Your First Love Is Never Yours-OS

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I woke up with a jolt. It was the same nightmare again!! Started to haunt me again. I shivered with fright, sweating top to bottom. It had been six months, but nothing helped.

I cried out loud “why?! Why did you do this to me?! Why oh why?!”

Paa came running to my room and hugged me tight. He never knew the reason. He never spoke of it thinking it’d pull me more into the hell hole. Maa too woke up. She didn’t let me sleep all alone in my room, fearing I might do something wrong. I was so broken. No one knew what it was.

As Paa kept hugging me. I thought of him. Only his face kept flashing across my face. His betrayal. I couldn’t take it. He was my everything. My FIRST LOVE!! But, now I had to get over it. I couldn’t see Maa and Paa like this. They were worried sick. Even my sleeping pills seemed to hate me. My only source of sleep seemed to ditch me.

I decided “Mr. Aryan Rathore I’ll get over you and I will. You’re so my past.”

With great difficulty Maa and Paa put me to sleep. I was still in a subconscious state. I heard Maa and Paa talking.

Maa cried “I can’t see her like this. It’s been six months. Why does this have to happen to my mole(daughter in Malayalam)?! My only daughter!!”

Paa said in a pacifying manner and caressed my head “my baby girl is a fighter and will be out of it. I know her.”

Maa asked “why doesn’t she tell anything?! Even the pills don’t seem to work. I think we need to talk to Mr. Shinde about this. He might increase her dosage, which will help her sleep.”

I felt Paa’s hold on me go tighter. I could sense that he was angry, though I was in a subconscious state. The next, I heard him scream.

He screamed “NO!! No way!! With this dosage itself she needs 10 hours of sleep and isn’t able to get it. Now if the dosage is increased, she’ll need more than 12 hours of sleep. It’ll affect her studies too.”

Paa sounded too worried. He gave a kiss on my forehead. Maa let out a deep sigh. I felt I was losing myself. Sleep seemed to come. I didn’t want to. I wanted to listen to what they were talking.

Maa said “I think you’re right.”

I had hurted them a lot. Though they put a happy face in front of me, they were in literal pain. The same was with me. I used to smile to give them an assurance that I was alright… But the night was my enemy. It was the opposite. I then slept off, not able to listen to the further conversation.

I woke up in the morning to see Maa sleeping next to me and Paa sleeping on the floor, sitting with his hand on my head. Seems like he was patting me. I got off the bed and got ready. I saw Maa making breakfast and lunch ready for me. I smiled and started to eat. I got ready and went to college on my two wheeler. Paa refused, but I assured him I’ll be fine.

Classes were held, as usual. I managed to concentrate and scored in the class tests and internals. But, it was still not easy for me to get over him. I now understand the pain of being betrayed, dumped, broken, when you’re not able to trust anyone whose be your side. I remember saying “it’s gonna be OK. Just forget it as a bad dream.”

There are no other words to console. I understand it now, when someone says the same to you. Easy to say, but cannot do it at all. Shedding buckets of tears for the person who isn’t your worth is useless. But, can’t help at all. You just end up doing it when you see a happy couple walking past you or anything they reminds you of him or her. Be it the colour, dress, walking style, places you’ve been together, someone who resembles them. It just gives a hard lump in your throat. Heart skips a beat, then increasing of heartbeat…. And last but not the least…. Your tears. Every single thing around you turns into your enemy. The feeling of just staying in darkness, locking yourself up brings peace, but not for too long.

Losing your first love is the worst. As you won’t be prepared for anything. Anything that could hit you hard. Push you down, that it’ll be so hard for you to get back up. Though you’ll be prepared, you would have promised yourself that you’ll be strong and won’t let anything hit you hard. But no, it’s never like that. The worst part, not only losing your first love. The fact that your love story ended even before it started. Before taking the first step. Walking hand in hand and all other things you’d dreamed of ending even before it started is the worst thing ever.

I just sat down in my empty classroom. It was calm, quiet. All the memories flashed in front of me. I just couldn’t help it but cry. Tears streamed out as I remembered everything.

……. FB starts……..

It was six months back..

I had been to Mumbai. I took up wedding contracts as a part time job. I had been there as my cousin had requested me to help his friend. It was cousin’s wedding. I couldn’t say a no to him so I went.

