First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 11


Hi guys I know u all are angry with me but what can I do .I have no option because I went to Ncc camp & came back on Saturday & on Sunday we went to srisailam & on jun 1st my uncle’s daughter bday .now I’m free ,so thought to give u all next post
Next going to story……
All reached a farm house when there a house surrounded by a beautiful garden …
Ishitha- wow,beautiful scenery , thank u jijju for planing picnic in this place.
Some voice came from house & shown that two people coming.
Man-not ur ranveer jijju,planned this ,its me , ur hash jijju planned this.
Other one is aarti.
Shagun,ishitha,pragya,kushi ran towards the couple & thanks them.
Aarti -Actually some more members should come here,so u all enjoy urself then tomorrow we all have full masti maaza picnic…
Abhi- whoelse r there yaar, almost all came na.

All sees at ishveer.
Ishveer-we don’t know anything guys don’tstare lik that
Yash-y all are staring at them they also don’t know about it it’s a surprise to all.
All shouts – its not fare yaar pls say us….
Ysh signs to ranveer to divert them.
Ranveer-hello Mrs ishani ranveer ,will u come with me to long drive…..
Ishani wow,long drive of course, kk guys byeee.
They leaves from there.
Next tanu-baby see how romantic is ur bhai ,u na….(keep a pout face)
prateek-baby who said that I’m not romantic, I already planned a surprise for u.
tanu-ohh thank baby…c u later guys.

They leaves & meanwhile aarti & yash leaves to see arrangements for tomorrow.
Pragya in mind- I think we should leave arnav & kushi for sometime but how if we enjoy with ur family & leave her,she will feel bad.I think I should go with abhi. & I willsg others.
Pragya msg this all except kushi but to her surprise all msg each other the same.
All Gupta siblings except kushi sees each other & smiles.
Pragya- abhi,if u don’t mind can u accompany me please…..
Abhi- yeah in sad tone as he also want to leave arnav with kushi.
Aakash- shagunji , actually I want go out for a walk will u come with me…
Shagun- yeah .
Now raman at cloud nine because he got a chance to spent time with ishitha.
Raman- ishitha … ( in low voice)( somewhat fear)
Ishitha understood what he I going to say & says raman I think u know this place very well ,so can show this place.
Raman is surprised & says of course.
All leaves from there except arnav & kushi.
Arnav & kushi sees each other.

Abhi- hey pragya ,shall I ask one thing.
Pragya- of course, ask me
Abhi- vo…. nothing.
Pragya- abhiiiiii, ask yaar.
Abhi- nothing just try to break the silence I talk something which not related.
Pragya smile & says abhi actually I want to shashare something…

Scene shifts to shagun & Aakash.
Aakash- thnk u shagunji for coming.
Shagun- its kk Aakash but small request don’t cal me shagunji pleasee, it makinge feel like old lady.
Aakash laughs at her childish manner.
Aakash- kk shagun ki…sorry shagun.
Shagun-that’s like good boy & actually I thought to ask u about going out as I want to leave my chotte with kushi.
Aakash- u mean chotte means arnav.
Shagun – yeah

Scene shifts to ishra.

Raman- ur name is ishitha.
Ishitha- yeah anna (I mean bhai)
( here we call Senior as bhai & they will cal us sister).
Raman- what bro… me bro .u miss am I looking that much old that u called me bro.
Ishitha giggles & says – sorry I actually I thought that u r my senior na so u used to called by as bro so i…
Raman- kk but don’t repeat it, kk na
Ishitha- kk

Science shifts to Tanu prateek.
Tanu- baby what my surprise ,please saye fast.
Prateek- yaar , I’m seeing since we started at farm house , please wait for the surprise.
Tanu- but I can’t wait & keeps face like a child.
Prateek sees her & smiles.
Scene shifts to aarsh (aarti & yash)
Aarti is busy at making arrangements & suddenly someone hugs her from back.
aarti- hash please yaar leave me & if anyone sees this means it don’t look gud
Yash- aww aarti if no one sees it kk na, by the way no one is there here.
Aarti- blushes.

