First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 2

Hiii guys, thnk u very much for ur comments, I’m very happy by reading ur comments,so here it is ur 2nd part.

All r assembled in dinning hall for breakfast. The b’day girl wears beautiful blue top & jeans (I’m very bad in fashion & but I will try to give nic combinations). The hero’s r in T-shirt & jeans.

Arnav- hiii princess, did u brushed ur teeth na???(in a teasing manner)
Shagun- bhai wait I’m coming.start chasing arnav . suddenly his hitted by someone.he is none other than our ramab.
Raman-chotte!y r teasing my princess. See how he kept her!
Shagun-c bhai how is teasing me? By saying this she kept a sad face.
Raman – don’t worry princess I’m here na ,I will scold him. Say chotte y r u teasing her,u don’t know how to tease also ?? See how she is looking just lik a devil & began to run from there.
Shagun – bhai ,uuuuu……wait I’m coming…began to chase both.
boy- stop it guys always fighting only let’s had breakfast as I’m feeling hungry &I don’t want t go to CLG late …
Shagun , raman, arnav in chorous – c ur newton came, no masti no maaza.
The boy is ur abhi who is always punctual abt studies, remaining times he will enjoy with others.
All ate d breakfast & took d blessings from d their mom & dad.left to d CLG.
(Here all studies in SME CLG but different branches..)

Here d screen shifts a girl who is troubling to get down from bus as there is full rush in front of her & don’t know wht to do & her CLG stop also CME.
Girl – bhai , pls stop !!I hav to get down..pls move
Rush- beta pls get down from backside na there is no rush there na.
Girl in mind- ayyo!today is my first day to CLG & today only this aaa.i hav to get up as it is ur punishment na.
Try to get down from a running bus wid fear as it is first time for her to get down from running bus.suddenly she gave small jump from bus. Due to bus force she fall down in d rad where head hittef on d grnd.

But she manages to get up sat on d bench beside d road. Four people came there running cing this,chinnu r u kk na!
1st girl- thts y I said to get before 1 stop as u can get down easily but u na don’t listemln to only.always wid tgt books only.
girl- drama queen stop yaar , ntng has happen to me I know that it my mistake but leave na .let’s go to CLG.( she don’t that it is bleeding on d head)
1st girl is kushi.girl is pragya & remaining r Aakash & ishitha.
Ishitha- hey its bleeding yaar( in a tension). Everyone noticed it & takes here to near by hospital & but they nurse asked to pay d bill first than we will start our cme &said just do cleaning after paying bill u can stitching.
By listening this ur trio is in shock as they don’t hav that much money & so Aakash called to his dad & explained abt d whole incident & ask him to CME but he didn’t said the incident happen in hospital.
Pragya- uncle, how can u do lik this, I know abt ur formalities as my dad is also a docter, but u hav to care abt patient na ( even though she is d patient, she always gets angry if anything wrong happens.)
By listening that her dad is doctor they started d treatment. By by gods grace it’s a very small wound that took 4 d time madhav Gupta came & paid d bill & all CME out
Pragya- kk papa,bye, let’s go yaar.
Mr. gupta-whr in angry tone
Pragya – to WHR to CLG ,I’m fine papa I don’t want to miss first day of CLG.
All in chorous -no
After many scolding pragya said kk I will go to home.but in one condition. U remaining should bring d notes of today’s cls .
Ishu, kushi , aakask- kk meri ma we will bring nw go & get ready kk na
All went to respective directions by waving bye to each other.

Precap- couple meeting.

Really thnk u for ur support .
Swara, reshma,durga, varsha, Jo,kumud,lakshmi,jasmine, Maya ,kushi& remaining if I miss anyone & all d silent readers thnk u very much but can I know wht r u studying nw & WHR u from.
Myself I’m from telenga, studying in diploma 2nd yr in communication.
Pls comment how is d episode.if u feel boring,pls let me know it.
Positive & negative comments r accepted.

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  1. Sry there r many spelling mistakes in today’s part but i will try avoid to it frm next time

    1. Its ok yaar. But nice episode. Update long episode na. Don’t worry abt spelling mistakes. Give separate meeting for every couple yaar.

      1. Thnk u Tweety , definitely I will try but nt next episode as I hav exm tomorrow but 4th part will long.

  2. Its nice… Pls continue..
    I am Varsha..
    Studying 9th..
    From chennai..

    1. Thnks u varsha so will u accept me as di

  3. its ok honey . ur ff is very nice

    1. Thnk u dr

  4. Really nice honey. and I live in London just finished college getting into uni this year studying air hostess under travel and tourism. In arden university

    1. Thnk q u kumud

      1. No problem:-)

  5. Nice but plz long

    1. Thnkq definetely i will try

  6. superbbb I. studying in class 12 th & I am from gujarat

  7. superbbb I. studying in class 10 th & I am from gujarat

  8. superbbb I. studying in class 10 th & I am from gujarat & plz update next episodes soon

    1. Thnks but it will be on 29th april.i think u will enjoy it

  9. Nice yaar s thr r mistakes bt don’t worry yaar it’s able to get ur point yaar thn 2day’s episode s nice n u know me too used to get down 4m bus lk tz only while going to clg @ morning coz @last min hurry burry only use to go to clg yaar n yeah I got wounds during doing tat stunts bt till now I fear to get down 4m moving bus real reason s I don’t know to get down.

    1. Thnks yaar actually it real incident happen to me .guys telly updates is nt taking any article upto 29th april due to sme maintaince problem so i will update a very long part on tht day. Lik mahaepisode

  10. Its Awesome yaar……loved it…….I am from Kerala & Studying Bsc.Botany 1st year………..

  11. Very nice epic… Pls update long epic..
    I am Lakshmi working in Airtel……

  12. really superb..pls upload nxt epi….am sabeenia frm pondicherry finished my college.

    1. Tq sabeenia, if telly accepts d article I will post it soon

    1. Tq u dear

  13. Nice episode dear..
    And I am Tasnia
    Have completed my 10th std exam before 1 month…
    And I am not an Indian

    1. Thnk u dear

  14. Hey honey, Nice intro..
    You r awesome….. myself jothi from chennai. Working women… bcoz of work I comment very late… sry… Tomorrow I try to read ur ff soon n give a long comment…

    1. Its kk, thanks for d support

  15. hey honey, the episode is awesome…………I can’t wait to read about the couple’s meet……I think you should use less abbreviations…..sorry if this comment hurts you

  16. I am from kerala….but settled in London….studying my premedical degree 2nd year

    1. Thanks for d suggestion & I will try my level best. Keep on suggesting

  17. Sorry for the late comment!! Superb!! Expecting for the nxt one with eagerness??

    1. Born and brought up in Singapore studying B.eng , first year!!

      1. Its kk but thnk u for d support

  18. Omg omg omg poor pragya…….soooo sweet……….its really lovely honey………
    And Im udeshi…… studying 12th stand and Im a Sri Lankan.

    1. Thnk u dear

  19. I think update should be long

  20. Could anyone help me to find out part 3 coz I am not getting it

    1. Swara I didn’t updates it as telly is nt accepting any article up to 29th , sry to waiting u all, but I can’t do anything

  21. jasmine Rahul

    Loved Arnav Shagun Raman moment.Oh pragya jumped from d moving bus as she had no other option n got hurt?

    1. Thnk u dear

  22. It’s nice episode. Hope for some great and interesting stories in near future.

  23. So till telly accepts d articles we can chat if u lik but I know these cmts r reviewed & take time

    So any guess for d next part let me know it

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