Ritvik(my cousin’s friend) said “Laha, take a break. Dev told me you’re dedicated, but you seem to be too much. A big workaholic. You can quit engineering and take up this job. I’ll refer you to the best event management company in Mumbai. You’ll be payed high. Future settled. But for now, please come and sit.”

I said “oh, so Dev told you everything. I’m looking forward to take it up as a profession. It’s my passion. Like how I write stories, well weekly ones for kids. For free.”

He asked “what for free?!”

I said “yes. Free. Now please keep quiet. I need to see if my plan can be executed. My rough sketch.”

He said sternly “Laha, come sit. Right. Now.”

It was an order. More if being said sternly. I had no other choice. To go sit with him. He was more than my brother. He was too nice. But I hated the thing which all brothers do. “Giving advice.” And yes, not to forget, being overprotective, over possessive, too caring. All dos and don’ts. And now, he too. Argh no. I slapped my forehead with my palm and he laughed.

He said “that’s not the way you hit. Wait let me show you” raising his hand.

I said “Ritvik bhai, don’t you dare.”

After having coffee, I started to run around again. I felt good. Refreshed. I usually go hyper when I drink coffee.Checked for room availability. The banquet hall for the bachelor and bachelorette party. Reception too. I had a lot to plan. I was safe as the haldi, mahendi, sangeet and the wedding was at the farmhouse. I didn’t have much to think of. So, I was happy.

But, life is not my friend. The bride(Naina) came to check and I swear on God, she was a literal pain in the neck. Kept saying yuck combinations that never suit. On the whole, criticised me for my capabilities. Ritvik and Jagdish(the groom) took my side. After a lot of tantrums, she left. Defeated. She had to accept to my ideas. Majority wins. They all loved my ideas. Her dad too dropped by and loved my ideas. I was happy.

Later, his friends too joined. They too laughed at me. I wanted to finish it all to see if it’ll be OK. The lift wasn’t working, so unfortunate. So, I had to run even more. Turning me even more exhausted. I then finished all my work, came back with a lot of papers which had sketches of the outlook would be. I was a mess on the whole. Slumped down on the cushioned seat, exhausted. I had coffee and cake. We had a good time together. Listening to their childhood stories, their friendship and other gossips.

Raj(Ritvik’s friend) asked “so, Ms. Lahari Nair, you seem to be too much of a workaholic. What about a party tonight?”

I said “please call me Laha. And what?! Party?! Nooo.”

He said “OK Laha. But, why not?”

I said “I only go with Dev and Akshat. I’ve never been with anyone else. So, no.”

He said “don’t be a kid Laha. We’re there. Me, Ritvik. These two won’t be coming. More of bathroom chicks.”

Tanya and Reesha gave him a deathly stare. Raj got scared. Ritvik started to laugh.

Both of them in unison “we’re coming.”

All of us ended up laughing out loud. I then went to my room and freshened up. I took rest as I was too tired. Oh, I ache all over. I got ready for the party in the evening. I was wearing a black maxi with minimum makeup and matching accessories. Raj and Ritvik came to pick me up. They looked too good. Raj as always cool in his casuals and Ritvik in his expensive tuxedo.

I asked looking at Raj “bhai are we going to a party or a business meeting?” indicating towards Ritvik.

He laughed out and said “can’t help baby. You look cute by the way.”

I smiled and said “thank you.”

We then left. Tanya and Reesha were already there. They were best friends from childhood. They shared an apartment. They looked too cute. Tanya wore a red short dress and Reesha in white shorts and black crop top. They had to leave early as their boss had called. They both worked for a designer company.

It was us three then. Me, Ritvik and Raj. We went to the bar counter and sat on the stools. Raj gave a huge sigh of relief and gulped down a flame shot. I didn’t understand, I just looked at him holding my tequila shot halfway towards my mouth. Ritvik smiled and gulped in his scotch little by little.

I asked “bhai, why so happy?”

Ritvik said “Reesha.”

I still didn’t get it. I asked “what?!”

Ritvik said “he and Reesha are in a relationship. She doesn’t let him drink much. Get it now?”

I exclaimed “omg!! That’s so cute!! Now, I get it. And by the way, whatever she’s doing is right. Drinking so much is not good” gulping my tequila shot and slammed the glass on the counter.

Raj wasn’t pleased. He gave me a “you too Brutus” look. Ritvik couldn’t help it. He burst out laughing. I too joined. Raj gave us an “I will kill you both” look. At last, he too ended up laughing along with us.

