First love (one shot/two shot) Part 1

Story starts from ragini accuses sanskar for molestation… Swara proved that sanskar is not guilty.. But in anger he went from there…Swara is waiting for sanskar. All others are also there.. After seeing swara is supporting sanskar sujatha likes swara like anything. Now she wants her as her bahu. She is also sitting there cursing ragini. Ap and Dp is angry with ragini because of this false accusations.. Laksh is thinking something deeply. He then slowly moves towards swara. Seeing this ragini gets tensed

Lak: swara, now I think u were saying correct about her.. I think she did something to u that day.. I want to trust you.. Plz forgive me… Then we will again become one..

Rag: but lakshji I didn’t do anything. I did this because of jealous..

Ap: ha laksh.. How can u think like this? She won’t do anything like this.. She did this because u didn’t give any time for her. Now u r saying this??
Lak: stop it maa.. if she r a good girl then you wouldn’t do this.. U wouldn’t accuse my bhai.

Sw: what did you say, ur bhai… ??? if u think that he is ur bhai… Then u wouldn’t believe her.. But u are the first one who hits him.. What did u say forgive you and we will become one? ??

At that time sanskar came there.. But no one noticed him.. He became shocked hearing her. He stood there..

Sw: u know what I don’t love you. In fact I didn’t love love you before too.. I won’t never ever come back to u.. In fact I’m very much happy that I didn’t marry you..

Sanskar’s face lights up hearing this.. Not only his, but SujRamutt’s face lights up…

Sw: I agreed to marry u because of this nagin only.. She is saying that you r good. Between us it’s not a friendship but it’s love.. But I understood that it was not love during our marriage days.. U want to know how? I will tell you.. Come sit here..

She dragged him and sit on the floor.. Everyone is looking at them only…

Sw: u know what is love? I got to know that when I first saw him… (sanskar, laksh, ragini and others shocked hearing this and started to think who is he) when I first saw him, I felt like something is coming from my abdomen to my heart.. My heart beat stopped for a second seeing him.. My heart was flying in air… (she said dreaming)

Laksh is sitting shocked. He thought she loves sanskar, but here she is saying that something else.. Sanskar is also shocked.. He can’t leave her to his brother but here she saying something which he didn’t think in wildest dreams.. A lone tear escaped from his eyes.. SujRamutt also felt bad for sanskar as they knew sanskar has some feelings for her

Lak: so… U… Love him?

Sw: yes… I love him.. This much…. (wides her both hands in either side)
She is looking very much happy.. But sanskar, it feels like someone has stabbed him on his chest.. Tears are continually flows through his eyes.. He started to go from there but stopped hearing laksh…

Lak: who is he swara…

Sw: who else my husband Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari…

Everyone : WHATTTTT? ??????(laksh stands there shockingly)

Sanskar froze there hearing.. He doesn’t know what to do… He can’t believe his ears that what heard… He felt like his heart went from his body to her feet and dancing like anything ????. Swara looks at everyone ??????.

Sw: this much what?

Lak: u love him… Sanskar … U loved sanskar

Sw: I loved, love and will always love him only do you understand.. Arre why are you standing, sit here I will tell you my love story ..(laksh unknowingly sits infront of her). You know what when he entered into baadi,as a mad person, u know he is looking so so so cute.. I just fell in love with him just in that moment…

Sanskar is shaking his head and blinking eyes unbelievably.. He can’t believe that swara is saying this that too about him…

Sw: As I’m keenly observing him I got a doubt that he is doing drama.. When I gave him that kheer but he fed me with his hand… Oh God my heart stopped beating for a second.. I was wishing that he will feed me everyday.

Then I got to know about his truth that he is doing drama.. My heart aches.. But when he said that he came here to take revenge for his first love kavita, I felt like someone stabbed My heart badly… But I couldn’t leave him like that, he is my first love how can I leave him to destroy his life.. So I corrected him.. Sanskar looks at her painfully

Sw: he understood my advice. He said that he will do anything to save my marriage.. He didn’t know that my heart is paining like hell.. But I know he can’t love me. So with a heavy heart I accepted this marriage.. But this ragini pushed me into the river..

Rag: swara.. U again started this.. I don’t do anything like this.. Now everyone can understand u only elope from from marriage to unite with ur Romeo.. Lakshji now u understood naa her real face.. I don’t do anything maa (hugs ap and she also hugged her back believing her).

Sanskar clenched his fist seeing her drama.. Sujatha murmurs some curses

Sw: hey nagin, I’m saying about my love story.. U better don’t interfere in between.. I don’t care they believe me or not in ur case. I know my sanskar will definitely help me to prove my innocence. (sanskar looks at her proudly) (swara then looks at laksh) do you want to hear my love story (he nodes his head)

Utt: me too bhabhi (sits beside her)
San: (whispers to himself) me too princess…

Sw: sanskar.. (looks at stairs, but he hides)

Utt: what happened bhabhi?

Sw: nothing… Someone saves me and admited to hospital.. When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see my sanskar infront of me.. It’s true I expected u there, because you were saying that you love me truly.. ???.. But my true love came there searching me, even if he doesn’t love me… I couldn’t walk because of injuries, but sanskar is there na, he picked me like I’m a kitten. I was in cloud nine.. Then I got to know that u married my so called sister seeing her award winning drama.. I was very happy…

Sw: but this sanskar na, he won’t leave me in peace.. So he came with a fake marriage proposal to expose this ragini, to prove my innocence, to get my love back.. But does he know, he is only my love?

