First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 12


Hi I guys, how r u all.thanks for ur sweet comments & suggestions.
Let’s go into the story.
Prateek stops the car & blindfolds the tanu’s eyes & ask her to not open it until he says.
Tanu-kkk(in anxiety)
Prateek drives the car & stops the car at one place.
He opens the door & goes to other side of the door that is door where Tanu is sitting.
He holds her & ask to don’t talk but silently come with him.
They both went the place & Tanu feels something smooth under her feet as prateek ask her to remove her sandals at car.
Tanu-what can be this that touching softly to her feet.(in mind) & suddenly she feels like someone is opening the blindfold & she knows that its prateek.
Slowly Tanu opens the eyes & fully surprised.
She can’t believe her eyes as she had desire to be at place like this & turn to prateek & thanks him.
Prateek-baby by thanking me don’t make me stranger please.

Tanu smiles & turn towards the scenery.
The place is the garden where they is full of variety of roses & in the middle there is stage type & that place full decorated with yellow roses which is tanu’s favourite & in the middle there is table which ready to have candle light dinner & the is a full moon day so moon is looking so beautiful.
Prateek keen down & says- ms Tanu ,will u marry me & take a diamond ring .
Tanu- yes & prateek takes her hand & keeps the ring. They move towards the table & they have dinner.the food items r all of tanu’s favourite.
Tanu-but how u know about it that I like this type of place.
Prateek-vooo….one day I came to ur home & that time I found…
Tanu-what u found yaar.
Prateek-vo…..ur diary

Tanu- means u read that diary & begin chases him
Prateek-sorry dear holding his ear.
They both ran ….

Scene shifts to ishra.
Raman-so what u want to do after
Raman- ohh.
Ishitha-so what else …
Raman-u only say
Ishitha-no u only
Raman-no u
Like this only it continued for sometime.
Ishitha & Raman says-kk I will say (at a same time)
Ishitha & they laughs seeing each other.

The scene shifts to arshi.
Arnav kneels down & says – kushi I don’t whether it is correct time or not but I want to know u love me or not please kushi please.if u don’t love me say me frankly but don’t be in silence.
Small tear drop falls from his eye.
Same happened with kushi but she immediately turns back.
Kushi went out & calls someone.
Here Aakash, ishitha, pragya lifts the call as it conference call done by Kushi.
Kushi-di, bhai please help me.
All got tensed & take permission from their partners & goes away.
Ishitha- kushi,what happen dear,why r u crying?

Aakash-did arnav did anything with u ?I will kill him.(says this in angrily.)
Pragya-akki,please calm down & let listen what kushi want to say & kushi say correctly & don’t fear dear.
Kushi-di,vo…armav wants the answer it seems but I want ur help.
Ishitha-hey mental, u made us all tensed yaar.
Pragya-meri maa,it’s ur problem aa???
Kushi- haa di,u remembered aa in childhood we promised to each other that if any one loves anyone ,the one should ask about others decision .
Pragya- hmmm, kk its okk for me
Ishitha-me too.
But Aakash is in confusion & didn’t reply.
Pragya- akki, what r u thinking yaar.
Aakash-nothing di but kushi what’s ur decision yaar.
Ishitha-hey mad,what a stupid question yaar??u know na she also loves him.
Aakash-what???how I can know that, if no one said me before.
Ishitha-that day u didn’t listened when we r talking.
Aakash-vo..actually I don’t listened complete talking of u guys as I’m angry I left after I listen when arnav did.but if kushi is happy me too happy.
Kushi-thank u di,bhai & cuts the phone.
Kushi goes near arnav & hugs him.

Arnav is in shock but feels happy .
Kushi kisses arnav on the check & runs.arnav chases her.

Scene shifts to shagun & Aakash.
Shagun-what happened?? Ur so happy.
Aakash narrates everything & shagun feels very happy & hugs Aakash.
Then she thinks what she is doing & moves back.
Scene shifts to abhigya.
Pragya- sorry, kushi called me ,so …
Abhi- its kk, any problem aa.
Pragya- happy new only & narrates everything .
Abhi- thnk god that everything is good. But u said that u want to say something.
Pragya- vo….actually ishitha, Aakash,kushi is not my real bro & sisters & they r not my real parents.
Abhi is hell shock & says-pragya don’t joke yaar.
Pragya- its true yaar,actually sarla is mom’s name & dad died when I’m 5 year.actually madhu maa & my maa is best friends from college days. But when I’m in 9th .

Fb starts.
Sarla-pragya I’m going to market dear, u look after house till I come.
Pragya- haa maa,u go & come fast.
Sarla-kk dear & goes to market.
Pragya- why maa didn’t came till its already 9.
Sarla calls her & she lifts the call.

Pragya-hello maaa,where r u ???
man-hello, I’m kishore, here a lady got accident & its here phone .so please come to city hospital.
Pragya is hell shock & shouts maa.
She immediately calls madhu maa & narrates everything.
They all go to hospital & found sarla dead.
Fb ends.
Pragya- after the funerals, madhu maa took to her home & treated me as her own daughter & ishitha, kushi, Aakash as their own sister.
Tear drops from both the eyes.Pragya wipes the tear & says I told this to u because arnav loves kushi & I don’t want to see a tear from kushi’s eyes Abhi.
Abhi- its my promise that kushi will be happy in our house.
Scene shifts to ishveer.
Ishani runs & it is isolated place.ranveer comes & hugs from back.suddenly rain started.
Alll the girls comes out & dances in the rains & boys r mesmerized by their beauty.
Ishveer,Tanu prateek, arshi hav romantic dance on pyaar ki yeh ishani suno….(athiloka sumdari from hero lyric)(sorry ra sharwani,nenu suitable Telugu songs evaledu sorry,pls…accept this sorry)
Abhi clicks pics while pragya dances. Pragya notices this & drags abhi with her in rain. & they both dance.

Ishra dances on song in aashiqui 2 without knowing,they dances romantically as the weather is so romantic in the middle of the garden.

Precap-no precap.

Sorry guys in today’s part there is no new entries but next episode definitely u will have them.
Thnk u all silent readers & one who gave a such sweet comments.
Aami thnk u for ur comments & suggestion. By next part I will clear dear.
Monesha,kumud, lakshmi,Jo,bhoomi,jasmine, sharwani thnk u for ur comments.
Durga sorry for making u disappointing but abhigya will be a pair yaar.
Varsha hi ra,I’m fine & enjoyed the camp over well as my four bff are also there in the camp.I enjoyed the party a lot as it is her first bday with us. Thnk u very much for that sweet comment.
Sorry if I miss anyone

Aastha I waiting to read this ff dear & give comment when ever u read it .
Guys I’m thinking to start new ff & I want some pair suggestion.
Sorry I can’t give suitable songs as I not all listen songs.only 5% I listen to song.

Credit to: Honey

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  1. soooo sweeeeeet episode as lyk u honey……. lvd it sooooo much….. arshi confess their love each othr yipeee???…
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    ramdan kareem to all….
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  7. jasmine Rahul

    Prateek surprising Tanu n their confession was very romantic.Khushi seeking her siblings’ permission 2 reply 2 arnav shows d strenth of sibling bonding.Khushi hugging arnav as her reply was romantic.In happiness Shagun hugging akash was romantic.Shocking that pragya is an adopted daughter.sad fb.loved her sharing it with abhi.Ranveer did’nt leave d chance 2 romance ishaani even when she ran out.Rain dance of d couples…have no words..romantic songs n romantic dance.lovely chapter

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