First love (one shot / two shots) Part 2(A)

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As I won’t be here for long time.. I thought to write a part of this ts.. Hope you like it

Sanskar looks at the retreated figure of Swara with a frown. Just then he got 3 smacks, one is on his head, other on his left hand and another one on his right hand..

San: ouch.. Mom Dad uttu…

Suj: what Mom? Are you my son? Are you trying to prove him(points to laksh) Arre I saw romantic movies only When I was pregnant.. Is this the way to propose my daughter?

San: Mom I did that because she is saying that she’ll leave me ??

Ram :so what?  You know when I got to know my fiancee is my colleague I have made a large proposals.. I did that even for an arrangement marriage and here u???(sanskar pouts)

Utt: bhai u know I’m the LOVE GURU in my college and you spoiled my name..

SujRamSan : what guru ??

Utt: oh Mom, I’m a love guru only. I don’t love any one

Suj: that’s better

Utt: if I do that I will tell you first..

Suj : that’s very much better… (RamSan shook their head) Mr Sanskar Maheshwari  first you have to propose my daughter.. Till then I will stay with her..

San: Mom ???

Ram : what Mom.. She is saying right.. Till then u will sleep with me..

Sujatha went towards Swasan’s room.. RamSanUtt followed her.. Sujatha knocks the door

Suj : swara beta open the door…

Swara opens the door.. Sanskar looks at her lovingly and she turns her head other side.. Sanskar frowns..

Sw: Mom I’m going to guestroom. Ask your son to sleep here alone with his anger ???

suj: u don’t need to go from here beta. He will sleep with Ram ji and I will sleep with you in this room..

Utt: me too bhabhi…

Sw: Sacchi ???

Sujutt : muchhi..

Ram looks at them with a smile and sanskar looks at them with a frown …

Ram: hmm… Sanskar u go and sleep in guest room… (sanskar looks at him confused)

Urt: but why dad…

Ram : because I don’t trust him.. I have to save my dignity… (Saying this he went to his room. Swasan embarrassed.. Sujutt started to laugh. Sanskar escaped to guestroom. Swara went inside the room followed by sujutt.. )


Rag : lakshji don’t believe swara’s words.. I didn’t do anything to her.. She is saying wrong.. She wanted to separate us.. I admit I did wrong with sanskar but It didn’t do anything to swara believe me.. Believe me MA..

Lak: then prove it…

Ap : laksh u believe her.. She is not even love you. Then how can u believe her?..

Lak: because I can feel truth in her eyes and I respect her decision(to ragini)  and u. If u r saying truth then prove it.. Then come to my room (he went towards his room and closed.. Ragini starts her fake crying)

Ap:  OK Ok I will believe you.. But u didn’t do right today.. Now go to guestroom (downstairs)

Next morning … It’s a beautiful morning for our cute couple.. Both are sleeping in their respective places..  First we will go to Swasan’s room.. We can see a cute girl sleeping cutely hugged by sujatha and Uttara.. She slowly opens her eyes..  First confused seeing sujutt. Then she remembers what happened last night a small smile appears on her lips… At that time Sujatha wake up and get up and saw that her dil is lost in her daydream…

Suj : dreaming about my son? (swara comes to senses and looks down shyly) is he again kissed ur forehead or proposed u?

Sw: mom plz ?.. (At that time uttara also get up)

Utt: good morning mom.. Good morning bhabhi… Arre why r u so red.. Were you dreaming about bhai as he is kissing ur forehead or anywhere else? ???

Hearing this Sujatha started to laugh.. Swara embarrassed like hell…

Suj: OK OK now stop masti go and get ready we will go to Mandir..

After sometimes guest room, we can see a handsome man is sleeping.. If we looking at him keenly we can see that he is Doing something with the pillow ??? He is holding the pillow tightly and kissing on it..  Thank God Ram didn’t sleep with him. But what’s is he doing now. He is rolling on bed with pillow….


San: ouchhh… Arre what happened now? How did I fall? Shona are you….. (shocked seeing pillow instead of swara…) arre where is shona? She was with me in our room… Arre this is not my room.. (then he remembers what happened last night… He started to blush thinking about her love towards him..)  thank God dad didn’t sleep with me or else????.. Chal beta go and see ur princess…. (he went towards his room but confused not seeing swara there..  Thinking that she will be in downstairs. He went fresh up.. After that he came downstairs and ate breakfast.. But didn’t see swara)

San: pari bhabhi where is swara and others

Pari: sanskar they went to temple..

San: OK thanks bhabhi… (he got an idea, he calls some one and went outside talking)

Rag: (seeing this from upstairs) go sanskar u will get a world’s best shock and you swara u will be out of my life (smirks evilly and calls someone)

At temple..