I asked “so Ritvik bhai, you like Tanya then?!” with my eyebrows raised.

Ritvik gave me a deadly glare. Raj burst out laughing. I didn’t understand. I gave them both an annoyed look.

Raj said “he’s married. Bhabi is in Lucknow.”

That was a shock to me. Dev never told me he was married. Nor did this idiot. Not even after we met. I frowned looking at Ritvik. He laughed lightly at my reaction.

Though Raj took a lot, he managed to keep himself steady. He was totally in his senses. Kept counter attacking when we pulled his leg. Both of them then left me alone as they met their long time childhood friend.

I had a few shots and turned over for strawberry lemonade, fearing if losing my senses. I usually don’t prefer tequila. I then felt someone stand very close to me. I stood still thinking he might be drunk. I could feel his stare on me. Intense, deep stare. No, he wasn’t drunk. He was in control. I took a sip from my glass as my hands trembled. I’ve never felt like this. I prayed for Raj and Ritvik to come back and take me. I could still feel his stare on me.

I thought “is he waiting for me to look at him?! Heights this is!!”

I then heard a voice. A rough manly voice “I’d like to have what she’s having.”

He sounded rude. Very rude. The bartender looked frightened. He seemed to know him. He nodded immediately and started preparing it quickly. I turned to look up at him. I froze there. I was scared. I saw a handsome man with well sculpted body, in an expensive tuxedo. Being tall, of almost 6’5. Face having harsh features, not even a bit of humor could be sensed or found. He looked down at me and smiled. I turned away. He chuckled, took his glass and went to his group, who stood in the other end.

I thought “well someone’s tall. I’d want a husband this tall. But, not like him. Arrogant, rude nut.”

I heard one of his friends teasing him “someone’s in love. You checking her out. Took the same drink as her. She does look hot. Ooh yes, and tall too. Perfect match.”

My eyes popped out. I almost spat out my drink.

I thought “what the hell?! No no no. No no no no no no no. So not right. Laha, just relax. Think you don’t know anything. Think they are talking about some other girl. Wait for Raj and Ritvik bhai.”

He just chuckled at the statement. I could still feel his stare on me. His penetrating gaze. I caught hold of my glass tight, looking at the wide range of bottles on display.

The bartender said “he usually comes and flirts with girls that are eye-catching. This is the first time he is quiet. And not to forget, getting the same drink as her. I’m warning you beta, stay away from him. He’ll make your life hell. Turn it upside down. Today’s party is his. The whole terrace is taken by him.”

I said with a small smile “uncle, thank you. Don’t worry. And who is he?”

He said “Aryan Rathore. One of the most eligible bachelors in Mumbai. A successful businessman. Son of the great Ajay Rathore.”

I said “hmmm.” looking at him.

After a while, I saw some guys drunk walk towards me. I was scared. I heard them passing absurd comments.

One of the guys came to me and said “hey baby doll!! Wanna have some fun?”

The other one said “she’s dressed to kill man.”

I thought “what?! This is why I covered up myself. A full lenght dress and I wore a shrug over my sleeveless dress. Then too…”

I only prayed for someone to come. I heard a glass slam on the counter. I could sense te vibrations. So harsh. I closed my eyes as I saw them come even more closer. After that, all I heard was, punches and commotion. I opened my eyes to see the two on the ground. And Mr. Rathore in front of me, as a protective shield.

He hissed, but loud enough for people to hear “no one touches my girl. NO ONE!!” and pulled me to him. His arm around my shoulder, holding me to him tight.

My eyes popped out again “what?! His girl?! Has he lost it?!”

The two of them ran away. I got off his hold and started to walk away. I was angry. What was the need for all of that?

He came behind me to the parking lot and pulled me to him. I jerked him off and kept a good distance between us.

I said “I know Mr. Rathore. I know what you’re expecting. A ‘thank you’ right?! Well yes, I do need to thank you. Thank you so much.”

His tone was in a rather commanding way. I was even scared.

He clipped “call me Aryan. It’s not that Laha. I do have feelings for you. This is the first time. My blood boiled when I saw them pass absurd comments.”

I was angry now. I screamed “mind it. It’s Lahari. And hie do you know my name?! What feelings? My foot. You blo*dy playboy. You flirt. Everyone knows about you. Respects you only cause of your dad and second, you being successful.”

