First love (one shot/two shot) Prologue

Story starts from ragini accuses sanskar for molestation… Swara proved that sanskar is not guilty.. But in anger he went from there…

Scene 1:

Lak: swara, now I think u were saying correct about her.. I think she did something to u that day.. I want to trust you.. Plz forgive me… Then we will again become one..

Rag: but lakshji I didn’t do anything. I did this because of jealous..

Lak: stop it.. if u r a good girl then you wouldn’t do this.. U wouldn’t accuse my bhai.

Sw: what did you say, if u think that he is ur bhai… Then u wouldn’t believe her.. But u are the first one who hits him.. What did u say forgive you and we will become one? ??

At that time sanskar came there.. But no one noticed him.. He became shocked hearing her.  He stood there..

Sw: u know what I don’t love you.  I won’t never ever come back to u.. Infact I’m very much happy that I didn’t marry you..

Sanskar’s face lights up hearing this.. Not only his, but SujRamutt’s face lights up…

Sw: I agreed to marry u because of this nagin only.. She is saying that you r good. Between us it’s not a friendship but it’s love.. But I understood that it was not love during our marriage days.. U want to know how? I will tell you.. Come sit here..

She dragged him and sit on the floor.. Everyone is looking at them only…

Sw: u know what is love? I got to know that when I first saw him… (sanskar, laksh, ragini and others shocked hearing this and started to think who is he) when I first saw him, I felt like something is coming from my abdomen to my heart.. My heart beat stopped for a second seeing him.. My heart was flying in air… (she said dreaming)

Laksh is sitting shocked. He thought she loves sanskar, but here she is saying that something else.. Sanskar is also shocked.. He can’t leave her to his brother but here she saying something which he didn’t think in wildest dreams.. A lone tear escaped from his eyes.. SujRamutt also felt bad for sanskar…

Lak: so… U… Love him?

Sw: yes… I love him.. This much…. (wides her both hands in either side)

She is looking very much happy.. But sanskar, it feels like someone has stabbed him on his chest.. Tears are continually flows through his eyes..
So what do u think will sanskar help her to unite with her love?

Scene 2:

Swara’s love is proposing her in grand way.. She accepted him with wide smile.  Sanskar is looking at her happy face with moist eyes… SujRamutt and shomi are also watching this…

Scene 3:

She slapped him so hard.. He is looking at her shocked ..

she : I did this for uniting them, not for u Mr… ???.. There is no us.. It will be Ms Bose for u… Divorce will happen…

Reader’s choice..

When will I post this..

1) before updating next part of FS

2)After finishing FS and updating next part of always swasan…

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