First love (one shot / two shots) Part 2(B)

Kavita came there. She is about to hug him but sanskar stopped her

San: who r u? (everyone  look at him like what is he saying)

Kav: sanskar what are saying? Don’t u remember me… I’m your kavita sanskar.. I came back.. Look ur kavita came back…(then told everything which she told to swara). And you swara, I didn’t think you will do this with me . U said u will give me back my sanskar and you itself accepting his proposal. U didn’t even say anything about me to him. I didn’t think u will stoop so low.. U r such a ….(she couldn’t complete because of a roar)

San: STOP RIGHT THERE Ms..  Don’t u dare to say anything against my wife… Satya (he yelled.. A girl came there) holds her (point to kavita. She holds her tightly)

[ arre you all know her. She is my baby doll satya099..and satya this is the compensation for misunderstanding happened in FS ??]

San : (turned to swara) is she saying truth?

Sw: are you mad? How can I give you to her? No way.. You may be her first love but now u r my husband.. You love me… So you r mine.. I made her sit there because I want to show her that u might be loved her 5 years ago. But you love me only more than anyone or anything.. U can call me selfish but I will always selfish to your love…

San : and I love your selfishness..

Sw: but why are you asking that who is she…

Sanskar looks at the girl who is trying to escape from the hold of satya..

San : now tell me who are you?

Kav : sanskar I’m ur kavita only.. Why don’t you believe me.. She changed you so much..

San: yes she changed me a lot.. That’s true.. But can u tell me one thing the girl who died in my lap holding my hand and I did her funeral with my own hands.. How can she go to coma and come back… (swara opens her mouth in o shape hearing this). Kavita was my first love. She has always have a special place in my heart in which swara rules…  Now tell me who are you.. Who send you here? First take this mask from ur face.. (everyone looks at her shocked. She didn’t move )  OK if u don’t do this I will ask satya to do this. She will do that in such a way that you have to do surgery of ur face..

Girl nodes no and take the mask. Swara’s  eyes become wider seeing her..

Sw: mansi…

San: do you know her?

Sw: she is mansi. Ragini’s best friend..

San: so this is ragini’s planning?

Mansi: yes she told me that swara is still behind laksh. She is cheating both of you..  She is acting like loving u but she just wanted to live with laksh…

Sw : Oye don’t you dare to say that again.. I love my sanskar not any luxsoap.. ????

Mansi : but he is romantic.. (she murmured)

Utt: (she was standing beside her heard it)  what? What did u say about laksh bhai? (everyone looks at her confused)  as he is romantic..? (everyone looks at mansi amused. She embarrassed)

Sw: what was that?

Mansi : wo he was my first love. I got to know ragini loves him.. I dropped my feelings and left from here.
Sanskar and others started to laugh hearing this.. At that time a man came there..

Man: sir.. .

San: yes John  ..

John: every video is ready sir..

Sw: what video..

John : CCTV proof about how she pushed you to river.  What happened in mm and whatever happened just now..

Mansi : pushed?? Who pushed you swara?

San: your best friend ragini … Do you want to see..  (shows her how ragini pushed her to river to marry laksh)  it’s good thing you did. U left from here or else she would have killed you also..

Mansi :  sorry swara sorry sanskar.. I don’t know about her.. I’m going to do a grave mistake. Thank God you saved me.. I’m ashamed to say that she is my best friend..

San : for this young r saying this. What will you do after seeing this video..

Sw : is it mm video.(sanskar nodes and shows them the video in which ragini is  ripping her own dress and shouting that help me and doing drama.. .

Suj: Chi disgusting girl. .

Mansi : i don’t think she will stoop so low. Chi.. Here we are praying each second to save our dignity and here she is playing with her own dignity…  Disgusting girl.. You have to send her to jail…  She doesn’t deserve any mercy..

Sw : Ofcourse.. Whatever she did with me I would have forgave her.  But for these two things, I will never ever forgive her..  First she played with her own dignity and she hurt my sanskar. I will send her to jail..

Then all went to mm. Ragini who is sitting and waiting to see a broken face of sanskar’s family, gets tensed seeing mansi’s real face. She thinks in mind that her all plays come to an end. But then composes thinking her best friend won’t betray her..

Rag: arre  swara u look so happy..

Lak: so don’t you like to see them happy ??

Rag: I didn’t mean that laksh Ji.. I’m asking him that who is that girl..

Lak: she is mansi Sharma naa.. Ur best friend(murmurs softly)  and my First crush. (Swara who was standing beside him looks at him shocked..)  then why are you asking to Sanskar..

San : Arre no no laksh.. She is not mansi she is kavita…

Lak : what are you saying sanskar..