He came close and said, sounding somewhat soft “Laha, it’s not like that. I do like you. I know what I am. I want to change. It’s the first time I’m going behind a girl like this. All other girls come behind me. And let go of me, after getting what they’ve got. And f**k, what are you made of?!”

He said again “about your name. It’s not though for me to find out.”

I screamed “it’s Lahari you fool!! How many times do I have to tell you?!”

He said “OK sweetheart” moving closer.

I said harshly “better stay away. One kick. It’ll spoil your prestige. No children.”

He said laughing “darling you’re too cute when you’re angry. Your nose tip goes red.”

I asked, exasperated “what do you want?”

He went on his knees, with a red rose and asked “will you marry me?!”

I gasped. I’m only 20 years old. Donno how old he is. I have a whole of my life ahead of me. Noooooo!! Noo way!!

I screamed “NO!! NO WAY!!”

He asked “why honey?”

I said “cut he crap. You’re drunk.”

He said “no.”

I was about to say something, but I stopped as I saw Raj and Ritvik coming. I was so happy. Felt relieved.

Seeing them, Aryan took a few steps back. Both of them thanked him and we left home.

Ritvik said “sorry Laha.”

Raj said “me too sorry.”

I smiled and said “it’s k.”

Both of them put me sleep and left. I got ready the next day evening as I had to go back to Bangalore. The wedding was a month away. I had college to attend. It was possible for me to attend only the reception and wedding. I met him again. In the airport. He was going to London for 15 days. And then LA for 12 days. It was a conference. I reached Bangalore and used to give instructions over the phone. Sometimes video chat too.

It was the day, I had to leave. I packed everything and left. I reached a few hours before. Kept inspecting things. I then got ready and came out greeting people and went and hugged Jagdish. I smiled at Naina. She too did smile back. I saw him again. That Rathore fellow. He smirked at me. I found out that he was from the bride’s side.

It was actually more like a punishment day. People who didn’t attend the sangeet had to dance today. I refused to as we South Indians don’t dance. Well, not that much. It was his turn. He danced to the song dil cheez tuje dedi. All of a sudden, he pulled me in and swayed me to his tunes. At the end, went on his knees again and proposed. I was so embarrassed. Moreover, shocked. With people clapping and hooting. And recording it too. All the girls throwing daggers at me. God!! So many fan followers. Raj and Ritvik were angry.

Hahahahaha.. How would it be to see someone propose your younger sister in front of you. In front of a big crowd.

He asked me “Ms. Lahari Nair. Will you marry me?”

I said “just stop it!!”

He got up and said “I love you.”

I said “I need time.”

He said “take your time” and walked away.

After a while, someone, a woman in her early 50s came and sat next to me. I smiled at her. She introduced herself as Aryan’s mom. We spoke to each other. We got along well.

She said “beta please don’t say a no.”

I said “Aunty, I need time. I can’t just decide like that. We’ve only met thrice. We have so much of age difference. Like six and a half years.”

She said “me and my husband have 10 years of difference. The things lie in your hands. The way you handle it. Not the age difference. I’d really want you as my daughter in law. I’ve no daughter. I promise, I’ll take care of you very well. And Aryan is a changed man. I’ve never seen him be so serious over a girl. I know, he had many girlfriends, but he was never this serious oer any one of them. From since the day he met you, he’s been talking only about you. He has really fallen for you.”

I said “I donno aunty. I really need time.”

I suddenly felt something different. He spoke about me to his mom? Fallen for me?! Why?! Though he was rude, arrogant, he saved me. He didn’t make me feel uncomfortable during the dance. He soothed me.

I snapped out of it. I thought “have I fallen for him too?! Noooo!!”

I remembered promising Maa that I’ll have no boyfriends. No relationships. She wanted me to focus on my career. I too felt it was right. I can’t break her trust like this.

She said “take your time. I know you’ll take the right decision.”

I was walking, I was suddenly pulled to a corner. Slammed against the wall. I saw Aryan. I frowned when I saw him.

He asked “so you’re decision is..?”

I said “I need time.”

He asked “why?!”

I said honestly “I three meetings I can’t say anything. I don’t know you enough.”

I realized what I said and tried to move away. But he held me tight. He smiled. But I had to be rude. No falling and all. My promise to Maa. I want him to stay away.