Swara is praying infront of God folding her hand with closed eyes..


Suddenly a husky voice startled her

“praying for me”

Swara opens her eyes and turned to right and surprised to see sanskar who is looking so hndsome in white shirt and grey pants…


Sw: yes. I’m praying to Radhe Krishna to give some romantic ideas to propose his wife ???( that time his phone vibrated)

San : u pray.. I’ll come in a minutes.. It’s urgent.. (he went from there..)

Sw: what will It do with this man ???

She is about to go from there, bumps with someone..

Sw: sorry sorry I didn’t see are you OK?

Girl : (looks at her some time ) swara?

Sw: (surprised)  yes I’m swara but sorry I didn’t know you.

Girl : Kavita.  I’m Kavita Sanskar’s first love ..

Sw: what ?(then she remembers kavita’s photo in sanskar’s room)

Kav: haa swara.. I’m kavita, after accident I have gone in coma.  My parents didn’t like sanskar So they told him I died.. Now I got conscious and came here.. I got to know he married you. But swara He came here to revenge for my death.. Now u can understand naa how much he loves me.  Plz give me My sanskar back …

Swara stood there blankly.. She doesn’t know what to do.. She looks at kavita who is pleading. She composes herself..

Sw: Kavita you sit here.. I’ll come with sanskar… (she made her sit near the pillow and went outside to search sanskar)

Swara is looking sanskar here and there. Suddenly she heard a guitar ? sounds and turned back to see her sanskar is sitting there and playing a guitar…

A small smile appears on her lips. He then get up from there and slowly walks towards her singing a romantic song..

Ninnindale ninnindale kanasondu shuruvaagide
Ninnindale ninnindale manasindu kunidaadide
Ee edeyalli sihiyaada kolaahala nanneduralli nee heege bandagale
Ninna tutiyalli naguvaaguva hambala naa nintalle haaDaade ninnindale

Just because of you, just because of you, a new dream has just begun

Just because of you, just because of you, my mind has started to dance

In my heart, there is a sweet torment, whenever you come in front of my eyes
I wish I could be the smile on your lips, I turned into a song wherever I stood, just because of you

He then walked around her. At that time  some petals fell on them. She looks upward. A helicopter flying circling  above them and throwing rose petals on them..  She started to play with rose petals

iruLalli jwaradante kaadi eega hayagi nintiruve sariyenu
bekantale maadi eno mODi innello nODuva pariyenu
ee maayege ee maruLige ninninda kaLe bandide ninnindale

In the dark when I thought of you I wilted feverishly, but now you stand ignorant and peacefully.. is that fine?

Purposely you created a magic all around, now you turn your look away as if its not you.. look at your style!

To this magic, To this awesome craze, you have added a new sparkle.

He sang these lines walking around her and looking at her intensely..  SujRamutt and didashomi also there watching at them. She smiles at this lines.. She knew now that she affects him very much.. He then move away from her and walks backward and stand leaning on handrail..

hodalli bandalli ella ninna sompaada cheluvina guNagaana
kEdage gariyantha ninna nOTa nanagEno andante anumaana
ninnindale saddillade muddaada kare bandide eee ninnindale
Ninnindale Ninnindale Kanasondu Shuruvaagide
Ninnindale ninnindale manasindu kunidaadide

wherever I go, wherever I come, everywhere there’s a sweet song about your flamboyant beauty
I doubt if your look (which is as sharp as the petal of a kedage flower) said something to me
U attract me and inspire me to fall in ocean of ur love.
And of course cause of all my beautiful dreams and  my mind has started to dance

San : (started to walk towards her and kneeled infront of her) I love you so much Swara My jaan. I just want to be with you. We will laugh together, we will smile together, we will cry together, we will share our sadness and happiness. There is no place beautiful for me in this world, but when you are with me, every place and everything looks beautiful. Don’t search me anywhere because I am always in your heart. Put your hand on your heart and you will feel me. Please never leave me and never ever let me go because I will never find a more beautiful place to live.  I just want to be with you always..Please be with me till the end of life. I love you..will you be with me always?

Sw: yes I love you too.. I will be with you always (she hugged him tightly and he hugged her back. They stood there forgetting the surrounding.  Dida, shomi, SujRamutt are looking at them smilingly)

“Sanskar ” a voice startled them.

Swasan broke the hug and looks backward.  Everyone looks backwards.. SujRamutt shocked seeing her.. Shomi and dida gets confused.

SujRamutt : Kavita ???

Shomi and dida looks at them shocked. Then look at swara who is looking blankly.

To Be Continued…

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