Rag: so u accepted that it is a fake marriage..

Ram: Chup nagini.. (ragini gets scared, and to swara) you continue beta..

Sw:(surprised and smiles) thank you dad,, when he came with this proposal, I told him there is no need for this.. Laksh is not my destiny… I don’t want to go back.. But he then asked me about my parents.. I told him that I don’t want to go back to that family.. In fact I don’t want any relationship with that family.. I’m right naa, if she wants laksh, she would have asked me. I would happily to done something to stop this marriage.. But no she tried to kill me, she betrayed me.. I don’t want her as atleast as friend…

Sw: but when I return back to my room.. I had seen that maa is talking with shekhar gagodia’s photo painfully. Then I decided to accept sanskar’s proposals to unite them.. Then I went back to sanskar and told him my decision. But I told him that I will marry him really, legally.. I don’t like this fake marriage concept, I wanted to cherish my every memories with him.. If I do that fake marriage, if he exposed this Nagini next day, then I had to leave him naa.. So I thought if it is legally I will get more times with him naa… (sanskar looks at her lovingly)

Lak: so u both are married legally ???

Sw: yes Mr laksh Maheshwari.. I’m legally Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…. (sanskar lovingly looks at her proud face) u know what laksh, these two months after our marriage naa, these are the best days in my life… In Diwali day, I had seen that dress. I thought it’s for uttara.. When he said that it’s for me, u don’t imagine that how much I was happy that time.. U know what, next day when I wear I felt like I was the most beautiful girl in the world.. I even had dreamt about us…

Lak : what..

Sw: woh he is filling my maang and tying Mangalsutra on my neck with so much love.. Then he ..(she paused.. Everyone looks at her, she is blushing like hell)

Utt: (teases) what happened bhabhi? Why r u blushing.. What my bhai did to you in that dream to make u this much red? (SujRam smiles seeing her.. Sanskar is intensely looking at swara..)

Sw: woh he.. He kissed my forehead (laksh shocked, sujatha opens her mouth surprised) it’s my dream only my mom… Why r u opening this much (she pouts. SujRamutt laughs seeing her) and I know this won’t happen in real… (sanskar looks at her shocked). When I come to sense, I had seen him lost in thought.. I know he is thinking about kavita… This fact is paining my heart like hell..

San: (monologues) oh God why did you give me a dumbo wife… Here Is was dreaming about her that same Dream.. She is saying that I’m thinking about someone else.. .

Lak: (stood up) swara I mean.. Seriously.. U love him that sanskar.. That unromantic person…

Sw: (stood up and went to ragini) Arre whatever u did for him are utter waste… (turned to laksh) he is a mad person.. U have to live with a mad person… (comes near him) Arre what did you say? Sanskar is unromantic person? Don’t u have any common sense? He is Sanskar.. My sanskar… Sanskar Maheshwari… If his any of his fans they will dig ur grave soon.. Before that whatever they do, they only know…

Sw: he is not any unromantic person.. The truth is that he can’t love me.. He still loves his kavita and he is thinking about me and u.. I know It’s have to leave him soon.. I can’t say that I love you to him. I can live without him but I can’t live beside him seeing his hate for me. I will die.. So I will Leave him for his happiness.. But I won’t stop loving him… I will love…… (stopped seeing sanskar who is looking at her dangerously)

Everyone gasped seeing him like that.. Ragini smirked evilly seeing him angry.. Laksh has double feeling, sad and happy.. Sad for swara but happy for him… If sanskar get angry he will get a chance naa..

San: (angrily) what are you saying swara… How dare u say that? U always said to me u can understand me… Then why don’t you try to understand me swara before doing this…

Sw: woh sanskar…

San: stop it swara.. U don’t have any voice. I will tell you and u will listen…

Suj: sanskar (worried)

San: no mom.. This is between us.. No one should interfere…

Then looked at swara.. Tears started to flow through her eyes…

San: (dangerous voice ) wipe ur tears first… (she did like he said.. She has to face it) now look at me and listen (she looks at him tensed.. He holds her one shoulder and looks straightly at her eyes) if your this big hazelnut eyes shined with happiness naa (points to his heart) this heart do dinkachakka dance.. Is this the same way you feeling for me?? (swara eyes become wider hearing this) Answer me Swara (he snapped. She nodded shockingly). If tears started to flow through these eyes, this heart felt like someone stabbed it harshly.. Is this the same way you feeling for me?? (she nodes..) when you talk with my brother I felt like to crush him under my feet.. Is this the same way you feeling for me when I talk about kavita?? (she nodes cutely). Then listen to me Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari, that Diwali day I was also dreaming about you only only you, not anyone else. .that too the same damn dream… (swara and others looks at him amused). I’m already realized that I’m head over heels in love with You… Only you..(swara is looking at him amusingly, she can’t believe her ears that her love is saying that he loves you) so Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari, will you marry me again… (she didn’t reply as she is in shocked state naa) (Sanskar shook her a little) Swara.

Swara comes to senses.. She reminds what happened few minutes ago .she looks at sanskar, he looking at her hopefully..

Sw:(angrily) No… No means damn No…

Sanskar frowns. Raglak, ap, dp, Parish looks at her that she is an alien.. SujRamutt hit their palm on their forehead…

To Be Continued…

So what do you think, why swara rejected him?? (I want reply??? )
Did you like their confession?

Scene 3 is going to come..

What about ur guess, why is she talking like that to him…
Who’s that ” him ” in scene 3? (if you like this answer this)

Just kidding ??? If you like it, let me know about it

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