He said “it’s k baby. I can understand” and kissed my forehead.

I screamed “stop it!!”

He asked “why are you so rude?!”

I said “because I don’t want you near me. I don’t like you. I want you to stay away from me.”

He said “baby listen to me. I’ve never been this serious. Never gave my heart to anyone in a relationship. But it’s the first time. Girls come behind me, let go of me when they’re satisfied. It’s not me. All think it’s me cause I move on soon. The first time I fell for her, I thought she was the one. But she left me half the way. Went with someone else. From then on, I never gave my full. It’s the second time. People are right, you need to give yourself a second chance or life gives you a second chance. And staying away from you, no way.”

I looked up to see him. He was crying. Uh oh. I donno how to console a broken heart. I’ve never been through such a situation. For the first time, I felt bad for him. He then caught hold of my cheek and kept staring at me. I felt my skin burn. Oh Lord no!! I now understood, the things that I read in books. A man’s touch can set you on fire.

I said “Mr. Rathore, please. I’m sorry for your past. But I’m telling you, I’m not the right person for you. And yes, life is all about second chances.”

He was angry now. He scowled.

He said “it’s Aryan. Stop being so formal. And why baby?! Why not you?!”

I said “stop calling me that. I have a name. I’m not the one for you. I can assure you that. Don’t ask me why, my sixth sense tells me. The next, you being a billionaire businessman and I come from an upper middle class family. My parents will never get me married to a businessman. Last but not the least, it’s the most important thing of all. I promised my parents that I will never ever get into a relationship.”

He sighed dissapointedly. He said “I love you. I don’t care of what you are. I just love you.”

I asked “how’s that friend of yours?”

He asked “which friend?”

I said “the one who likes at the party. First time booze.”

I laughed remembering the incident. She was next to me, wearing a black short dress. It was before Aryan coming into the scene. She had asked for beer. I really hate the smell of it. She had the whole mug in one shot. Without a break. She then slammed the mug and turned around. She stood there for a few minutes. Still as a rock. Her cheeks then puffed up. She managed to control and then screamed.

She screamed “everyone move away!! I said now!!”

Everyone saw her and understood. They all moved away. I too gave way and ran to the other side. She moved few steps forward and then stopped. She puffed up her cheeks again covering her mouth. Seconds later, plop. She puked everything.

She said “somebody call Aryan. Right. Now.”

Her friends came and pulled her away. She kept waving at everyone. The girls kept saying it’s her first time, hanging their heads down in high embarrassment.

I laughed out loud remembering the incident. He too laughed along.

He said “oh Raksha. She’s fine. And you look too cute when you laugh.”

I said “please stop. Glad to hear that she’s fine.”

He said “Laha please. Your concerned about everyone, except for me. Why?! I love you.”

I just got off his hold and walked off, letting out a huge sigh. I had a lot of work to do. The next day night, it was the wedding. In the morning, I made sure everything was right. Afternoon just passed. Evening, the bharaat. It was slow. I had never been to a North Indian wedding. I enjoyed every single bit of it. We reached the venue and the wedding took place. The next day, I left for Bangalore.

I told my friend, my best friend Sheetal about this. She was happy. But she too felt it was wrong.

Sheetal said “Lari think over it again. I don’t know.”

I said “I just donno Sheee. I really donno waht to do.”

Weeks passed. He was really started to get on my nerves. He managed to convince people around me. My brothers, some of my friends. And he even managed to convince Raj and Ritvik. Only my parents left. I feared. I was rude though I started to feel for him. I didn’t want him. I feared. A heartbreak. No.. I had to do something.

I finally gave up after a few weeks. I had decided, I’ll say a “YES.”

I planned to surprise him. With flowers and cake. I was happy. I then saw his id flashing on my mobile screen. I picked it up happily. Before I could say anything, he said something about that shook me from head to toe.

He said “I’ve had enough of it being one sided. It’s time we break up.”

He sounded very angry. He was drunk too. Before I could say anything, he cut the call. I called back, but he didn’t pick up. Tears flowed down my cheeks. I couldn’t take it. It was all over.

I thought “all over. It’s all over. My love story ended even before it could start.”

He then called up the next day. I didn’t pick up. He kept calling. I kept turning away. Finally I got his text.

He- “you pick the call or I come to Bangalore and face you?!”

I- “whaaaat?!”

He- “you know it.”

I- “fine, I’ll accept your call.”

