First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 6


Hii guys,sry for the late update,actually kasi trip was cancelled so I’m some what upset, but I’m kk so going to the story

Kushi notices that arnav was staring her angrily & thinks why he is staring at me lik this ,please devi maa save me.I’m damm sure that something wrong is going to happen.
Lecture notice this says- kushi & arnav get out
Arnav & kushi goes out of the comes & kushi moving out where arnav grabs her wrist & take her side & pins her to the wall.
Kushi is about to shout & arnav closes her mouth
Arnav – don’t shout, just listen to me,don’t dare to wear this type of dress again .
Kushi want to say something but can’t able to say as arnav closes her mouth & noticing this arnav removes his hand but still close to each other.
kushi- wht r u saying, it’s ur wish aa whenever I wear Chudiddar u say that I look lik village girl & if I wear this type of dress u say ,don’t wear this type of dresses. What r u thinking about urself
Arnav- that I’m a romeo & u r my Juliette & goes still closer to her.
Kushi closes her eyes & feels awkward feeling. Arnav about to kiss her but sound the bell disturbs them .they came in senses & arnav says sorry & goes .but kushi stands there in stock,don’t knowwhat happens to her.

Screen shifts to abhigya class room where it is seen that students coming out after the class.
pragya- hii abhishek
Abhi-pragya if u don’t mind can u cal me as abhi as abhishek make me feel like that u r calling other person not me.
By listening this,pragya & Tanu laughs.
Pragya- kk abhishek, sry abhi.actually it take sometime but I too don’t that much big name.(in funny way)
Tanu-so pragya can u give me ur phone number
Pragya gives her number & takes tanu’s number.
Tanu it’s ur personal number only na
Pragya – haa
Then Tanu takes abhi’s number
Pragya thinks whether to take his number or not but finally takes his number & gives her number.
Afterwards pragya & kushi & aakash leaves from clg as ishu has some extra class.
Pragya sees kushi thinks something as hawvynppen to kushi & about to ask her but stops from asking by seeing Aakash
Here abhi also feels lik this about arnav.
Shagun- bhai where is Raman bhai
Abhi- vo …..he has some important work it seems ,so he will come late,let’s go & leave from college

Screen shifts to Raman who is waiting for ishu outside her class & ishu came out of the class by waving bye to her friends & sees Raman there
By observing that ishu seeing him , he just acts like takinh to his friends. Ishu leaves from college.
But someone follows her ,it is none other than Raman.
He follows her till her house & saw the name Gupta’s mansion. Thinks that I heard somewhere this Gupta’s name.
Pragya about to ask kushi that anything happened in morning aa but she got the msg from abhi
Abhi- where r u
pragya-at home y
Abhi- just like that, had dinner aa
Pragya- no wht about u
Abhi- haa, I’m first in that
Pragya smiles & replies ohh really.
Ishu & kushi see this ask her with whom she is chatting
Pragya- my class mate
Ishu- boyfriend aa or girlfriend aa
Pragya gets irk by boyfriend kind of sound & says he is my friend not my boyfriend
Ishu-oyee what I said that u r shouting in me & what u will call friend who is boy & leaves from there
Pragya feels sorry for ishu

Precap- shagun & Aakash meeting

Sry as it is small part but next time I will give a long update.
Thnk u all for ur comments.
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Credit to: Honey

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  2. jasmine Rahul

    my god…this arnav is so aggressive n obsessed with khushi.He doesnt want Khushi 2 wear modern dress as guy get attracted 2 her.he told her that he is romeo n she is his Juliet.tried 2 kiss her too.OMG!Khushi did’nt oppose she is also attracted 2wards him.very passionate scene.loved abhigya friendship progressing thru phone calls.cute.missed ishra.precap is interesting.Akash shagun.fresh pair.any reason y u chose shagun instead of Payal 4 Akash?

  3. Nice epi.. Raman was excellent acting… he is crazy over ishu… wow… n arnav always aggressive n feel jealous too looking good.. waiting for akash n sagun meet….

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    Wowwwwwww………… Its Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!

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