First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 10 (Episode 2)


Hii frnd, I’m sorry & thnk u all for ur comments, by the way I can’t give regular updates of this ff as I’m bit busy. But from 1st Jun, I will give the update nearly 3 to 5 update per week sry …….
Let’s go into story……
They all left in the van so that they can enjoy the enjoy together in the van.
Rv- guys ,what this yaar,all r silent..
Ishani-haa ranveer, I’m feeling bored,do something yaar(while saying this,she holds rv’s hand)
Rv-hmm,let’s do something,let’s introduce ur cousin’s & my cousin’s to each other.
Raman-nice idea!!!!
All stares at Raman ……
Raman then got it what he Said.but no one said anything aa they don’t want to know ishveer about the incident but ishveer got some doubt….
rv-lets start.
Raman is could nine as he can get know her sweet heart name….
rv-lets start with elders ,so pragya,u start now….
Pragya-hmmm, my name is pragya Gupta…
Ishani-hmmmm, too short yaar,I think u should say ur dob & ur hobby & what u are doing now…
Pragya-what ???so I think it is not for them for u I think as u may forgot my birthday…..
Ishani-no dear , I know ur birthday ,but they should know….
Pragya-kkk ,my dob is …..
Abhi is carefully listening to pragya that what she is saying..
Pragya-9th Feb ,1995
Abhi is in shock to know about this.not only abhi but also shagun, Raman, arnav shock & stares at abhi….

(Why abhi is in shock when he heard about pragya’s dob & does anything happen to him before on that day or some other reason. Let’s go into the story to know about it ??????)
Pragya-my hobbies are dancing & reading books like story books…, I’m studying 1st year…
Ishani- next Raman.
Raman- my name is raman bhalla & my DOB is 16th may, hobbies are playing cricket & collection stamps & coins…
By hearing this ishitha is shocked.
(Y ishitha is shocked, let’s know)
Raman- I’m pursing first year.
Rv-next ishu…
Ishitha- my Name is….
Raman just stares at her & very eager to know her name….
Ishitha- ishitha Gupta & my DOB is 16th may, 1996, my hobbies are painting & collecting stamps & coins..I’m studying in final year.
Raman smiles & in shock because they birthday is on same date.
Rv -wow,u both born on same date & month but different years.
Ishani- next Abhi..
Abhi- my name is abhishek bhalla, my DOB is hobbies ate reading books & watching movies. I’m studying in first year.(says this in somewhat sad tone)..
All Gupta’s knows that y abhi is sad as he shared about pragya before .
Suddenly pragya’s phone rings.
Pragya- sorry, 1min & sees the phone , it is tanu
Pragya lifts the call
Pragya- hii
Tanu-hii pragya what r u doing .
Pragya- nothing going to picnic with my cousin’s & ..
Before pragya can say , Tanu interrupts & say-ohh,wait a minute yaar.
Pragya- but….
Tanu keeps pragya on hold & keep some one on conference & same time,abhi phone rings.
Abhi- sry & lifts the cal.
Abhi- hello
Tanu-hii abhi, just wait minute ,I’m keeping on conference.
Tanu-pragya r u there??
Pragya- haa say yaar
Tanu- abhi ,r u busy aa
Abhi sees pragya & says-no yaar, actually going to picnic
Tanu-ohh ,actually I want to say something to u both that I & my boy friend going to picnic
Abhi & Pragya- what ??ur boy friend.
Here everyone is in shock because both say same word at same Time.
Tanu-haa yaar but please don’t shout ,my ESR drum will break.& pragya I already said na my friend’s friend son, he is in U.S .
Pragya- haa
Tanu -so he is came to India yesterday & Today with her brother’s family going to picnic.
Abhi- but by the way,what’s his name ..
Tani-vo….(Tanu is about to say but stops seeing someone )
Tanu-abhi ,I Will say later yaar, bye abhi,bye pragya. (By saying this,she cuts the call.
Abhi & Pragya- sees each other & suddenly starts laughing .
All in the van are in shock & thinks y these r laughing like this.
RV -what happened y r u laughing like that.
Abhi shared everything that has happened.
All laughs but suddenly van stop.
Rv-what happen bhai.
Driver-bhai u only said to stop here
arnav- rv why u asked to stop here.
rv-vo…some surprise is waiting for u.

