My First Love Letter (Prologue)


Hi guys this is Irena .
I am new here means YHM page.
Actually I love Ishra a lot and their small nok jokes and all.
I also love ishimaa’s and ruhi’s maa- beti relationship.
While I was watching recent episodes of YHM suddenly a thought came into my mind why can’t I write a fan fiction based on YHM.
So I decided to write a ff on YHM based on its ongoing track .
Hope you all will like it. Guys please forgive me if you find any mistakes.

I am writing from the continuation of 24 August 2016 Episode.
From the very first episode of YHM till 24 August 2016 episode there is no change in story. I am writing from what is going to happen from 25 August 2016 episode onwards .

Episode 1

Bhalla House

Ishitha tells Raman that Aliya is in love. Raman thinks of Adi and smiles.
Ishitha: Raman why are you smiling .
Raman : nothing Madrasan. You just concentrate on business.
Raman goes from there.

Mani’s House

Aliya is shown sitting in her bed .She was smiling thinking about Mihir.
Shagun comes there
Shagun:why are you smiling.
Aliya : nothing Shagun aunty.
Shagun : don’t lie to me Aliya. What’s going on in your mind.
Aliya:seriously nothing aunty.
Shagun:OK. I came to tell you something.Aliya you are a good friend of Mihir na. Please make him understan that life is as important as work.I am so worried for him. He is so engaged in his work that he forget to live his life.
Aliya: don’t worry shagun aunty I will make him understand.
Shagun hugs Aliya.
Shagun( in her mind )I will use you aliya against Ishitha when time comes.

Raman’s office

Aliya comes there . Adi sees her from his cabin and smiles looking at her.
Aliya goes to meet Mihir in his cabin and tells him that she heard kishorji’s- lataji’s songs.And this time she made it conformed those songs are sung by kishorji and lataji before hearing those songs.
Mihir smiles
Aliya : Mihir are you busy today.
Mihir: why Aliya?
Aliya: can we go for a dinner .
Mihir: today….
Aliya: please…Mihir.
Mihir: ok done.
Aliya: thank you Mihir.

Aliya goes from there Mihir smiles looking at her.

Adi comes to Aliya
Adi: Aliya where were you?
Aliya: wo…
Adi: Aliya I want to tell you something.
Aliya: Bolo Adi.
Adi: Aliya I..
Aliya gets Ishitha’ s call and went to speak with her.
Aliya comes back after talking to Ishitha over phone.
Aliya: sorry Adi I will talk to you later . now I need to go its so urgent.
Aliya goes from there.

Mani’s house

Aliya comes back home.
Shagun comes to Aliya and asked her whether she talked to Mihir.
Aliya tells her that she will talk to him today and tells her that Mihir and she is going for a dinner today and there she will talk to him.After talking with Aliya Shagun went to the NGO.

Bhallas house

In evening Adi comes home and goes to his room. Raman comes there and asked him whether he proposed Aliya . Adi tells him that he didn’t . Raman suggested him to take Aliya for dinner and propose her. Adi likes that ides.And decided to do that. Adi thanked Raman for his suggestion and says that he loves Raman a lot. Ishitha calls Raman and he goes from there.Adi is shown smiling thinking about Aliya.

Mani’s house

Aliya is confused what to wear for dinner. Shagun comes there and gifts her a Saree.Aliya thanked her . Shagun says that she know that Aliya don’t know how to wear Saree so she will help her in wearing it.Aliya thanks her and hugs her.
Shagun helps Aliya in wearing Saree .After helping her wearing it, Shagun complements Aliya .

Bhalla house

Adi calls Aliya and asked her whether they can go for a dinner.
Aliya tells him that she has a severe headache so she can’t come.

Adi worries for her and he goes from his room.
Adi comes to Mani’s house
The maid comes and open the door.
Shagun was sitting there in the sofa.
Adi: shagun mamma how is aliya.
Shagun: what happen to her ?
Adi: she told me that she is having headache .Where is she ?
Shagun: Aliya is not here?
Adi: what?
Shagun: she went for dinner.
Adi: with whom.
Shagun: with Mihir.
Adi: she didn’t told me that she is going for dinner.Who planned this Mihir chachhu or Aliya?
Shagun: Aliya.
Shagun: Adi I want to tell you something don’t tell this to anyone.
Adi: what mumma?
Shagun: I think Aliya likes Mihir.
Adi: what????
Shagun: it is not yet conformed.don’t tell this to anyone.
Adi: OK mumma.
Adi goes from there.
Shagun ( in her mind ) I will make Aliya and Mihir marry. I won’t let you Adi come in between them. Then only I can use Adi and Aliya against Ishitha.


Aliya and Mihir comes there.
The Manager comes there and welcomes Mihir and Aliya and takes them to their reserved table.
Mihir and Aliya sits on their respective seats.
Mihir smiles looking at Aliya.
Aliya: what happened Mihir?
Mihir: you looks pretty in this Saree.
Aliya: thanks Mihir.
Mihir: shall we order something
Aliya: yes
Mihir orders food for them .
They are shown having dinner and having a nice conversation between them.
After having dinner they went from there.
In car Aliya says him that Shagun worries for him a lot. She tells him that life is also important and asked him to live his life happily.
Mihir drops Aliya to Mani’s house and bids bye to her. She goes and he smiles looking at her. He goes from there.

Mani’s house & Mihir’ s house
Aliya is shown thinking about Mihir and smiling on the other hand Mihir is shown thinking about Aliya and smiling.

Precap: Aliya and Mihir confesses their love for each other.

Guys hope you like it.
Please forgive me if you find any mistakes.
Will be egerly waiting for your commands…
Luv u all…..

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  1. Nice start

  2. Sarayumane

    It is Good that you United aliya and mihir, now please bring a new girl for adi

    1. Jasminerahul

      +shagun is going 2 use aliya n adi against ishita.sad.plz dont make them turn against Ishita like shagun wishes.Mihir Aliya date with aliya wearing saree is sweet.plz bring Adi’s childhood crush Vinni 4 Adi.

  3. Nivedha

    Yeah of course its awesome and we need Ishra scenes which is not shown in YHM nowadays

  4. Ruksy


  5. Kumud

    really lovely but just cant see Adi heart-broken

  6. Adi is a really good soul so I also want new girl in his life..that girl adi childhood frnd Vinni perfect to him….

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