First Love in School (nesam) part 6 and 7


Heya. A little long update… Ready steady po….

Today’s epi: The event day

In the green room, The participants were engaged with each other checking their outfits and make up. The mirror was not left alone even for a second.

Some of them were doing some moves while their partners were suggesting and giving advices.
All were in a hurry. Teachers and the volunteers kept coming every second informing them of the situation outside. There was still half an hour for the programne to start.

Sam stood at the side silently as she was all ready in the white knee length light frock with pink florals upto waist highlighting her curves. She had few curled hairs dripping at the forehead and all the straight ones laid open at the back. She completely resembled a fairy in the 5’5 height with a slim figure. The wrist had a beautiful bracelet of silver.
Pulling a chair from the side to herself, she sat and flipped the hankerchief due to the hotness of the room. The filled green room was turning impatiently hot.
Others also started sitting as they geared up. The atmosphere cooled a little.

Soon people were rolling in the hall occupying seats as soon as possible. The two thousand seats got bounty in no time.

Neil also arrived in the dance costumes. He was bare chested. His abs were all flashing and all the eyes were on him only.
His hairs were gelled back and the blue eyes… In no second captured her.
He removed his gaze from her and joined the group.

“chief guest is coming. Get ready everyone. Program will start in ten minutes” the informer again blurt out whilst passed unrestful worried and tensed features among the participants.
Some jumped hearing that being nervy.
“Oh my god! Oh my god!” one screeched.

Few were blabbering getting neurotic with every passing second. Experienced were sitting quietly at the corner with both hand’s fingers entwined to each other preparing themselves.

“guyz you remember your positions?” Sam enquired whilst the group members nodded her.

Everyone remained silent for few seconds and it was broke as they heard a loud sound of cheer and claps notifying them of the entry of the chief guest and the presence of the more than two thousand audience.

The participants parted making groups of their members only.

Rahul and Neil both had their constant gaze on Sam who was unknown of it. In between that, both the boys passed a stern hateful glance to each other as well with a warn not to look at her again. Totally in vain.

Sam was typing a message to Divya who was unwell. She was showing anger plus concern on her absence and health respectively.

Keeping the phone aside she watched the walls doors and the all abiotic things around finally settling at the pair of blue attractive captivating eyes which were moving closer to her.
She moved her eyes sideways avoiding him and grabbed the phone again but it loose as her wrist had a hold of the large lean fingered hands.

“crap!” she muttered under her breath without caring to look above.

“what happened sammy?” he asked.

It was not his voice. It wasnt Neil. She raised her face and amusing creases lined her forehad. It was Rahul. Then, where was Neil?

She tilted her head a little to see his glimpse which was blocked by Rahul’s broad shoulders.
He wasnt there! Just now, he was walking towards her.
God knows! What happened. He might be full of wrath and anger. But why does she cares! She wanted to kill the rising emotion. She had never felt such and she never wanted to. To her, love was not a good thing. It makes people dreamy and too much of hopes. Moons and stars lol. These are all stupid things.

“What happened Sammy?” the words made way breaking her from the thoughts.
“This is the third time I am asking sammy. You seemed upset. What is the reason?” Rahul enquired shaking her a little asusring himself that she was listening to her.

“Hmm? Oh-nothing.” Sam said composing herself.
“Actually Divya… Yaar.. She is not well and is not attending the function.. And Guess what? She is telling that to me now..” she mumbled in a complaining tone as her face arranged for a sad puppy face.

“What happened to her?” rahul asked but Sam was in no mood to reply.
With an “I dont know” reply she grabbed a water bottle and gulped.
Her eyes were still searching for the strange annoying person.

The hall was looking magnificient with the main stage decorated perfectly well.
The streamers of purple and white were pulled to the centre from the ends covering the ceiling in a circular form with balloons hanging at the middle. Those were huge in number, all in the secondary colours.
Ribbons were criss crossed and designed the pillars.
Everything seemed authentic and wonderful.

The time passed and the fifth no. Drama was in full swing. Participants were getting nervy as their turn came close. Some were walking and rubbing palm to calm themselves.

Sam went to a corner and looked out the window observing a nest on the banyan tree outside. It broke at the rough voice.

“Spanish dance.. Get up!” the teacher ordered in a very hurried tone.

The students slowly get into the stage taking their positions… They had their back to the audience. Neil kept his hand at her waist and gave an assuring nod to her.

The curtains raised and the beats started.
Six dancers were grouped center stage, arms reaching high, fingers spread, heads tilting back. Neil was bare-chested, wearing only body-hugging pants. Sam’s sleeveless dress was plain but drape loosely around her thin body to reveal br*asts and hips with a similarly plain, unsensual beauty.
Warm light poured down from above, fixing the dancers in a moment.