He- “now that’s like a good girl.”

Argh.. That idiot. What was it now?! Last night he calls up and says enough. Why is he calling now?!

He called and I picked up. As soon as I kept the phone at my ear, I could hear kisses. I scowled as I pulled the phone from my ear.

He said “I hope I didn’t do anything stupid last night.”

I thought “great. He remembered nothing. Nothing of what he said. Bloddy hell.”

I said sarcastically “nothing wrong sweetheart.”

He asked “tell me Laha. What is it?!” sounding little serious.

I said “nothing it is. Nothing to bother about.”

He said “Laha now!!”

I said casually “nothing. You just said you’re tired with me as wanted to break up. Let me tell you one thing, I haven’t given my nod yet. So, how come break up? So soon tired?”

I heard him gasp. So, he didn’t remember anything?! Or is he just playing around? God, give me a hint please.

He said “Laha I don’t remember talking anything like that. I never call up anyone when I’m drunk. I was very much upset over Isha. I wanted to talk to you but. I donno how I spoke all those. I’m sorry. Please Laha, believe me.”

I said “anyway, it doesn’t affect me as I don’t feel for you. It’s k. Forget it.”

He said “no Laha. You feel for me. I can find the change in your tone. Tell me once Laha. I’ll do anything to convince your parents.”

Am I an open book to read so well?! Oh God! He knows me so well.

I said “n..nn..nothing like that.”

I asked “who is Isha?! It’s k if you don’t want to tell me.”

He said immediately “no Laha. You need to know. She was my first love. Se left me when I needed her the most. Now, she’s behind me.”

I said happily, well fake happiness “I’m so happy. Finally, I’m free. Go to her. First love is the best. I need a treat Aryan.”

He asked “what did you just say?!”

I asked “what?”

He asked “did you just call me by name?”

I said “yeah. So what?”

He said “I’m so happy!!”

I said “you need to be. Isha is back” my voice starting to break. But I made sure he didn’t sense it.

He sighed. He said “you called me Aryan. That’s what I’m happy about.”

I said “great.”

He stayed silent. I wondered if he’d cut the call.

I said again “I need the treat Aryan. I’ll kill you if you don’t treat me.”

He bit out “shut up Laha.”

I asked “why you angry now?”

He said “nothing” and cut the call.

I was so relieved that he cut the call. I didn’t know whether to trust him or not. It was so tough. I did wanna tell him a no, but I couldn’t. I wanted to hug him tight and scream that I love him. But this dilema in me.

I remembered this scene from the Tamil movie Thilalangadi. The scene where the heroine says she loves him. She confesses, but in the end she says she doesn’t want it. She found it that he’d been faking all along. Se couldn’t trust him anymore.

It was the same with me. I then decided, where there is no trust, nothing can be achieved. I made up my mind to say a no. I knew that I was going to hurt him, but what else to do. I’m tired. Really tired.

We had a long weekend coming up. So, I booked my tickets. I reached Mumbai and got a bouquet of roses and a cake. For the first time I wanted to be honest. I wanted to confess that I love him and then say a no. But, I did have a valid reason.

I reached his office and went to the reception. She greeted me and showed me the way to his cabin. People in the office smiled at me. Seems like he’d told everyone. I reached his cabin. I thought of knocking, but I didn’t want to. It was basic etiquettes to knock the door before entering. I knocked. No response. I then pushed open the door to see what I didn’t want to see. Tears welling up. My head went heavy.

He as with another girl. Getting intimate. She was on him, he was seated in his arm chair. His hands going around her. She responding to him. I just felt like my heart had stopped functioning. I couldn’t take it. The betrayal. He cheated on me. I dropped the cake box and the bouquet in shock. I then took a few steps back losing balance and knocked down a vase. Both of looked at me. Aryan was shocked to see me. I didn’t even want to look at his face. I felt disgusted. Tears kept rolling down my cheeks. He jerked her off and stood up. Before he could say something, I stammered.

I then stammered “I… I.. I’m sorry” and ran out of the cabin.

I then wiped my face and walked normal. As if nothing had happened. I then saw his mom. She was walking towards me. She smiled at me. I too managed to put a smile.

She asked excited “you here?! Met Aryan?!”

I said “no aunty. He’s in a meeting.”

She asked “what can be more important than you?” and stormed into his cabin.

