First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 8


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So here is the next episode.
Aakash-kkk ,let’s talk peacefully
Raman sees the crowd & say- what are u guys seeing ??is there Any film shooting happening here, go away from here

Crowd slowly moves away.the bell rings.
Shagun- so u r kushi
Kushi- haa
Ishu- I’m having class &bhai it is better to talk later when pragya di there as she is elder of us & talk decisions correctly.
Kushi- haa bhai, but y r quarrelling with them
Shagun- quarrelling aa ,he beat my bhai
Kushi- but y
Aakash- for what he done to u yesterday
Ishu,kushi is in shock & thinks how he know about it.
Ishu- but bhai how u know that?
Aakash- vo…when I came to know that chinnu shouted at u & ur angry on her& I came to talk with u but I heard all ur talking.
Kushi thinks if bhai heard everything , y bhai came to beat him.
Ishu- but y u not came inside.
Aakash frnd came & says- hey, principal called u
Aakash shock & asked y
Akki frnd- for some circular regarding teacher’s day
Aakash-ohh( in relief)
Akki frnd- haa
Aakash- kk I will come u go & ishu & kushi u also go to ur classes & Mr.arnav don’t think I will leave u .and miss..
Shagun- shagun
Aakash- whatever u & ur remaining bhai come to canteen after the college, otherwise I will not leave ur bhai alive.ishu inform pragya di also
Ishu- kk bhai & drag kushi.
Kushi stares arnav along the way who is in pain.
Shagun- kk & bhalla also leaves from there.( in irritation)
Aakash also leaves from there.
Shagun- bhai what they are saying, what u did with her.
Arnav- vo…I said yesterday na that my frnd try to kiss a girl,that is not my frnd but me
Shagun & Raman shocks & say- Kya & shagun slaps arnav.
Arnav – princess………
Shagun- haa princess only how can u do this to the girl. I think what Aakash did is correct.
Arnav-haa I know I did wrong,but I didn’t do it wantedly .I will say sorry to kushi-
Shagun- kk if anyone do this with me also & say I didn’t it wantedly
Arnav – I will break his bones.
Shagun-for u one rule & others one rule aa.
Arnav- sorry
Raman think it means her name is ishu,nooo it may be her nickname but after all this she will accept me aa.
Shagun- Raman( shouts)
Raman comes in senses & sers everywhere -what who called me.
Shagun- bhai what r u thinking.
Raman- vooo… & states at arnav angrily.
Aranv- bhai sorry
Raman- kya sorry has, because of u,my life also spoiled.
Arnav- kya(what) (in confusion)
Raman think what I said now
Shagun- again what are u think & what u said that because of arnav ur life spoiled.
Raman- ntng,because of him my respect gone na…(try to cover it)
Shagun- don’t try to cover it, say me, u also start to keep secrets aa (said this with very face), kkk don’t talk with me & goes.
Raman – sorry princess , please please, I will sry, I said na that I lik one girl
Shagun- haa, but how it related to arnav’s mistake.
Raman- wait princess, let me complete the sentence.
Shagun-kk, say
Raman- she is none other than ishu, kushi’s sis
Shagun &Arnav- kya(what)
Raman- haa
Shagun- arnav u saw na that u mistake break another relation before it built
Arnav sry bhai. Sry princess.
Shagun-hmm let’s go & I will do cleaningl as it is bleeding near ur mouth as I slapped hardly in angry.
Raman- wow, first beating than treating him aa.
Shagun- bhai
Raman- sorry
All goes & inform this to abhi .
Abhi- arnav !!!(stares angrily.
Arnav- bhai sorry.
Shagun- so bhai , her bhai asked us to meet us in the evening at canteen.
Abhi- u all go , u know na I don’t lik these all quarrelling.
Shagun- but bhai.
abhi- raman bhai hai na u all go.its final .they all bringing their elder Raman is elder take him. Leave me in this problem.
Shagun- kk bhai

Same time,ishu , kushi ,Aakash came near pragya & ishu narrates everything.
Pragya- Aakash,what have u done, haa I always to don’t do fighting with any one but u will not listen to me na.
Aakash- but di , what he did with kushi also not right na.
Pragya – u should ask me before doing this & thnk god if anything happens to him means , what will happen to Kushi, will she come to college & studies peacefully aa.
Aakash- di , soory
Pragya- kk we will talk to them about it in the evening.

In the evening
Pragya, ishu,kushi, Aakash comes to canteen & sees raman, shagun, arnav sitting in the table.
Raman sees them & says- they came.
Pragya- hii I’m pragya, Gupta, can I know who is Arnav here.
Arnav- I’m arnav & goes near them.
Arnav kneel down & says -I’m sorry kushi for my behaviour yesterday & says sorry to everyone .
Pragya- hmm if u know that u have done wrong then I think kushi also forgives u & sees kushi
Kushi nods in such a way that she forgiven arnav & arnav feels happy.
Arnav gets up & stands.
Pragya- Aakash
Aakash- I’m sorry.
Shagun- y u did correct only, actually I don’t know what happened yesterday so sorry.
Aakash- its kk.

Arnav proposing kushi

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Credit to: Honey

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    When shagun realized what Arnav did 2 khushi she slapped him.Arnav realized what he did n apologized 2 Khushi.Khushi 4gave him.Bcz of pragya’s advise Akash apologized 4 hurting Arnav.But shagun says he shudnt apologize as he did was right.Loved shagun’s strong character here.
    I am rly enjoying this ff n plz include Ishveer in every update

    1. Thnk jasmine & I will try it

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar……..loved it Sooooo muchhhhhh

    1. Thnk u

  3. Shagun slap arnav, she was right…. and she do first aid I like her concern about her bhai….. and abhi what an idiot??? Of courses arnav did wrong but he come with them to support him na, and pragya handle the situation very nice….. and arnav propose khushi, I felt it too early….

    1. Thnk u but abhi not supported arnav but he don’t like quarrelling & actually wantedly I kept him away from this issue , that reason will get know in coming updates & I know its early but I hav to do it.hope u will enjoy further story & support me lik this only

  4. wow!!!!!! super epi honey… episodes lo edaina telugu songs include cheyadaniki try cheyi it looks gud i guess……:) <3

    1. Hi Telugu bhagunthadi kani andhariki ardham kadu kada & next time for one song I will give Hindi & Telugu songs for u , kkk na & thnk u for ur support dear, nuvu em chadhuvuthunav

      1. hey thanks ah…….and im doing my btech honey……..wat abt u??

      2. Diploma 2nd year dear

      3. baboii nakanna chinna pillavi 😀
        by the way ekkada chadutunnav honey nuv?

      4. Haa, nenu secbad lo chadhuvuthunanu

  5. Enjoyable episode… Really liked the full episode.. And precap was too good. Wow! Arnav will propose Khushi.. It’s amazing.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode 🙂 🙂

    1. Thnk u dear, I will try to update it aa early as possible

  6. Very nice honey!!??

    1. Thnk u Maya

  7. It’s awesome yaar I really loved it it’s amazing yaar… Eagerly waiting for next episode yaar…

    1. Thnk u dear

  8. Hi its very nice epic yaar… Its really awesome yaar.. I love diz epic its so good. Shagun was right thats she slapped arnav….

    1. Thnk u Lakshmi

  9. First love is awesome honey iam happy for u r super

    1. Thnk u devi for ur support. This response valuable for me

    2. hey devi where is ur ff yaar? u started one right……..

      1. Hey what the name of her ff

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