“The First Love Is The Last Love”- 2 shots.. (last shot)

“♥The First Love Is The Last love♥”-2 shots (Last Shot)
In case if some1 missed the previous shot ->
Shot 1
Let’s start..
Kunj is standing at the corridor of the college..he was in his simple red shirt n blue denim jeans n his blue aviators..he was looking normal..he took out his aviators..now his eyes were were showing something else..the one who’s eyes frm few days was gloomy but now it contained hatred..showed pained n hatred for some1..in these few days kunj didn’t talked to sid much..sid was shocked with his behaviour..even twinkle noticed it..she was also shocked with it..both were thinking that the other must have told the truth to him..twinkle thought that sid must have said it to him by mistake as she was aware of his habit of speaking anything..anywhere..in frnt of any1..while sid thought that if twinkle talked to him about this n if he came to know that he(sid) too knew about this n that’s the reason he is not talking with him..they both were roaming when suddenly twinkle spots sid..she goes to him..
Twinkle:”Sid..i need to talk to u”
Sid:”Me too..”
They both goes to their favourite place..
Twid(Twinkle n Sid):”Did u told kunj..”
Boh were shocked..
Twid:”No i didn’t..”
Twinkle:”If u didn’t told..i didn’t talked to him then what happened to him..i think it’s something serious..”
Sid:”Yep..u r right..butni guess it’s too serious..because he never ever ignored me before..what so ever the Circumstances may be..he is avoiding me frm the day i came to know the truth”
Twinkle:”Hmm…but i guess its something else because if he came to know that i m jas fthen he would have came to me…but instead he didnt even talked to me yaar…whenever he sees me either he changes his way or shows that he is busy n he didnt noticed me…u know what…one day when i was coming frm front n he was coming frm the opposite side…when i firstly noticed him i saw that he was having a book in his hand n when he saw me he opened it n went frm there as if he was reading it…n u know the fun fact is that he was holding the book upside down…”
Both burst out into laughter…
Twinkle:”I hope everything will be set right soon…Babaji plzz make MY kunj talk to me..MY bunny to talk to me…”

The word ‘MY’ echoes while sid smiles…
Sidharth:”Twinkle…i have a question to ask…”
Sidharth:”Do u love kunj…”
Twinkle was shocked but smiled…
Twinkle:”Yes i love him more than anything…i love him…”
Sidharth:”But u love bunny not kunj…”
Twinkle:”Sid u know what…Jodiya to ipar aasman me tai ho jati h…Neeche to unhe milate h…Koi ittefaq…Koi halat…Kabhi kisi ki rashiyan ya fir rab ki badmashiyan…(she smiles saying this…) tumhe pata h sid…mujhe lagta tha ki main kunj se attract ho rahi hu…fir i realized ki vo attraction nahi h…fir mene socha ki main kunj se pyaar karke bunny ko dhokha de rahi hu…par rab ki badmashiyaan dekho…vahi kunj mera bunny Nikla…”(“Sid u know what…couples r decided up above in the sky…down here they only connect due to some coincidence…some condition…the horoscope of someone or maybe the naughtiness of God…{she smiles saying this…} u know what sid…i thought i was attracted towards kunj…but then i realized that it isn’t attraction but love…i thought that i m betraying bunny by loving kunj…but see God’s naughtiness…the same kunj turned out to be my bunny…”)
★A/N: Guys first of all srry for lame translation n secondly srry for copying the dialouge of movie badmashiyaan…i love it so thought to fit it in this part…srry…★

Next scene…
Kunj is seen walking on the corridor lost in his own world..twinkle is seen coming frm the other side of same corridor..she was also lost somewhere..they both collide with each other n twinkle was about to fall when kunj holds her preventing her frm falling..her eyes which were closed tightly because of the fear of falling were slowly opening..she opened her eyes to find kunj staring at her..they shared an intense eyelock that showed *happiness* of being in arms of the one u love…*pain* of not able to be with you r loved one..and much more..suddenly something flashed in frnt of kunj’s eyes n he broke the eyelock by making twinkle fall on the ground..he went frm there without saying anything..twinkle makes a ‘hawww’ face n stands up..
Twinkle:”Kunj..i don’t know what happened to u..but i m also twinkle taneja n ur jas..i will show U..u urself will show up to me..just wait n eatch..”