I tried to stop her. But, she went in. I then ran from there. Packed my bags and left for Bangalore right away. I didn’t want to stay even for a minute. Over. It was all over. It ripped me. That feeling of being betrayed. Losing trust on someone COMPLETELY. My love story ended even before it could start. I hugged Maa tight and cried out loud. Didn’t tell her anything.

I the got a call. It was from an unknown number. It was uncle.

He said “Sheila’s got a minor heart attack. In shock.”

I asked “how is she?”

He said “they said she needs to be on observation. It’s not easy to say. Beta, I’m really sorry.”

I said “no uncle. Don’t blame yourself.”

I heard aunty from behind “don’t you dare say yes when he comes again. I’ll be the biggest villain. Never Laha never.”

I said “yes aunty. Take care” and cut the call.

I then said to myself “I’ll never forgive you if anything happens to aunty.”

….. FB ends….

It’s been six months. I lost my sleep. All things I could do naturally left me. I cried, cried cried and cried. That betrayal. It never goes out of me. Why did he pull me so close?! Why did he do that?! He was true to me. Not even a single moment he was fake. I remember him saying that he never gave his full after Isha, but he’d be honest.

This is not me at all. I’ve had enough. I told everyone that I’d told a no to him. I lied. I wondered why. Why did I cover up for him? The thing is, I didn’t want to hurt anyone else.

My friends (some of them) who knew the whole thing scolded me. I had fallen deep. They were angry. I brushed it off. I didn’t want to take it all into my head. It’ll just affect me. Already I’m, not more.

I convinced myself “it’s not your fault Laha. Stop crying. You deserve better.”

He didn’t call even once afer that. That was the worst part. I then opened my eyes and got up and left.

Two years passed and I passed out of engineering with good results. I wanted to do an MBA. In St.Xavier’s. It was my dream. But Mumbai. It was for career, not for him. I didn’t step into Mumbai after that incident. I made up my mind to go. I was out of my pills. I was alright. But took my pills now and then. Only if I had too much stress. I was happy that I got admission there. I packed my bags. Maa still didn’t want me to go.

I said “Maa I’ll be fine.”

Maa said “but mole..”

Paa said “she’ll be fine. She’s my little tiger.”

I laughed and said “yes Paa.”

I then left to Mumbai with Paa. He left me in hostel and went back. The next day, I went to college. I had bagged a seat in the marketing department. I was so happy. I was walking in the corridor, I saw him again. Aryan I front of me. I froze in my spot. After two years, I see him again . He was with a woman. She was pregnant. Had a baby bump. It was his wife. He was married. Wait a second. She was the same woman who I saw in his cabin. Getting intimate. I brushed it off and started walking. He moved on. He got married. It was so easy for him. Didn’t even care to give an explanation. Why would he?! I hated him. I chucked attitude. Was rude to him. Why would he care?

There was this little kid who came running to him. He picked him up and cuddled.

The kid said “hi uncle.”

I wanted to laugh at it. Uncle. I was asking the faculty for directions and I froze again when I heard his voice. I was right behind him.

He said “I still love you babe” having the kid in his hand.

The faculty said “meet Mr. Rathore. The chief guest for today’s inauguration and his wife Isha.”

I thought “what?! He?! No!! Not again!!”

He chuckled and said “Aryan” extending his hand for a shake hand.

I said “pleasure to meet you sir” shaking hands and smiled at Isha.

He asked “you’re name?”

I said “Lahari sir. Lahari Nair.”

Before he could say anything else, I walked off. I went to the auditorium as it was tw first day. The inauguration took place and we went back. Two years passed. I finished my MBA and I’m now working for an MNC.

Enjoying my life to the fullest. I’ve moved on, though I used to see him too often in college, I managed. But his betrayal!! It still isn’t out of my system. Though I hate him, one part of my heart still holds a soft corner for him. Aunty is fine now. He has a baby son, just like him.

I now understand why people never get their first love. Let it be insecurities, fights or even my case. The thing is you’re not sure if it. No ready. Not focused. Confused. Trust, a lot of trust issues. I’m now waiting to see what more life has to pull me along.

That’s all.. Hope you all liked it…

Love you all loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hugs to all of you ??

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  1. Amazing darling….and the best part is “you get off him”

    1. Maandey dear!! Thank you so much!!

      Love you ??

    1. Thank you so much swara!!

      Love you ??

