to update you r only mine….waiting for that eagerly…

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