She noticed his constant stare on her in between the dance. She deliberately elbowed her during the steps and he came back to senses.

The audience cheered as the boys gave a quick spin.
The girls body seemed so flexible and they threw a surprising trick.
Everyone seemed to be enjoying. It gave a very sharp pleasure to them in watching the dancers.

The touch among the partners was constant. Everytime she hit his rough and tough body, her piloerected and her heart thud.
It was becoming so difficult for her to maintain the closeness.

The synchronization and coordination among all captivated the audience. They cheered all the while.
The beats turned loud and fast form soft nd smooth.
Their step became fast and she was all the while in air as he lifted her up for it. She hardly had her feet on ground.

They had unusual control over the movements. Within single slow movements or within a sequence all enjoyed seeing the continuity of an impulse and the culmination of a phrase. They seemed so effortless. The people were not only watching a charming dancer, the performers was also showing a dance, an elegant dance.
They had the youthful spring in starting, the grace of carriage and the strength in stopping.

The melodious tune took over and very soon the song stopped and curtains fell.
Theur was a huge applause and cheer from the audience.

Sam felt awkward after the performance. She didnt met his eyes even for once. Her heart was still pupmping fast trying to catch breath.

Piyali came and kept a hand on her shoulder.
“why are you standing here? You gave such an amzing performance my son. Everyone are praising you” she said.

Sam turned and saw prerna aunt behind her mom.
She had her sweet smile. She walked closer and caressed her forehead
“it was wonderful” she softly made out the words.

Sam smiled totally assured by her words. She had something to which one easily get convinced.

Both the lady hugged her and dragged her for a leave. (Their performance was the last.)

Part 7 (weekend)

The sunrays penetrated and disturbed the beauty sleep. Sam opened her one eye and then again crawled back to bed.
“Mom! Shut the windows” she complained but her voice was too lazy and weak to reach her mother in the hall.

Piyali walked in but with another reason.
“Sammy wake up. Its 8 now. Quick” she ordered drawing away the sheet from her body.

“Ugh mom” she got hold of the sheet and tried to cover herself again but in vain.
She let out a groan.
She sat straight and begged
“Mom! Its holiday. Puh-lease”
But till the time,sleep had alredy left her body. Her mom was too good in this.

Her lips pursed and eyes narrowed looking at her mom all annoyed. Piyali chuckled and dragged her off the bed. Sam’s arms were on her mom’s shoulders with all her weight on her. Her toes were curled to the floor.

“Mummaaa…” again she let out a complaining voice till piyali didnt pushed her to the bathroom.

After brushing, Sam went to the hall towards his dad who was all ready in the uniform with a newspaper in his hand.
She hugged him from back and whipered lazily
“Good Morning daddy”

He smiled and ruffled her hairs.
“Good morning my son. Go! Get ready ” he gently said.

She looked more than cute in the tom and jerry nightsuit. She hadnt changed the nightsuits. Her mom was going to yell seeing her like that. But she was in the kitchen preparin something.

Sam pulled the chair and asked her dad. “No holiday Mr. Khanna?”
He chuckled “no holidays for us my dear”

“Hmph.. You should change your job” she suggested liked a kid. She knew it was very kiddish of her but she was like this only with her dad and brother. However, Piyali was also very loving, but somewhere lacked the bonding like the one she shares with her dad.

Sam took an apple from the table but the voice of her mom let her drop it back.
“Sammy! Go and change first.”

She had to listen and change or else her mother would not let her have a bite. It was a daily routine.

She came out in the shorts with folded loose kurti like shirt and sat in the chair with all weight on her folded arms at the table.

Raghav was sitting opposite to Sam and Piyali to Samrat.

“Few families are going for a trip to the national park tomorrow” Samrat said as his fingers sliced the bread.

Sam’s eyes widened and teeth excitedly grinned. She passed a look to her brother who showed no pleasure.
“So are we going?” Raghav asked to her surprise.

His face showed no excitement and words for questions are dropping out more like stating it.

“You both want to go?” he asked looking both the child.
One extrememly happy and other hideously happy.

“Yeah. Of course.” Sam assured from her brother’s side as well.

Sam was sitting in the tiled floor! little bent. She dipped the zero size brush in the rich black colour and carefully drew the outlines of the painting she had done. The portrait of a girl. Her hairs all wavy and face like monalisa. Wait, she had painted monalisa only. Not an exact but beyond enough to be praised.
After that she dipped the brush into the smallest glass of water.
She stood up and looked at her work and smiled widely and more of proud. It was one of the most finest work she had ever done.

