First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 5


Hii guys , sry for d late update as I have some work in my house & busy with here is the 5th update. By the way, ishani & ranveer’s are not guess role but their role is not yet decided.

Pragya-kushi, y so modern today dear
Kushi- di, actually vo duffer hai na

Pragya- who ????(in confusion)
Ishu-who else didi ,arnav, he said na that kushi is looking lik village girl so she want to show him the modern look
Pragya- ohh dear, so u r changing ur style for him aa
Kushi -no di nothing lik that just want to show him that I’m not a village girl
Pragya sudden stands from the seat in the bus & say let’s go in front of the bus otherwise don’t know what happens

Kushi- but di, still there are two stops to reach na
Pragya- I don’t know but I’m going its ur wish to come or not
Ishitha & kushi- wait we r also coming di
All reached the college bus stop & sees someone is struggling in crossing the road ,he is back T-shirt & blue jeans.
All starts laughing seeing him & pragya goes & stands behind him facing the traffic & all together cross the road.
The boys goes & start to quarrel with his sibling that is none other than our bhalla’s & the boy is abhi.
Abhi- u guys left me in this heavy traffic duffers, u know na that I don’t know how to cross the road.
Shagun- bhai sorry, but how u crossed the road.

Abhi- vo…..some girl has made me to cross the road.
Arnav- bhai girl aa how she looks,cute show me bhai,who is she
Abhi- arey duffer, what are u thinking about urself ,I’m already in fear & there everyone laughs at me but u want me see that girl is beautiful or not???(say this in angrily & holds his ear)
Arnav- pls bhai ,I’m sorry, I will not say anything about it pls leave me
Shagun- bhai leave him na,let’s go to college as it is already late
Abhi- hmm let’s go
Arnav thanks shagun the help in her ears & shagun smiles.
Abhi goes to his class & sits in his seat.
Just then pragya enters into the class & abhi suddenly sees her while talking to his friends.abhi mesmerized in her beauty.
Pragya comes in the class & see abhi & just gives a cute smile & sits beside a girl
Girl- hii my name is Tanu & what’s abt u
Pragya- my name is pragya.
Lecturer comes & asked them to introduce themselves

First it is abhi turn as he sits in the first bench
Abhi. My name is abhishek bhalla & I want to become an IAS officer. My father is a Saar company owner( as lecturer ask them to say about name, aim, father’s occupation)
While saying this pragya thinks – so his name is abhishek,nice name but some different from other name
Remaining all gives introduction about themselves.
Next it pragya’s turn.

Pragya -my name is pragya Gupta,my aim is to become an IAS officer. My father is a doctor.
Everyone completes their introduction & bell rings.
Abhi- pragya hmmm nic name nic girl.
Tanu- hey pragya, ur father is doctor, u can become doctor na, so u get nice guidance.
Pragya- hey Tanu stop taking like others, is there is any rule in constitute that doctor’s children should be doctor only or engineer’s children should be engineer only,its depends upon their interest & I’m feed up with this questions dear.
tanu- I’m just asking yaar, y u go to constitute etc etc, u know one thing, I’m very poor in social so don’t again remain me about that subject yaar.
By listening this everyone laughs.

Pragya see abhi & goes to meet him.
Pragya- hii abhishek, I’m pragya. Glad to meet u
Abhi- hi(he is fully confused & think how she know me)but do u know me???
Pragya -of course I don’t know that u will forget everything like this
Abhi- what??
Pragya – I’m the only who helped u in crossing the road in the morning.
Abhi- thanks for help but promise me that u will not say this to anyone.
(In mind- ohh no I myself lower my respect in front of her)
Pragya- kk bye c u later.

Next screen shows that Raman comes near ishu’s class but sees no one there.searches in full college to know abt last she is in lab & he tries to peep inside the lab but caught by a lecturer.
Lecturer– what are u doing here Raman
Raman-sir vo … actually ….
Lecture just me in my cabin now

Raman- kk sir( I’m dead today & goes to lecturer’s cabin)
Lecturer -so, what are doing besdes that lab
Raman- sir, voo… actually I’m searching about my sister.
Lecturer- y
Rama-actually my mom’s health is not gud so thought to inform her.
Lecturer- kk but don’t try to do this again.
Raman- thnk u sir.
Ramn comes out of the sir’s cabin & in mind – maa,because for ur bahu, I have to say lies about ur health sry & waits till ishu comes from lab

Next screen shows that arnav sits in the class who is half sleep, just then kushi came in the class
Kushi- may I come in sir
Lecturer-kushi,y r u late today

Kushi- sorry sir
Lecture- kk come in
By listening to her voice, arnav’s sleep gone & sees her & shock to see her in that attire.
Meanwhile he hears someone taking about her
1st boy- c how beautiful she is yaar, if she give me a chance I can do anything for her
2nd boy- first thanks to arnav, because he said her village, she is in modern attire,tht to looking s**y.

1st really yaar, she so nic
By hearing this arnav fumes in angry( actually jealousy)
Just gave a angry look at them & stares at kushi

Precap- pragya &abhi chatting & Raman following ishitha till her house & arnav warning kushi not to wwear this type of dresses.

Guys sry for the late update & thanks for ur comments
By the I’m frm ammerpet, Hyderabad & guys actually I’m going to kasi due to SME reasons so I can’t update till I return from that & before tht I upload my 6th part tomorrow.
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Credit to: Honey

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