First Love in School (nesam) part 10

Sam’s POV

My head was feeling too heavy. I opened my eyelids slowly and it gave me a blurr vision. For how long was I sleeping? I moved my hand to the side table to check time but there wasnt any table clock. Instead, I broke a glass of water. I turned my head aside and found myself laying in some one else’s room. How much I remember, its not my parent’s room where I usually go for a sleep. It was all white and green. It was a hospital. But why am I here?

Suddenly, the opening of door passed me relief. A lady in thirties came in view. Obviously mom.

“Mumma” I mumbled.

She walked closer and sat by my side. I realised it was Neil’s mom. She passed me a very sweet smile.

“how are you feeling Sammy?” she asked.

“Aunty! I am good. Where is mom?” I immediately enquired.

She seemed surprised at my question. Did I asked something wrong?

“Umm… She is home. She was.. tired so I.. sent her home.” she completed stammering.

“And dad?” I asked again.

“ home too sammy…”

I didnt let her finish and asked again
“And Bhai?” My head felt really heavy as I asked about him. It was trying to memorise me what happened in the last few hours or so.

My eyes were turning wet as I remembered the accident. My throat got filled up.

“Aunty?Bhai? Where is he? How is he? Is he in the same hospital? ” I enquired in one shot though my vision was still unclear.

“Uh-Sammy how are you now?” a voice reached my ears. Sounded like Rahul.
I turned and found him.

“Hey Rahul. Do you know where Raghav bro is?”

Just as i finished Aunty hugged me tight at that. I was trying to control myself. Whatever I am feeling must not be the truth. She hugged me tightly and sobbed in my shoulder and hush of emptiness passed my body. Tears were rolling down and it was more blurr now. My eyelids fall before I could speak something.

Neil’s POV

After raghav and Sam went for the ride, I sat on a bench with can on my hand and looked around. I was sipping the cold drink when my mom came to me.

“Neil. Have you seen Raghav and Sammy?” she asked. And my mouth zipped. She would scold me of no use if I tell her the truth. I would have to listen to her lectures which are lot more boring than those of teachers. Not to mention, I know what will she say. Its ratified.

‘Neil. Why did you sent them alone? Its not your home. Grow some brains. You are in 12th now. This is a jungle. We have no idea where are they are now? Moreover, they are still child. We didnt gave you that jeep to misuse…. Blah blah’ lot more. Its just a brief from my side.

“Mom they just went for a walk. Dont worry.” I lied which I felt guilty for.

“Neil! Where is jeep?” she screamed.

God! Mom this is not home. She can ask calmly. Cant she?
Freak… What will I say now? I realised.

“mom.. See aunty is calling you.” I diverted her and ran for them though I know I wouldnt reach them.

I took out my phone and called Raghav but he didnt pick up the phone. And I cant call Sammy, Raghav will think otherwise.

I randomly walked more. Suddenly, I heard bark of dog. I turned back and saw a black, almost dirt with very less furr staring me. It was scary man.
It barked loud and tried jumping on me. Lucky me, my senses provoked me to run for life and I did. But the dog was too greedy for me, that it kept trying to catch me. I was huffing and puffing with all the marathon. I must have loose five kilos for sure.

“Someone help man” I screamed in the middle of the mountains. It just echoed.

My sweat was dripping down my body. My hands fidgeted and I saw the can in my hand.
Crap! I stopled abruptly and looked at the dog. It stopped as well. Whwre was my brain? Why the hell I ran? I looked at the can for a second then at the dog and threw it on his side but far for him. It instantly ran back and I hide behind a tree to be saved when he finds it empty.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and observed the dog. It turned back after playing with that empty can. Seeing no one , it ran from where it came.

I sigh a relief and stood at the road.

Suddenly, my eyes caught a view. I was shocked to see a similar looking jeep at a very distance lying on the road.

I was in extreme shock but I started running when I realised the situation.

f**k, my heart stopped beating. I rushed and saved Sam from hitting the ground. Raghav was lying at the side. My jeep was CRUSHED!

I called 911 and then family.


It was 2:00 am when Sam opened her eyes for the second time. After she was unconscious, she was checked by the doctor and treated with saline.

Neil was on the couch. He came there two hours ago to check on her after her parents left. Neil had managed to assure them and sent them home. Prerna and his dad also left. Rahul left only few minutes ago with too much pressure. He was there for the whole day. Neil knew he loved Sam, and he was really grateful to him for being with her all the while when he was busy wih Raghav’s funeral. All of them were tired. He forced him to go and rest.

Now, Divya and Neil were with Sam.
She went out to recieve a call.

Sam turned her head towards the couch and saw him. He stood up and walked to her.

Sam’s POV

He was watching me sitting on a couch. As I moved my hand , he noticed and walked to me. I noticed all his shirt buttons were done on the wrong holes.
I lifted my finger and pointed.
He bowed then gave me a questioning look.

“Buttons” I mumbled.

He checked and passed a sad smile.

