First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 3

Hii guys thnk u very much for ur comments .here it is 3rd part.

Gng to d story,
Arnav, shagun,Raman,abhi came to CLG and went to respective branch campus.
For arnav there is meeting in the CLG so he goes to the auditorium for the meeting & meet his friends.Thus meeting starts …..
Principal- gud mrng students, sorry for the suudden meeting on 1st day of 2nd yr.I also know that many are also started to scolding me for this but what to do ?? This is very important . iI mean unlike last year, this is year we r going to introduce coeducation in bipc but I don’t want any complaint frm both frm girls & boys family. I think u all understand my point. Today onwards ,this is going to start .make new frnd but trouble others. So thank u for listening to my boring speech.
Alll together said thank u sir &started leaving tht auditorium. ( arnav & kushi r from same CLG but due to reasons ,CLG authorities kept two class room that is for boys & girls separately,so they don’t knw each other)
In d class,it is shown that kushi is sitting on the dusk in last bench & started her lecture to her friends
Kushi – guys do u know that boys r too clever that they make girls fall for them but don’t worry about it.mein hu na(I’m there na) if any boy dare to see you all tell me, I kick him like anything that he will not see u again.

Meanwhile arnav enter the class & saw d kushi sitting on d b(actually kushi is facing the wall & her face is not seen by him)& says to his frniends “ see guys! I think even monkeys came to study bipc by pointing kushi & see how d monkey sitting on bench &started to talking to his frnds
Kushi understood tht he is saying about her & turn towards arnav but he didn’t c her as he is busy in talking to his friends & kushi is abt to go to arnav & but lecturer came to class
Kushi frnd trisha- sit yaar sir came u can him later . so kushi sat on the bench by staring angrily on arnav.
Lecture- gud mrng students
Students in chorus- Gooooood mornnningggggggg sir ( actually we always wish our lectures in this funny way which reminds our school days )
Lecture- my name is Mr.vijay& I came to teach u I know some students as I taught them previously but I want u all to introduce again so tht all can know each let’s start frm l bench girl.
By hearing this, one frm d LST is trisha but kushi taught its going to be lecture ,so she ate d chocolate .but after this she gulp d chocolate tensely
So nw Trisha started

Trisha- my name Trisha aggarwal & want to became to famous doctor & inspired by Dr apj Abdul kalam.
Next this it kushi
Kushi – my name is kushi kumari gupta.I want to became a cardiac surgeon. I’m inspired by my family.
So on continued till arnav & nw its arnav’s turn.
Arnav – myself arnav bhalla ,I want to become a cardiac surgeon & my inspiration is my brothers.
The class ended & lecture left d class.
Kushi came near arnav & started shout at arnav.
Kushi- hey Mr, what are thinking about urself ha.thinking great that u can comment on anyone like anything.
Listening to this, arnav turn towards kushi but he Is mesmerized by kushi’s beauty & expressions,
Kushi – hey why are staring lik this ha, if u stare like I’m nt going to fear of u, by d way don’t dare to comment on girls next thing kk na.
And about leave, just then arnav came into sense call her – hey wait ,what are thinking about urself I think she just came from village it seems & see this attire guys & don’t dare to quarrel with city boys.if u dare to talk with me this again u will not come to college again.
kushi- oyee!what haa ,if we anything like chudidars than we came from village aa, I’m also from city only girls are very dangerous.
Started to quarrel with each other.both side friends are not able to control them. Just then another lecture came into the class.all went to respective place but arnav keep on staring at kushi so sweetly.

Next screen shows the class where it is shown a girl is about fall on grounds but someone catches her. They have eye lock for something.
Girl(in mind) -who is he??? Why I’m feeling like time should stop here only. Why I’m feeling like he is for me only.
Boy(in mind)-I feel lik she is born for me ,she looking so cute yaar just lik barbie doll.
They both came into senses by continuous noise down by class.
Girl by standing- thank u.
Boy- ur welcome to my life(said this in low voice which is not heard by anyone)
Girl- what?I didn’t heard it.
Boy -nothing, try to walk properly don’t do any ramp walk here.if u fall ,no one will save u from next go & sit in ur place ms…
Girl go to her place by scolding him
Girl in mind ( stupid he don’t know how to talk to girls only. But he is just like raavan.
So guys i think u got to know who is she.she is none other ur gorgeous ishitha & the boy is raman
Raman- hii guys,myself Raman bhalla & I’m ur senior. I mean I’m first year in Due to faculty is leave .I came here
Ishu in mind -ohh ,he CME to eat our brains.
Raman (continuation) – not to eat ur brains( ishitha is shocked by listening this) but to give some information about this academic year & if any one have interest in they can contact us.before that pls introduce urself.
So everyone started introducing about them. Now it is ishu’s turn.when she is about to stand, the bell rang & everyone started to leave.Raman leaves sadly because he can’t able to know about her.
Then alll classes over & everyone started to leave the CLG & all Gupta & bhalla meet respective family & goes to home.
At Gupta’s house
Pragya is eagerly waiting for three.when the three see her at the door .everyone got about the condition pragya said in the morning.
Alll in chorous-NOW WE ARE GONE (as they all forgot to bring notes from pragya’s class.
Pragya saw them in tension & understood everything-
She went near trio and asked about notes
Aakash – chinnu that actually vo…see someone is calling you.
So pragya sees that side & remain alll went into house slowly & begin to run.
Pragya notices this & starts to chase.
Recap – arnav, Raman, shagun, abhi enters into house which completely dark …

So I end this here.
Hope u will lik this part. Thnk u everyone for ur comments & support.
Sry for the late update.pls comment about this part.both negative & positive comments are accepted.
Hii all I’m very happy meet u all .so myself supraja u can call as honey

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  1. Very nice epic… Make abhigaya seen also. Post long update yaar… Plsssss…
    But there introduction was nice….

    1. Thanks within 1or 2part I will try to meet them them

  2. Nice…….

  3. Its was amazing… Arnav kushi was was super duper.. Ishra part beautiful..

  4. Its Superbbbbbbbb……..

    1. Thnk u dear

  5. Amazing yaar… Eagerly waiting for my abhigya’s meeting with yaar thn 2day’s episode s superb yaar

    1. Thnk u dear

    1. Thnk u dear

  6. Nice episode..

    1. Thnk u dear

  7. jasmine Rahul

    Arnav making fun of khushi not seeing her properly,b4 she cud reply the lecturer came.So even she cud’nt c him.But glad that they met later.Arnav was lost in her beauty.but called her village girl.liked khushi’s reply that when girls wear chudidar when if they r from city they r called as village girls.loved Raman saving her.He commented that hers is cat walk.ha ha.tho both felt that they r made 4 each other bcz of his comment ishita is irritated with him.lets c how abhigya meets

    1. Did u like or nt jasmine. By d way thnk u dear for ur comments

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