First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 7


Hii guys I’m really sorry for the late update . thnk u every one for ur comments & support.i know u all r waiting fr the shagun & aakash meeting but there is surprise also for u all
Let’s go to the story

Abhi- yeah
But this time he didn’t get the reply & messages again
Abhi – hey r u there
Pragya think that she hurted ishu very much & the message sound brings her out from the thoughts.she sees that message from abhi
Pragya- sorry I will chat with u later as my sister is angry with me
Abhi- kya u hav sister aa
Pragya- means I should not have sister aa, by the first I hav go to my sister to say sorry bye
Abhi- what’s ur sister name
No reply as pragya went to ishu’s room
Abhi- yaar reply me

Here screen shifts to pragya , ishu & kushi
Pragya-ishu I’m sorry dear, please forgive me , holding her ear .
But ishu didn’t forgiven her
Pragya- so what I have to do that I can forgive me
Ishu- do situps
Pragya- kya(what)
Ishu -kk leave it I will not talk with u .said this angrily by controlling her laughing.
Pragya- kk I will do .start to do & did 1situp
But before doing next ishu come & hugs pragya& says- kk forgiven
Pragya- thnk u dear & I’m really sorry.
Kushi-im also there here.& join them & they have a group hug.
They break the hugs –
Pragya-hey kushi, I want to ask something & will u ask me true
Kushi- haa of course why are you asking me like this.
Pragya- really????promise
Kushi- haa promise ask di
Pragya- what happened in the college today
Kushi- vo….actually …..
Pragya- haaa say u remembered an that u did promise
Kushi hugs pragya & while crying she narrates all the incident

All are shocked there .Aakash who came to meet ishu heard this all & fumes in angry & leaves.
Ishu-buty u not opposed this kushi
Kushi- I don’t know di but like that moment
What??? Both ishu & kushi shouts in shock.
And stare at kushi
Kushi blushes& says actually I love him
Pragya & ishu says “what????”they got double shock.
Kushi blushes and says- yes
Ishu- but u know him before 2 days na, love in 2 days ????how is it possible?????
Kushi- vo…. diii,I know him before
Ishu- kya but u not said about it before to us
Kushi- sorry di, I fear that he may not like me, so didn’t tell anyone
Pragya- but from when u know him.
kushi- vo… actually I saw him in the fresher’s party
one day, it is fresher’s party.
A girl is in blue chuddidar with light make up & looks lik angel is talking with her friends & enjoying the fresher’s party
She heard the announcement that the next performance is from first year …..that is aarnav bhalla…& his group
She is attracted to name & who is he ( u already guessed the girl,it is none other than kushi)

All the audience ( I mean students ) shouts his name – arnav!arnav!arnav!
He & his group dance on abcd song
( I don’t idea about hindi songs ,so I will leave it to u all about the song)
She stare at him like that only without blinking & came in senses when someone shakes her that is none other than her friend Lavanya.
Lav- what happen, since long time I’m calling u
Kushi- ntng
Mrs,gupta-chinnu,kushi,ishu,come & have dinner. Akki u also CME & have it(at present)
Ishu-maa, please two minutes
Mrs.Gupta- ishu no,come and hav it as it is already 10:30pm & u also have to go to college na.already akki is here come fast ,or else u have to sleep without food only
Kushi- noooo(shouts), I can’t bear it, di I will say it afterwards pls let’s go
Ishu- but u have to tell us later,di let’s go
Kushi- haa I will will say
All have the dinner & goes to their respective rooms by saying gud night to each other

Screen shifts to bhalla’s house
Abhi-how is ur day today arnav
Arnav- ntng bhai
Abhi- u start hiding things from me also
Arnav think I have to say but how???
Arnav narrates incident in the name of his friend
All went to dinner & had it & went to their respective rooms by saying gud night.

Next morning everyone get ready & went college.
Abhi & pragya r in class

Arnav ,shagun, Raman r in the canteen as their don’t have class
Someone comes ,gave a punch in the arnav stomach,which shocks all present there.
He about to give another punch,shagun came in between arnav & him.
Shagun- hey who r u and y r u beating my bhai…
The guy didn’t reply as he is just mesmerized in her beauty..
He came in senses while see cares arnav.
He angrily stares at arnav – just ask ur bhai what he did with my sister yesterday.
All stares at arnav in confusion & arnav think that he may be kushi’s bhai .
Shagun- bhai what he is saying ,by the way who r u & ur sister.
The guy- my name is Aakash Gupta brother of kushi Kumari Gupta.
Meanwhile kushi & ishu sees the crowd at the canteen & goes to see what going on there,but they r shock to see Aakash is with someone & kushi is shock to see arnav there. They goes near them
Ishu,kushi- bhai
Raman is shock that ishu is kushi’sis & hits his head ( in funny way)
Kushi- what happen, y r u here & whatever may be the reason let’s talk peacefully as everyone is seeing us only
Ishu- ha bhai please.
Aakash sees around & calms down.

No precap
As I didn’t think about upcoming scenes, sry for it.

Hope u all will like this part & sry that I can’t able reply to ur comments to some network problem …

Jasmine actually I don’t lik manoj & shagun’s pair ,I thought to pair some on new ,so I paired shagun & Aakash.
Thanks u Lakshmi, Jo,durga,tharu,sharwani,reshma,khusi,use,shriti & all if I miss anyone & all the silent readers for ur support.
Sry for no scenes on all couples..
Pls comments abt the part. Pleaseeeeeeeee…
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Credit to: Honey

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  1. Hey honey its really a awesome part, ya there is no couples scene….. But its really good…
    Waiting for next update….
    Update soon yaar……

  2. awesome sssssuuuuuuuppppppeeeeeerrrrr

  3. jasmine Rahul

    the short abhigya scene was cutesince last 3-4 days only i started watching KB n since then i’m enjoying abhigya scenes in ur ff.khushi tokd everything 2 her sisters n akash who overheard it has confronted arnv abt it.hope khushi cud calm him down.but loved akash interrupted by shagun’s beauty.surprise that khushi had seen arnav la dance at fresher’s party itself nwas rly impressed n is in luv with him.thats y she didnt oppose when arnav tried 2 kiss her.plz add ishveer scenes too.its a request

  4. jasmine Rahul

    usually its payal opposite shagun.thats y i asked.i’m happy abt akash shagun pair.fresh n sweet pair.i like experimenting with new pairs

    1. Within 2to3part I will add ishveer scenes

  5. Very nice episode.. Waiting for the next episode and eagerly waiting for Arshi scenes..

  6. Nice episode.. pragya , ishu n kushi bonding was nice….. Raman hit his head funny . Enjoyed a lot…

  7. Superb episode yaar eagerly waiting for next episode yaar

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb……………..

  9. Sorry,it ude & I already post the next part, so u will get it as soon as possible

  10. That’s OK honey I knew it was me………ur ff is mind blowing my dr………….seriously I’m super exited………. Thanks for that honey……and I live ur name its really cute to call u as honey?

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