“Tired?” I asked.

“sort of.” he honestly retorted.
I half smiled.

He sat by my side on my bed and helped me sit.

He leaned closer and placed his head on my shoulder. He slowly took my hands on his large ones and emtwined them. My heart was turning weak and the drop fell.

” cry out Sam. Its okay.” he mumbled and my control loosened. I cried.

He raised his face and now placed my head on his shoulder. He caresse dmy hair and I cried more and more.

We remained in that position dont know for how long.
When I was tired of crying, he got up and slided a tablet to me.

“Have it.”

The door opened suddenly and Divya came.

“Neil, Samrat uncle called.” divya informed without looking up.

“Sammy you woke up?” she rushed and hugged me.

“Did you told she is fine?” Neil asked.

“No. I said she is asleep so he was worried and told that he will be coming in few minutes.” Divya said.

“I didnt knew she was awake so..” she clarified which was of no need. We understand girl.


After two days Sam was brought back home. The inspector had really inquired a lot who was then asked to come later by her father.

Samrat took her to the room and made her rest. Piyali didnt talked much. She did took care of her needs and health but rarely did she asked for the same.

“Papa, I am sorry.” Sam said.

Samrat turned and passed her a helpless look.

“I couldnt save him.” she cried while speaking.

Samrat put his arm around her and patted on her shoulder.

“I wanted to save him papa… But he was …. not breathing papa” she continued.

“Its okay beta. You must rest now. Dont think much.” he tried to divert.

But they got interrupted by Piyali.

“Why not? She has lost her brother. Of course she will think. What happemed there Sam? Tell me clearly.” she demanded.

Sam firstly was little amused but she digested that and spoke

“Mom… We were on Neil’s jeep. Bhai was driving and I was on his side.”

“We were suddenly hit by a truck. Thats what I remember Mom. When I realised what had happened, I looked for him. He was layig there. When I reached for him, he had left.” she cried vigorously while completing.

“Its okay beta. Shh…” Samrt pacified while Piyali gave a dissatisfied look.

“You must not disturb her by asking any silly question.” Samrat warned and made her left the room with him. While Sam rested.

“for god sake piyali, she is weak now. You must stop playing detective with her. Thats not your work.” Samrat growled in his room.

“Why shouldnt I? I have lost a son samrat. You would not feel that cause you are a man. Do you even know what I am going through? He was just 19 Samrat, he was still a child. A young one.” Piyali cried with her words. Samrat felt guilty for his action.

“This all is because of Sam. She is always the immature one. She is hiding something.” Piyali continued which again rised his anger.

“Just shut up now Piya. Calm yourself. She is also your daughter. I have also lost a son. I dont want to lose a daughter as well.” he tried to make her understand.

And the night ended like that.


Friends, this is not proof read. Please forgive me for the mistakes.

Oh- I cried while writing, you know you need to feel the character. I Feel for Sam. The cold treatment is in the next part.
Now tell me please how was it?

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  1. kidddddooo…u cm…ahhhhh…m more thn happy…nf its super….sam…awww poor fellow…i will surely miss raghav!!

  2. It was very emotional, you nail it well done, waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

  3. Dev

    Long time roshni…..missd u
    …..n ya a nc emotional epi now dat piyali wudnt care 4 sam…its sammrat n neils job 2 pacify her….
    How r u buddy……wer hav u been…i hop al is well ovr der…
    Love u always….hugs….pecks???

  4. wow roshni……finally u posted its superb……….neil is so cute plz update next soon

  5. Sammy

    First roshni why were you …all of a sudden you just disappeared …and second thing I. Can forgive you for this update …iam just crying …I love that raghav character …and pls update you are only mine too ..missing that one ..

  6. Too emotional. Now Piyali will hurt Sam with her words further. Hope Sam doesn’t break down anymore…Waiting for the next one?

    Roshu baby u came. I think I have waited for ur story like eternity times infinity…lol just kidding yaar?

    Tell me how r u and howz ur health?
    Lots of love and giant panda hugs dear?

  7. Sree

    I was waiting for this since a long time. It was very emotional. I was also laughing then crying. Neil’s part with dog was funny but after that again it got very emotional. I dont know how i will read nxt ep cuz i cant see cold treatment towards Sam. Poor Sammy?????????
    Waiting for nxt dear.??

  8. Roshini welcome back .. this was just too emotional…. my heart pained for Raghav, Piyali and Sam… I don’t know how will Sam handle her Mom’s cold treatment hope Neil stands by her πŸ™‚ waiting for the next πŸ™‚ loads of love dear stay blessed πŸ™‚

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  11. I am more than happy to read your comments. Constant smile while reading those. I missed you more than you did guyz. i am hoping to get the same love. πŸ™‚ its been too long i know, health was not good guyz… I will be trying to post next soon.. Please support me just like before. πŸ™‚

  12. Oh god my comment got posted in the reply section of Subha..

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  15. I’m glad you are back….missed you sooooo sooooo much. …love you loads

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