here Tanu sees a man & goes & hug him.
He is in white shirt & blue jean,looking handsome.
Tanu-baby ,I misses u so much yaar.
Man- mee too yaar
Tanu- Now a day u r not talking to me.
man- not like that dear, I used to cal but when u r free, I’m busy, when I’m free u r busy so kya karu( what should I do).
tanu- hmmmm
Man- that’s y we planned picnic .
Tanu -I’m so excited yaar.for that yaar.
Man got a call & he lifts the cal
Man-hii bro, haa we r coming
Cuts the phone & says to Tanu-so let’s go they are waiting.
Tanu- haa let’s go.
He rv is waiting for someone & seed them
Rv- so guys here is ur surprise.
Abhi-hey prateek how r u yaaaaar,when u came from U.S
(So frnds prateek is from punar vivaah ,yash’s brother, I hope u know him)
Prateek-yesterday dude,I want to ccome to u but bhai said that we can give surprise so….i can’t able to meet u
Shagun-its kk yaar, but is ur gf ,u always says that u will show her, u don’t not
Prateek-haa yaar, she is also coming with us only & by the way who r these gorgeous girls, hiii
Ishani-vo…my cousin’s but don’t dare to flirt with them as while flirting with them ur gf can sees u(in a taunting way)
prateek-ohh bhabhi,I know that but she is not here na, it take time for girls.
Someone says- hmm,but this time u caught darling, I’m here only
Prateek ,abhi ,pragya shocked by hearing her voice
She is pink top with white jeans.
Pragya- Tanu, u here
Tanu- hi pragya, abhi, u all here,it means we all r going to picnic, wow,it will be so fun.but u did not told about this
Abhi- oyee,stop it yaar, if u give chance, we will talk na ,actually we want to say it before but didn’t allow us say only.
tanu-opps sorry.
Tanu & prateek also joined them & journey continued.
Rv-lets continue, but before that let me introduce him,he is prateek, my brother & brother these are ur bhabhi’s cousin’s pragya, ishitha, kushi,Aakash.
Rv-lets continue
Prateek-what continue ,did u guys started a game aa.
Ishani-haa prateek, now arnav
Arnav- hmm my name is arnav bhalla, my dob is 27th Jan,98..
& kushi-dob is 9/11/1999.
Shagun-dob is 20th jun,1999,inter1st year.
aakash-dob is 28th march, 1997.he studying in 1st year in EEE.
Tanu- DOB is 28th Nov,1997. & prateek’s is 3rd April ,1994. He complete his masters in u.s
The journey continued……
Precap- some sweet moment with everyone couple & some new entries.

Guys I’m really sorry that I not able update regularly but I will try my level nest to give to regularly.
Guys I have given some Dob to some of our maim roles & remaining to the new entries & jasmine I want ur dob yaar ,at least give me date & month.

Next episode will be scene of each & every couple. I think u enjoyed this episode & sorry if u feel boring. Please say me if u feel like boring & like dragging.

Thnk u ude,for liking my name and sorry for late reply as I saw it today.
Thnk u reshma,durga ,varsha,kumud,Lakshmi, jasmine,kushi,ude,sharwani tharu, kartu,karthi &all if I miss anyone &all my silent readers.kumud I felt very happy after seeing ur comment as been a long time that u didn’t comments.
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Thank one &all for ur support in such a way that I am with u all with 10 part & really thnk uuu…..
Guys sorry that I’m not continuing with theprecap that I have give u on part9.
Last but not least,this part is for ankshi,Happy birthday ankshi???????????,god bless u dear,enjoy ur day..hope u will like this part & when u r inviting for a party dear as u lives in Hyderabad.(just kidding but where u lives in Hyderabad).

Credit to: Honey

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