Scene shifts to arshi
They look at each other & want to talk but I can’t .
There is pin drop silence in the room.
At last arnav, break the silence & says – kushi…I want to know the answer.
Kushi can’t understand what to say but be in silence.

Scene shifts to ishveer
Ishani- ranveeri think they are hiding something from us
Ranveer- who
Ishani-vo… urs & my cousins
Ranveer- I too think that only but ur first in diverting my romantic mood yaar
Ishani- its not like that yaar.
Ranveer stops the car aside & try to go closer to ishani but ishani opens the door & get down from the car. & shouts wow super scenery.

Precap- some new characters entry & pragya’s past & prateek surprise for Tanu.

Guys sorry for last update & I can’t change abhi’s dob as my story is about that .
Thnk u all for ur support. All the silent readers thank u very.
Safu thnk u very much for commenting & its kk & I think u r in India. How u r enjoying here.
Shriti thnk u very much for liking my ff. And I’m a girl & my name is supraja & I already mentioned it in previous part.keep supporting lik this.
Yes pragya is elder than abhi I’m this ff.sorry if I hurt anyone & hope u will like this .
Thnk u sharwani, varsha,reshma, durga Jo,kumud, ude,kushi, heena,ankshi,jasmine, tharu & sorry if I miss anyone .

Please suggest me some romantic Hindi songs plsss……….

Credit to: Honey

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  1. lvd ur episode….. supr pirs… allwre my fvrts….. i dont lve tanu (kkb) but i lve her in punarvivah so thnqew to make her n prateek as athe pair lyk in punarvivah….. Arshi, Aarya, Ishra, Abhigya, shagun n aksh, Ishveer evry one is lvly…..
    i hve a suggstion according to ur DOB for the chrctrs some of thm is only in 15 n 17 n omthng lyk tht…. how can thy study in college thn… bcoz its only school age n thy are teens not youngst…. so make it clear dear…..
    wytng for new entrie if u dont mind I hve some options
    virika n virman(ehmmbh), Avraj (aphg)n swasan (swaragini)……. its only my suggtion n if u add thm thn dont make thm as wedded couples plz make the scens of lve blossoming……

    i think sons form aashiqui 2, mein tanu samjawahan, songs of ek villian, zehnaseeb, khamoshiyan sun saathiya, isdard, jeena jeena, humdard, mehrban, suno na sang marmar, subhanallah n some othrs tooo sry i cant get othr in my mind now….

    n pls try to post regulry bcoz i lvd ff….
    lotz of lve…??

  2. Nice episode been waiting for it for a very long time BTW welcome back

  3. Nice but abhigya tat s b I felt somewhat sad n disappointed anyway nice…

  4. Super epic… and welcome back…. Try to upload it regularly…….

  5. Hey ho !!!how r u???how was.ur camp??u r ok na???tc dr…..guess u njoyed d party a looot…..its ok honey for d late update…….n todays part is fantabulous…..loved it…..all typing d same msg to others….it was really good n shows they also respect them….totally awesome….tq for updating….

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  7. Superb epi. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

  8. thx 4 posting this.Shagun diesnt want akash 2 call her shagunji.ha ha.Poor raman was broken when Ishita called him anna.his reaction was funny.what is Khushi going 2 tell Arnav?Poor Ranveer cud’nt romance Ishaani,she got down 2 enjoy d scenary.ha ha.Yash Aarti r also there.Surprise.their romance is cute.R prateek Tanu a pair here?I think they were a pair on PV

  9. Sorry.Its Jasnine Rahul.duno how it typed as Ka

  10. jasmine Rahul

    Sorry..again Ka,Its Jasmine Rahul

  11. Woww honey…u r back!!!!
    That’s so sweet of our epi…
    U rocked it yaar..
    And Hindi tho patu Telugu kuda patalu pettochu kada endukante Hindi andaru pedtaru mana patalu pedithe inka baguntadi ani na feeling….

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