Soon the happy face got caught with fire and she was burning thunderously.
Her brother had spilled the water over there, over her hardwork.

She had given her complete five hours to it. And he left no chance to destroy it.
Damn it! She was not going to leave him today.

This time he knew he was at fault and a sorry or chocoalte would not work.
A drop of tear fell from her eyes and stopped. It vapourised in no time.
She took the dry cloth and soaked the water that he had spilled. Fortunate enough, it wasnt spoiled much otherwise he would have been dead by now. She tried to control her anger but in vain. Her face was reddening.
She was ready to cut him off. If someone offered her a loaded gun and a “get out of jail free card” she’d have no problem pulling the trigger.
Her eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard.

“Why the hell did you barged in?” she demanded a very very valid answer as if his deeds and its punishment would be lessen if he had come to save her from an earthquake.
Painting was what she loved the most. More than anything. Whenever her parents scolded her or anytime she had fights with friends and felt lonely, she would simply put all the colours on the canvas to bring something very artistic.

Her room had her works hanging. The beautiful scenerieswith positive quotes. Hardly, any space was left.

“Whoa sammy, wait. Your drawing.. This” he pointed at the paper “it is okay. So dont bark now and come out for lunch” he simply bit out to make it sound nothing serious.

“You just get out of my room!” she shouted authoritatively as loud as possible.

“What happened to you both again?” her mom entered the scenario notified by her daughter’s loud voice.

Sam was too angry to explain so the mother demanded an answer from her son.
“Oh nothing mom. She had kept the water glass just at the doorstep so I stepped and it spilled” he casually explained.

“What the hell?? Cant you just accept your mistake sometimes?” she screeched.

“Sam its okay. It is fine now. You both come out for lunch.” her mother assured sounding more of protective towards Raghav though there was nothing like that. She was just preventing a cat fight.
Sam didnt talked to him for the next many hours.


Next day five families were going for the trip. Others had already left the camp for vacations to their hometowns.

Sam looked very cute in the denim jumpsuit revealing her toned legs with with the white canvas shoes covering her foot. A nikon camera hung around her neck and a bracelet beautifully embraced her poreclain wrist.
Raghav had his casual shirt teamed with the black jeans and nike shoes. he had his shades on.
“oh hero remove your shades. No sun today” Sam mocked as revenge for yesterday’s fight.

He ignored and sat by her side in the backseat of the safari.
Piyali had wore a beautiful green salwar to which she looked like a teenager.

“You mom is going to kill some youngsters today” Samrat flirted jovially as he started the engine.
Piyali blushed sitting by his side.

After an hour journey, they reached the wildlife habitat.

Sam was all excited and she had already snapped a lot of pictures while the journey.

They waited sometime for the others to reach as well.
Sam noticed a red jeep at a distance. It was looking damn attractive that her steps approached it in no time. The owner was nowhere to be seen.

She made a quick observation nd wanted to jump on the driver seat and just go on a ride.
But, unfortunately she hadnt leaarned driving yet.

Someone tapped her shoulder and she turned.
Neil! He looked hot in the open neck purple t-shirt and blue ripped jeans with white earphones hanging around his neck.

She quickly moved to see her family. His presence showed that other families had arrived.
But no, none. Only the three members were seen with her annoying but loving brother, tapping his iphone and mom dad making some observation about the park quiet unknown of her absence.
But she knew, the first person who would think of her was the man of forty in the formal suit, her dad.

She came out of her little emotional thoughts when his words reacher her ears.
“Well, your dad drive pretty fast. Fifteen minutes after me.” He said taking a sip from the very familiar company can.

Gosh! She didnt knew he was full of himself, self boosting, praising himself. He had compared himself to her dad, her most loved person on earth.

“he can drive a lot faster.. more than you can ever imagine BUT HE has a family and he cares for us unlike you.”
Neil stiffened a little taken aback. He had made the journey alone in his jeep and left his parents to come by their car. He had a very true friendly bonding with his mother but not with his dad due to some reasons.
Even Sam now thought that she bursted more than she should. But she was already hell annoyed by her brother.

Just then a car honked. And then another. The others arrived.
Sam ran to them and Neil followed.
Sam quicjly gave a hug to Divya who was dressed in a three quarter blue jeans and light loose white short sleeved shirt.

“Ouchh” Divya screeched as the camera hurt her tummy during the hug.
“God! Sam.. it hurts yr” she complained monotonously.
Sam rubbed her stomach which pained her more and give tickles.
Divya shooed her hand and both roared a laugh after sometime.
The elders talked for few more minutes and the fun began.


Precap: Neil and Sam annoyance and fights.

Hope you guyz enjoyed it. Next epi going to be fun. πŸ™‚
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Credit to: Roshni

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