Next scene…
An iscolated place is shown…it is decorated with white n red balloons…a boy is shown coming there…a table was kept in the middle with rose petals…then further more there was another table with heart shaped 5 cusions n in the side of each cusion there was a lable attached that read…
★A/N: Guys the content after ***sign will be in english..★
“Jo lafz me na baya ho paya..
Vo dil aaj kehta h..
Haa tu hi h vo..
Jo isme rehta h..”
“Aankhein dhundhein tujhe..
Kya h tera pata..
Kya main tere dil me hoon..
Mujhe ye bata..”
“Rone ki koshish ki to aasun nahi aaye..
Hasne ki koshish ki par has nahi pai..
Tujhe bulane ki koshis ki..
Par har baar teri yaad aai..”
“Tufaan ho ya baarish..
Chahe koi bhi gum ho..
Har halat se guzar jaye..
Agar main aur tum hum ho..”
“Teri meri kahani..
Do lafzo ki h..
Mare dil jiske liye dhadke..
Vo tu hi h..”
“The thing that wasn’t conveyed in words..
My heart says it today..
Yes u r the one..
Who stays in it..”
“My eyes r searching for u..
Where u r..
M i in ur heart..
Tell it to me..”
“I tried to cry but tears didn’t came..
I tried to laugh but i was not able to..
I triead to forget u..
But all time ur memories came..”
“Be it storm or rain..
Even there is any sadness..
We will go through all conditions
If i n you become we”
“Your n my story..
Is of two words..
The person for whom my heart beats..
It’s u..”
The boy was wearing Black shirt with blue jeans..he was none other than kunj..he was reading all this n was seeing the decorations..he was somewhat melted but again hatred took over his love..he was about to destroy everything but then he saw twinkle coming..he got angry n started to move..but heard a voice..
Twinkle:”Wait kunj..(but he didn’t stopped n continued to go..)kunj..kunj..BUNNY..wait..”
Lunj stops n smirks but doesn’t turns..
Kunj:”Twinkle..i m kunj..not bunny..”
Twinkle:”Bunny..i know that u r lying..u know everything..”
Kunj:”Twinkle..i told u i don’t know anything..”
Twinkle(loudly):”Now just accept it..u r lying to urself..i know that u know ki we r childhood bedties..plzz don’t do this to me..plzz..”
Kunj:”Childhood besties..u r rite..but wrong..one correction..we WERE childhood besties..u betrayed me n left..n now there isn’t any place for u in my heart as well as my life..”
Twinkle was shcoked..
Kunj:”Pehle..pehle to tune mujhse meri neendein cheen li..mera dli cheen liya mujhse..behad pyaar karne laga tha tujhse..par tujhe kya padi thi meri..tu to chali gai..mujhe dhokha deke..mujhe aasun deke chali gai..meri smile leke chali gai..aur ab..ab jab vaapas aai to mere dost..mere bhai ko mujhse cheen liya..”
Twinkle was shocked listening this..
Twinkle:”Kunj what r u saying..when did i snatched sid frm u..”
Kunj:”Haa to..in these 2 weeks sid never tried to contact me..because he got u na..then y would he come to me..”
Suddenly something strikes in twinkle’s head that how kunj got To know about it..
Twinkle:”How can u say that sid knew about it..”
Kunj:”Oh plzz..don’t say that he don’t know anthing..i heard everything..each n every word of ur conversation..”
Twinkle:”Then u might also have that how much u love me n how much i missed u n how much i love u..plzz kunj..don’t lie to urself..i know u too love me..i can’t live without u kunj..”
Kunj:”Then die..”

Saying this he started to go but wait..he was having tears in his eyes..
Twinkle:”Thik h..tum nahi to tumhari yaadon ke saath hi main apni zindagi bita lungi..aur yaad rakhna..tum nahi to koi or nahi..”(It’s ok..if not u then with ur memories only i will spend my life..n remember 1 thing..if not u then no one..)
Kunj turned n saw their(kunj , twinkle n sid..) childhood photo which was the only photo she was having of them..he got angry..he went towards her..snatched the photo frm her hand..took the candle which was kept on the table n burned the photo..twinkle was shocked..she started blowing off the fire with her hands..resulting in burning her hands..soon half of the photo was turned into ash..n after that she was succesful in blowing off the fire..only kunj’s photo was not burnt..twinkle was very angry..she got up n saw a smirking kunj..
Twinkle:”What do u think of urself ha..u r taking my only happiness frm me..i did not betray u..my uncle n aunt..they forced me to do so..(she choked) my parents met with an accident..they were in very critical state..at that time only i got to know that my uncle Took my father’s signature in property papers without his knowledge and then whole property was his..at that time i was only 13..he then said to me that if i will stay away frm India till my college ends then he will give the required money for my parents treatment..but when i completed my 12th in London..then one day i got a call frm the doctor that my parents(she choked)..my parents r no more..i said that they were getting treatment then what were they doing frm past 5 years..they told that they were not gettin treated but were just kept alive as per my uncle said them..i was shattered..i didn’t knew that he will do this..if i would have known then i would have never left u..i didn’t do it intentionally..believe me..i was forced to do so..i was forced to leave u..”
Sayin this she completely broke down..kunj was shocked listening that his love had to suffer so much..he then realized that maya n alisha were just his mere attraction which he misunderstood to be love..his love was only twinkle..his jasmin..he went to her n sat on his knees n hugged her tightly..she hugged him back..
Kunj:”I m so srry twinkle..i didn’t knew that u went through this much..i was just seeing my pain n not feeling urs..i was blind to not to see how much u suffered..i m so srry twinkle..i m srry..i love u twinkle..i love u..”
Twinkle was happy listening this..they both spent some quality time with each other n then went n met sid..they told everything to him n he was happy for them..n teases them..Soon they both got married n lived happily facin all the circumstances without leaving each other’s hand..
‘Kehte hai na..jo rishte bhagwan banate h..use koi tpd nahi sakta..’
So guzz..
How was it..?
M really srry coz i got 6 days late..
Actually na i got my exam schedule n the schedules for the thing which i hate more than exams which is known as TESTS..yes i hate tests..
Ok now coming to this shot..i have some questions regarding it..
Was it good..?
Were the shayaris good coz they r made by me..yess..
Then the main..was the ending appropriate..plzz do tell me..coz i didn’t found it appropriate..i wrote the 2s so nicely with so good dialouges n the ending..i guess not that good as the rest of the part..
But plzz comment..
N guyzz 1 reason for not posting this shotwas that i wrote another 1 about love but na it was in hindi so tu didn’t accept it..so got late..
Leave it..
Plzz plzz plzz comment..
Silent readers break ur silence..
N happy rose..propose..chocolate..teddy..promise..n if it gets posted on 12 then..kiss day..
I guess i can come up with any other os or something on love in this valentine week..mnot sure..but i will try to..
Till then..
Be happy..
Stay cool..
Love every1..
Love me :p :p
Love u all..

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