First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 4

Hii guys so here is ur 4th part.
Pragya chasing the siblings & all run into in kitchen & call their mom.
Trio-maa! Help us , maa! CME fast pls, chinnu going to kill us.
Pragya- I will also see who will save u from me & already said na to bring notes but u people forgot about it.
Mrs. Gupta- pragya leave it ra, I know they wantly not forget d notes as they know about u very well.
Trio – haa maa wantly don’t forgot d notes, all said sorry by holding the their the ears.
pragya-hmnm forgiven but I want ice cream.
Mrs.Gupta -first take rest, morning onwards u are not listening to me.wait I will cal ur daddy so he will say what to do.
Pragya, maa no pls , it’s a small wound. Actually I thought to go college but these fellows not allowed me to go.
Ishitha- what! u didn’t take rest.first go & take rest then we will go to ice cream palour & have ice cream.
Pragya- di I took enough rest but maa is saying lies .
Mrs.gupta- kya I’m saying lies wait I will say this to ur papa also.
Pragya- pls maa,pls maa
Aakash called all siblings except pragya talked about something secretly.
Kushi- di u know wht happen today in my college & started to narrate everything.meanwhile Aakash lift her in his arms took her to the room & all shouted in angrily to pragya that to take rest.
Pragya has no other choice but to sleep.
She acted like sleeping & after sometime she slightly opens eyes but see tht everything is staring her angrily & slowly sleeps.

Next screen show the bhallas trio
shagun- bhai, today we are going to get scolding from maa because we are going home lately.I said na we will go to home directly from college but you people na doesn’t listen to me only.
Abhi -princess first say me one thing u enjoyed or not .
Shagun- haa but it has been late to home na
Raman -that our problem leave it on us
Arnav – haa leave it on Raman bhai, definitely we are going to get scolding from parks.
Raman- kya!!!! In angry tone
Arnav – bhai, just kidding yaar, u will take everything seriously only by the how is the ice cream dear.
Shagun – it is very delicious bhai tht to with paan shah ice cream is so yummy.
abhi- aahhh see how she is watering while saying ice cream name
Shagun- bhaiii(gave a angry look)
Abhi – sorry dear
Shagun- so how is ur say today
Abhi – as usual full of fun & lectures.
Arnav- its simply is my best day in my life
Shagun- ahh wht happen bittu?
arnav- ouch nahi started blushing.
Raman- ohh my meri bhai blushing aa so who is that girl yaar
Arnav- kushi kumari Gupta but she is very dangerous & gave me warning also yaar.
abhi- otherwise they will hug u aa ,mental
Arnav- bhaii(keeping sad face)
Shagun- leave it bhai let him try her but 100% sure that she not become her bhabhi
Arnav – hehehe, bad joke
Shagun – all d best, by d way Raman bhai what about ur day.
Raman – same as arnav but don’t know her yaar.
All the trio- kya!!! (In chorous)
Raman – haa but simply gorgeous.
Shagun – means I m not gorgeous haa
Raman – I mean not like that u r my princess dear
Shagun – hmmmm

While talking everyone came to their home.
All enters the house & see that the the house is dark
Shagun – bhai y the house is dark, there is a power cut aa what
And sees back to cal her bhai’s but no one is there.
Suddenly someone pushes her forward.
Lights on & roses petals falls on her & heats the sound that is
Everyone in chorus – HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAGUN
SHAGUN- thnk u all & sees that the house is fully decorated.
Shagun- maa , paoa when did u done these all.bhai I think u all there me because of this only na
Raman, arnav, abhi- haa ,we r sorry ( holding their ears)
Shagun – oyee bhai thnk u very much & they all hav a group hug
Mr & Mrs. Bhalla- so what about us yaar?
They all joined in the group hug

Someone comes & closes shagun’s eyes
Abhi- guess who is he???
Shagun – hmmmmm, ranveer?????
Ranveer- hey devil how u know it??
Shagun – when u pushed me that time that only got to know it as no one will push me that much hard & hugs him
(Ranveer is cousin of all sibling of bhalla)
Ranveer- ohh u became so intelligent on way day. By the way happy birthday devil
Shagun- thnks but I’m always intelligent only by the way where is ishani bhanhi.
Ishani – I’m here darling , happy birthday.
shagun- thnk u bhabhi.I miss u so much.what q sudden surprise yaar I really liked it.
Ishani- me too darling, it is the plan of ur bhai’s yaar
Shagun- thnk u bhai’s
Arnav- all thanks will be accepted after wards first cut the cake I’m feeling hungry
All laughs and shagun cuts the cake & feed it Mr. Bhalla then Mrs. Bhalka then three bhai’s then ranveer & ishani( actually it is small party so only some members.)
All enjoys the party & had dinner.
Ishani & ranveer- kk guys bye, it as been already & tomorrow I have meeting yaar,so
Shagun – so bye aa, I will not talk to u both
Ishani & ranveer – sorry yaar but we don’t have any choice ra pls try to understand .keeping pleasing face
Shagun- hmm but u have to come to home next week
Ishani & ranveer- pakka we will come but we hav to go now.but u have to been happy & like this we can’t go.
shagun- kk( smiles).
Ishani & ranveer takes blessing from Mr & mrs.bhalla & waves bye to everyone & goes.
Mrs.bhalla- everyone now go & sleep, tomorrow u have college.
All sibling – kk maa, gud night maa, papa.
Mr& Mrs. Bhalla – gud night & goes to their respective rooms.

Next screen shifts to Gupta house
Here pragya wakes & see everyone gets ready .
Pragya – hey where are u going leaving me here alone
Kushi- chinnu we all are waiting for u to get up yaar & no one allowed to eat chocolate also.( keeping sad face)
All laughs & pragya is in confusion.
Pragya- what waiting for me aa? Y?
aakash- hey buddhu, u only said na that u want to ice cream, so we planned a dinner only, so go & get ready dear.
Pragya jumps in happy & says- just give me five mins , I will get ready & come.
As she says she get ready & came to hall & all left for hotel-
Everyone enjoys the dinner & eats ice cream &come back to home.
Pragya- kk gud night feeling sleepy & has to go to college also.
Everyone goes to their to by saying gud night to each other to their respective rooms.
Next day
Pragya wakes ishitha & kushi- hey kushi get yaar , ishu get up,its already late college get up
Kushi- do two mins yaar

Ishu- y arnav is in dream aaa??( in a teasing way)
Kushi gets up suddenly by hearing this & says angrily – na Raman is in my dreams any problem
They started to fight
Pragya-shouts – stop it guys & get ready as I don’t want to again fall from bus kk na & go & get ready
Everyone get ready ishu in pink & white top & legging, kushi in grey top with blach shrugged & black jean fully modern look,pragya in black chuddidar with full design & Aakash in white t-shirt & black jean
All r looking awesome.
Everyone has breakfast & leaves to college.

Recap- abhigya first meeting & arnav jealous by seeing someone commenting kushi & Raman to try to find about ishu.

Thnk u guys for the comments if u feel boring let me know it & I already reply to all who commented.
Pls cilomment today also.
Sorry for the late update as my house full of relatives & two kids.
I will try to update early but if I update late pls forgive me

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