San : yes she is kavita created by your sweet wife to broke swara.. (everyone looks at ragini shocked) badepapa I know u won’t believe it and u want proof.. I have every proof against her that what she did with us.

” sanskar how dare you to accuse my daughter ? ” a voice came from behind. Everyone looks behind and see shekhar and dadi. Ragini went towards them and hugs shekhar and started the crocodile tears..

Rag: see baba.. She again insisting everyone against me.  I don’t want to live

Lak: then why don’t you go and die..?

She: laksh how dare you to say that..

Mansi: uncle first see the video and then say anything..

Sanskar signalled satya.. She inserted CD to CD player..

San: 1st video..

This is the video that how she pushed swara to river to marry laksh..

San : 2nd video..

That was what did she do last night and how she is accusing sanskar

San : 3rd video.

Whatever happened in Mandir today..

Everyone looks at ragini with disgusting, angry and ashamed face.. Ap slapped her and asked her go from there.. She tried to protest but she didn’t hear anything. Dp told her his decision that laksh will send you the divorce papers. She went towards shekhar but he also slapped her and went to swara..

She : shona beta plz forgive me..

Sw: don’t ever call me with that name. My loved ones have only that right are nothing to me.. I wanted to expose ragini to unite maa and u. But I don’t want any relation with you.. If you want any forgiveness ask to her..

Ragini also came to swara and asked the forgiveness..

Sw: I would have forgave you whatever you did with me. But not now. You played with ur dignity and hurt my sanskar. I will never ever forgive you.. Someone is waiting for you.. (she turned and shocked seeing the police.. A woman  constables came and started to handcuff her)

Rag: baba plz save me.. (shekhar couldn’t see this, he went towards shomi)

She : mishti I’m very sorry.. Plz forgive me.. I’ll never ever leave you.. Plz forgive her too.. Pls she is a girl. Jail is not good for her.. Pls ask swara to take back the case.  (swasan and others looks at him disgustingly)  we will be together always. I will never ever leave u.. Plz.. Mish  ..(interrupted by slap)


She : mishti  ????(swara and others also looks at them shocked)

(now u understood naa who can slap shekharactionblaze)

Shom: stop stop right there Mr shekhar gagodia.. Don’t ever call me mishti. I am miss bose for you.. Call me like that. We have already applied divorce.. I also signed. I have no interest to come back to u.. There is no us..

Sw: but maa..

Sho: I know swara. You married sanskar for my happiness.. I know that u have heard everything when i talked to his photo.. But it was a drama to unite u both.. (turns to shekhar) yes Mr shekhar gagodia it was a drama. I did this to unite them my swara and sanskar. As I got to know that she loved sanskar not laksh.. After seeing sanskar’s efforts to solve everything he damaged.. I understand that he will be with my daughter always..  Look at him u can see the meaning of husband.. get lost from here..

Dida 🙁 hugs her) I’m proud of you shomi.. (swara also hugs her)

Ragini is taken by police. Shekhar and dadi went behind her.. Mansi also went from there saying bye to them..

Lak: bhai, swara plz forgive me.. And swara don’t worry. I respect your decision and I’m very happy for you both.. You both are made for each other..

San: thank you for understanding us laksh

Sw:(came towards them) thank you laksh.. You will be always my friend..

San: (hugs swara sideways) badepapa we are leaving to Mumbai with mom dad uttu,shomi MA and dida..

Ap : but sanskar beta how can you separate ur family.  Swara beta plz stop him.. Don’t separate them family..

Suj: they didn’t separate this family jiji. But you did.  U did that in the moment you believe that girl instead of my son.. (ap looks down)

Dp : Ram?

Ram: you can’t live without ur sons bhaisa. But i did. Now I don’t want to repeat it.. I have decided that swara and sanskar’s marriage will happen after two days. After that we will go to Mumbai..

Dp : I respect ur feeling Ram.. But mm’s door is always open for you..

Lak: yes bhai. I also hope that you will come back soon..

San: we will come back laksh.. Till then u have to become matured in professional and personal life.. (he nodes)

Swara:(hugs him)  I hope you won’t take too much time.. I have heard what did you murmur about… (laksh looks at her shocked) don’t panic.. Do whatever ur heart says.. (sanskar smiles at them. Laksh nods)

San: dad I want to say something.. (everyone looks at him) I want to marry her infront of all baadi people.. I want to make her as mine with all respect.. (he looks at her she looks at him lovingly)

After two days Swasan’s marriage happened in a grand way. After that swasan and family went to Mumbai..


hope you all like it.. I thought to give a surprise to all of you before leaving…

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