First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 9


Hii guys, thnk u very much for ur comments, so here is the next part.
Pragya- kk guys problem solved,see u later.kushi,ishu & Aakash let’s go
Arnav- but I want to say something.
All together – what??( both bhallas & guptas)
Arnav kneels down in front of kushi & holds her hand & says- will u marry me???
Alll are shocked & Aakash is fuming in anger but pragya holds his hand & stops him
Kushi don’t know what to say but she feels happy inside.
Pragya- oyee what are u doing??
Arnav- pragyaji, I know that u have forgiven for my mistake but I want to marry her.
Pragya-that’s what I’m asking how can u marry her nw??(exclaimed)we all there before her.
Arnav-I don’t mean like that if she accept my love , we will after u all only.
Pragya- off, so u should express ur love na

Arnav- haa, but if I express about marriage what’s wrong in that pragyaji,without love, marriage will not happen na, so it is same.
Pragya- ayyo, every girl want to hear that three magical words not these. Haa na ishu, kushi, app ms bhalla.
Actually everyone is in shock with the way pragya is talking. But all the three girl noded in such a way that it is yes as well as no in confusion .Aakash & raman just stands statue.
Aakash(in mind)-what happen to di , y she is talking like this but she must the reason also.
Arnav- kushi , I don’t know whether u like me or not.but I care & love u like my mom.every boy wanted a life partner like his mom.I saw u first time & fall in love with I love u .(actually don’t know to propose so sorry.)
Pragya- wow,nic lines but how u know that u love her in these 2-3days only.
Arnav-not 2-3days but nearly 10months before .
By listening these everyone shocked including kushi
Arnav’s first meeting & kushi’s second meeting.
In the theatre.
Kushi with her childhood frnd & cousin came to theatre to watch their favorite hero salman bhai’s movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan .
Arnav also came there with his cousin & sat in the back seat of kushi.
Everyone is involved in the movie, but by the sudden arnav & his cousin heard some crying sound.
There searching to see who r there &find two girls r crying in the front row.
Kushi- poor girl , salman bhai don’t leave her please….
Her cousin- oyee don’t cry & gives her hand kerchief. & she cries.
Arnav & his cousin laughs by listening these words.
Suddenly crying sound stop & suddenly they heard someone saying “salman bhai, beat him hard, go go…. Beat & that girl stands & shouts hard .suddenly she came in senses & sees around that got to know that everyone is staring at her.
Arnav saw her but can’t see her clearly. At that time kushi sees arnav & stares at him but not for long as everyone shouts to sit her.

Kushi throughout the movie sits quite & thinks what will arnav think about her? Does he see her or not??so on…

Movie over & everyone leaving the hall & anav was very eager to see who is she ? At last he saw her & mesmerized by her beauty.
Arnav’s cousin & kushi’s cousin sees each other & mesmerized in each other .
( hey guys do u have any guesses abt who r there.actually it request from Jasmine , they are nothing but ishveer)

Fb ends
Someone calls pragya & pragya lifts the call & says-hii ishu, haa coming yaar , just coming out .wait please.
Cuts the call
Pragya- sorry arnav please wait till tomorrow.guys ishu waiting outside let’s go.

Precap- all Gupta’s plan expect kushi plan to know whether kushi’s & arnav’s love is true or not .here raman is in confusion & ttroes to know who is the other ishu , abh& pragya’s fight.

I know that u all are expected different one but sorry to bring pragya in middle.
It’s a short update but next one will be long.
Thnk u all for ur support & I replied to all & sorry if I miss any.
Actually I may or may not post tomorrow as tomorrow is my pals marriage day that is on may 9th. Sorry if I can’t update & keep commenting about this part & if u feel boring let me know it.

Credit to: Honey

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  1. Wow arnav propose khushi super…

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  3. jasmine Rahul

    arnav proposed suddenly.omg.never expected it.twist i that arnav had fallen in luv with khushi 10 months back in d scene was very interesting.surprise is that arshi’s cousains r ishveer who fell in luv at 1st sight.waiting 4 their luv story too.must say pragya is too interesting in this update

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  5. Awesome please include abhigya scenes

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    Superbbbbbbbb……… Pragya is really different…… & who is the other Ishu???

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    2. I think it’s ishani

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    But include from ishra scene plzzzz

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