  2. It was awesome 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Anu!!

      Love you ??

      1. Its your story? So tragic but I’m happy that you’re strong enough to get out of it. And I wonder how you got this courage from to write it. I guess, I could never do such a thing.

        Your story does tell how beautiful your heart. Love you a lot !!

        And x salute x

  3. Beautiful story.. Loved it..

    1. Ananya!! Thank you so much!!

      Love you ??

  4. awesome dea…..:-)

    1. Thank you so much naimi!!

      Love you ??

  5. Shree u know u have used the name sheetal and lahari which both are sooooo familiar to me….. I juz loved ur story …..both of them frm same clg as mine ……..

    1. awwww Sheetal!! thank you

      love you

  6. Thats not a real story of yours right? …as for a story it was just amazing and . But as for reality it was very hurtful though coming Out of it is really awesome.

    1. Roshni!! it is a true one.. it is my story!! thank you!! it is really tough.. im out of it.. it still does haunt me…

      love you

  7. Sometimes I feel guilt for hurting someone .. your title of the story just pulled me here and I wasnt able to resist myself from reading it.

    1. i happens dear.. is it? thats so sweet of you!!

      love you

  8. How come you get this idea dear?? Its Soo awesome… I can’t just say how I felt reading this super strong story. Keep it up Shree

    1. Bisha!! its my story.. i just wrote it so that ill get a peace of mind.. i need to get this out of me!! thank you!! i know. i can understand

      love you

  9. Omg shreeeee it was really heart touching n emotional…I felt it badly n glad that you got over him…you deserve much much better than that….I wish you get the best one for you soon who will give you the trust n love which you need….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. ..take care sweetie. ..muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Rommaaaaa!! I missed you so much!! Thank you so much!! Yeah.. I’m glad that I was able to.. I hope I get the right person.. Thank you so much for liking it!!

      Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

  10. Shree you bought tears to my eyes….yes its very difficult to forget first love…it breaks you forever…loved it dear 🙂

    1. Di!! Thank you!! I know… Still trying hard to get over it… Whatever I see, wherever I go reminds me of him.. Argh…

      Love you too di!! Loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

  11. No words for u……… dear but l will just wish That u will get better than him…….. love u a lot take care…….. it’s heart touching…… specially from ur. point of view I’m ur fan now……..

    1. Deeva!! Thank you so much!! I too hope the same… Aww.. Thank you again..

      Love you too loads… ??

  12. Ohhh…its a lovely story…. It was really emotional…..
    Yes 1st love always have a real impact in our life……
    Write more amazing stories lyk dis…love you!!! Take care

    1. Sure Vivi!!

      Love you ??

  13. Ohh its a lovely story…. It was emotional….yep its true 1st love always have a grt impact in our life…
    Everything happens 4 good only….and he was not ur Mr. Perfect….he is still out der waiting 4 u or searching 4 u……and dat aryan was a douche bag..
    He don’t knw wot he is missing….u deserve d best only….write amazing stories….love you alot…take care…

    1. Aww!! My baby!! I think you’re right.. Everything happens for the best… Thank you so much!! I’ll surely write more..

      Love you ??

  14. It was awsome yar loved it a lot

    1. Thank you so much Deemahee!!

      Love you ??

  15. Hey dear, your story touched my heart. seemed you had to face many problems…. but its okk may be fate already decided something better which you deserve… I know it is difficult to forget first love whatsoever I appreciate for your courage cause every heart has a pain. Only the way of expressing it is different. Fools hide it in eyes, while the brilliant hide it in their smile. So cutie,
    Never cry for the person who hurts you, … just smiles & say thanks for giving me a chance to find someone better than you.
    Love you dear ♡ and yes hii, how r u shree?

    1. Zara!! Im fine thank you… And what about you?!

      Thank you so much!! I know.. I just can’t explain how it felt when it was catching him red handed… I will that right person soon or maybe he’ll find me..

      Love you ??

  16. Di stay blessed….. N whenever u feel like u cannot take him out of ur brain than take his photo n stick it n throw pins on it…. U will feel relax. I hv seen my cousin sis doing it. N yes I’m happy you hv moved on… Luv u , bear tight hugs n kisses.

    1. Bhabya!! Babe thank you so much!! Lol yeah I think that’ll help!! Your cousin too?! Thanks for the advice…

      Love you too… Loads ??

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